Diet Coke plus Mentos...

Lately, there are so many videos in YouTude about mixing Diet Coke and Mentos... but there's finally one that is pretty cool.

Check it out!


"Sitting beside the pond..."

I was sitting by the pond this morning. Listening to the flow of the water and the bubbling air at the surface of the water. From a distance, underneath a cherry tree, something caught my eyes. I didnt pause at all and grabbed my camera...

I shot the above...

"Double hookups!"


Moments like these are precious...

Sunday, I actually prawned for about 10mins. I realized that I actually still have it... I landed more than 10 prawns and actually had a hookup rate of about 80%.

Just then, the 'little princess' (Joshua's daughter) appeared and decided to join in the fun as well. All had a good day in the farmway looking at puppies and prawn fishing. Wonderful!

There were so many children around today. Sitting at a corner, I heard laughters and saw love between the young ones and their parents. Just like a family day and indeed, it was Sunday. Sunday is family day...

Time to sleep... another long day later...

Big head carp... smell!!!

Big head carp, a very smelly fish...

"Dont know leh..."

The slime on the body gives out a 'nice' smell... lol. Even the net that was used to haul this fellow up from the pond stinks!!!

I didnt catch this but seeing people hauling fish from the pond make my night at the farmway. Some anglers purely pay for the 'battle' and not to own the fish at all. Alot of fish were actually released back into the pond after the angler subdued the fish. Catching and releasing in a pay pond, are not very common in Singapore.


"Eeeerrr.... not sure if this is really true..."

Somewhere in Pasir Ris Farmway.... #70....

"Life is beautiful... can be even better..."

More... (Is my life getting better or worst?)

"3 in a night, not bad... but I just watched only... my friends caught them."

"Sweetie corn!!!"


What have I been doing for the past few days?

The pro is on the left. This was her second prawn in her life and she gets this big fellow...

"Hmmm.... maybe I could start selling prawns instead..."

" What have I been doing for the past few days?"

I have been very busy preparing for 1st Dec 2006 (hopefully all things will go well and fine). At the sametime, I am also doing consultantship for my friend's newly set up company.

At the end of the day, I get to relax and have some beer (I think I have been drinking nightly non-stop for almost 2wks... shit) at my friend's newly opened prawn pond in 70 Pasir Ris Farmway. I enjoyed looking at kids doing prawn fishing. Their joy and laughter take my troubles away. I get to fish for patin, big head carp, tilapia etc... at the same place. I just love the farmway very much. So kampong... and the company of my best friends... my pain and sorrows (got meh?) drown into the night and when I get home, I just sleep like a pig till morning and work like hell the next day... (BTW, I am work-a-holic... right spelling? ;P )

Lots of things are in my mind... Design for this, and that and these... and those... all catching up on me... setup for this... and that... and many many!!! New friends, new environment, re-newed dreams, new goals... all are choking me but they are at least keeping me occupied. I couldnt be more glad for all these...

Oh, I just love the bbq'ed corn... so sweet... so sweet...



New jigs, nice!

I was out of town again yesterday and lucky for me, I came across some really nice jigs in Malaysia. The owner of these jigs is kind enough to let me take a few shots of these really nice and new jigs.

The weather was really hot but not really humid in M'sia. Humid not but due to the heat, you will still sweat in the sun...

Hopefully, the smaller ones would touch down Singapore soon...

I love jigs... more and more liao... shitz...


Humming bird

The above is cropped form Juha's photo and further ps'ed to create this effect. Spare your 'C & C' if you have any. Attached is the original photo, resized for easy loading and viewing. I tried to shoot for the past few days but just couldnt produce anything at all... shooting drought for me... maybe I should go and wet a line instead.



First thing in the morning when I stepped into the shop, Joshua told me that the new Seven Seas ARMORCLAD GT XXEX series have arrived. Wow! I am excited but my excitment did not last for long.

When I first hold the 77EX in my hands, my excitment drops immediately. It is a heavy rod in my opinion when compared to Zenaq's or Smith's popping rods. I am a small guy, thus I think something lighter will suit me better. The previous Ultimate Z model is even heavier. The new ARMORCLAD is definitely very very much lighter when compared together.
One of the reasons for its weight other than the fancy wrapping (how heavy can this be??) is that the blank is thick at about 3mm.
Something that I notice from examining the rods is that those with fancy wrappings have serial numbers and those normal ones do not. (Dont ask me but they still come with the same factory warranty though.)

77Ex means the rod is 7 feet 7 inchces. 80EX, I am sure you already know.

As usual, Seven Seas's rods are very colorful with those fancy wrappings. For this round, some dont have the fancy wrappings at all. A fresh look for me. I think they really look nice as well if compared to the fancy wraps. Classic... not complicated.
When we load the rod, the tip is pretty forgiving and quoting from AG, he believes this rod casts really well. He says it feels like Zenaq Fokeeto popping series but just heavier. The butt strength is excellent but the Smith's popping series seem much brutal in power. Maybe this ARMORCLAD fits right in between the other two mentioned brands.
77EX and 80EX are capable of popper of 250grams accordingly. Great for 200grams poppers as not to forget that the split rings and hooks have weight too.
AG has bought one 77EX and I guess he is going to test it soon. Till then, maybe more feedbacks from users like him would better conclude about this rods.
Till then.

"With good maintenance, your reel will serve you a long long way....."

I thought I heard a crying... from this reel.....

"I dont want to know what actually happened... I feel sad when I saw this..."

Maybe... I am too sentimental...