Battle of the trevally!

"Wah, sibei song!!!" meaning "Wah, very fun!!!"

This senior caught so many fish within 30mins that he gave up the fight to Sam so that he could rest his fingers, especially when it was a trevally at the other end of the line.

I caught a 4-5 barramundi in the pro pond too. I almost lost the battle and lucky enough to land the fish. What a day at work! kekeke

"YOU EAT SNAKE HUH!!!???!!!"

"Shhh..... not so loud lah...."


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"Sam sam, help me." "Ok boss!" "My fingers cramped!" "Sure sure!!!" Posted by Picasa

My staff, Sam took over the fight as instructed by the customer. The customer gave up the pro-longed fight with the trevally but Sam won the battle for him. Quality service from this staff. Well done. Posted by Picasa

The trevally made its last finally dash and gave up the fight. Posted by Picasa

FISH LANDED! Posted by Picasa

A satisfied customer with his price catch, trevally. Posted by Picasa

New better more professional floaters are in used now.

Dear customers, I have instructed my guys to switch all old foam floaters to these already. I have good feedbacks from them as some customers asked why I didnt use something better and proper. Like I said, if I can do it, I would. DONE. Posted by Picasa

As promised.........

As promised, these huge big head shrimps have arrived. Hopefully, my freshwater lobsters will arrive soon too. Have fun guys! What are you all waiting for??? These biggies are extremely tasty in my own opinion. Even simply putting them over the grill, your tummy will ask for more. To make your tummy even beg for them, go to the restaurant at the pond and ask them to serve them with black pepper sauce... heavenly!!! The chefs there are very good... even just typing this, I am getting hungry already... Posted by Picasa

More biggies!!! Posted by Picasa

It is getting crowded in the basket with just three of them. Posted by Picasa

Log 20051129

"Everyone has their fair ok?"
"But that big one was caught by me...."
"Ok lah, that one yours lah, the rest I keep."

Today, I was pretty encouraged by the crowd I had today at the ponds. I heard laughter and giggles. I saw smiles and enthusiasm. The ponds came to life with the people around.
I am alive too.
(Of coz lah, still breathing wat?)
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What could be better to have fun together as a family? Hmmm....... maybe I should settle down soon..... hahaha Posted by Picasa

Look at his smile, and that bag of shrimps. Well done kid!!!  Posted by Picasa

After so many years... finally it is my turn... kekeke

After so many years in fishing, finally it is my turn to get hooked, deep.

Thanks to my dear friends at the Pasir Ris Pro Fishing, they helped me to remove the treble hook and also not to forget 'amy' from 2000Tackle too. A zillion thanks to you all and especially Mr Goh, he is the one who performed the procedure so swiftly and well.

How did it happened? My lure got snagged about 2feet away from the bank and I wrapped my palm around the leader and pulled. Then... the lure was found hanging on my finger. Very swift too.

By the way, there's this cheap pliers at 2000Tackle and also the tackle shop at the Pasir Ris Fishing Pond that actually cut the hook off in a bliss. Cheap and good!!!

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This is a good lure. I just caught a 4-5kg barramundi with it this morning and now it caught me. Very very nice good sia..... hahaha Posted by Picasa

Latest fashion statement, treble hooks and lure! Posted by Picasa

Hmmm..... I do know how body piercing feel and NOW I know.... numb numb one..... Posted by Picasa

My cashier cum medic at work.  Posted by Picasa

Maybe I should keep it or made it into a earring. ;P Posted by Picasa

Handi-plus! Posted by Picasa


The big big big big big prawns have arrived today!!!

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for supporting Pasir Ris Happy Pro Prawning, greatly appreciated.

My first week with you all is really very very important. Your feedbacks are very precious to me and I will try to fulfill whatever that I could do make you all happy. As for those who had prawned 3-4 days in a row, your support towards me is greatly appreciated.

As promised, today, my new stock of big head prawns or aka fresh water shrimps (really big ones) have arrived. I have already released most of them into the pond for you all to catch that big one! Hope to see you all soon.

I will updated my blog with the pictures of the biggies tonight but pls dont wait till you see the pictures then you come. It just might be too late already as the biggies are already swimming in the pond.

As from this today onwards, my supplier will supply shrimps to me thrice at week. THRICE A WEEK!!!

To make things even more interesting, I will be bringing more freshwater lobsters soon! From your precious feedbacks, these freshies fight really well and taste really good too. You want more? I bring more!!!

Once again, thank you so much to those who have support me so many days in a row. I shall not disappoint you all and wish all happy prawning.

See ya!!!


Log 20051128, Mr Goh's Birthday.

A very rare moment as everyone hardly have a chance to stand beside each other for a photo. Mr Goh's birthday made it possible. kekeke Posted by Picasa

A joyous moment... Posted by Picasa

The most vulnerable moment...  Posted by Picasa

I never knew cake cream could be nourishing to our face...A new beauty product is borned... hahaha. Posted by Picasa

Grouper Fiesta!!!

Could anyone tell me how heavy is this fish? The second one in the day. I failed to 'shoot' the first one. Pasir Ris Pro Fishing just released more than 50kg of groupers yesterday and only a few were landed. There are also about 20 pieces of 4-5kg barramundis in the pro pond which many havent showed up yet. Sometimes, I alone couldnt resist the temptation to fish too... No wonder I had barramundi for dinner. Hahaha... Posted by Picasa