'mts studio' coming soon...

"This is a 15" Sony Vaio with custom artwork cum carbon fiber trim. Pls enquire for more details! Email me at : mtshark@gmail.com"

'mts studio' specialize in custom artwork for name cards, notebook customization with stickers, advertisements for newspaper, magazine etc.

Customization to client's preference is also possible with provided artwork by clients themselves.

Free delivery*!
*Terms and Conditions apply.

Coming soon.....

Enquiries are welcomed.

Click here for 'mts studio'.


Singapore has a very scary place for parking your cars, Multi Storey Car Parks.....

I never like MSCP and apparently, more and more of such auto thefts are happening in MSCP.

"Install security camera?"
(Wait until we lost our bonnets, brakes, rims, etc... then install?")

"How many MSCPs in Singapore have security cameras? Huh?"

What kind of security do car owners get to 'enjoy' for paying to park in HDB carparks? We paid when due but when thefts happened, they are not responsible. What is this?

Even a tree branch fell onto my car and caused a dent.... they are not responsible at all but I paid for parking leh. How come like that? The trees are planted by.... who?



"BUT I PAID FOR PARKING LEH!!!!!!!!! @#$%@#$%@$%^%$^$"

Season parking fees to maintain the facility and not security. It looks like we also LL have to park and face such thefts in MSCP. If we don't buy season parking or put coupons, we also lose money in another way.....


I AM CONFUSED. Evil or Very Mad

At least in some parts of the world when you pay for parking, your car will be in safe hands! Here in Singapore, pay plus take the risk...... Rolling Eyes


Mitsubishi USA OEM Chrome Evo X Emblem

Hey guys/gals,

If you are driving an EVO X or an EVO fan, you dont want to miss this.

This is an Mistsubishi USA OEM part for EVO X. Look at the X, it looks like 2 knives instead of conventional font. Genuine stuff.

Interested? Please feel free to contact me for more information.


Fishing rod... in my boot.

After a good six months, I realized that I have not fished locally for a long time. This fishing blog of mine is getting seriously mycarblog from some readers' comment. Apparently, I still have readers reading my crapz. Hahahaha....

Yesterday, I took out my 4pcs DAYS spinning rod and left it inside my boot. I have a tackle box with jigs and lures plus other necessary items for fishing, included too.

I realized my Daiwa 2500R Custom is kinda too big for the rod.... I should start looking for something smaller in the market and thus the question is, "What should I get?"

A night ago, I took out my Tiemco JDM fly rods... a blue one and a pearl white one... my heart started beating and missed a beat here and there.... In my mind, I saw kalui... pacu... patin... peacock bass... the list went on... all those good times spent with them on a Abel's reel... I missed those 'runaway days'.



WRX front 4pots for sale with rotors.

Hi fellows, if you are thinking of demodding/upgrading your brakes, I have a pair of front 4pots Subaru brakes for sales, comes with rotors too.

A pair of front 4pots brake calipers with lots of life less on brake pads. Rotors need to be skimmed and will still have pretty much life too for these stock WRX brakes. (Verified by my trusted workshop)

The front brakes set are at JJ's Decal Hub now. Please only offer after you have viewed them personally at James' place. For ridiculous offers, I will not reply at all.

Although it has 30000km record, brake calipers are in very good condition. Red paint and Subaru wordings are original condition, never re-condition(just washed). Well maintained between washes.

Never tracked.

Sleepin Buddha, biggest?

During my work in Thailand, I went to visit this supposed to be the biggest 'sleepin buddha' in the world.

One word, BIG!

Thailand has so many temples and many of them are actually so beautiful. The craftsmanship is incredible!

I was impressed with this... and further impressed when I went to another historic site... another temple... if someone pays me a million dollars and I would not take out the job too.

I will upload the other temple's pictures when able. :)


Very nice pork this, that and those!

"Look! Ham!!! (Char Siew)"

I guess I don't have to tell you all what are these above. These are not our 'Air Pork' from Australia. These are fabulous pork of Thailand! The chinese here made them so deliciously for generations and most of them are still keeping up to their ancestors' standards till today. Tired of air pork? I am.....


Maxxis Victra i-Pro

After about 28,000km and 1yr my Eagle F1s started to fade.

Longer braking distance on the straight but strangely, they still gripped pretty well in corners.

As some of you already know, I started to drive up to Thailand with these F1s. Wear and tear are pretty fine except the noise of them is making my passengers nausea.

My 3rd trip up here in Thailand landed me with nails in them and a torn valve. At least I did not get a puncture along NSHW.

The tire with the torn valve was leaking badly upon reaching Thailand. I am left with no choice but to have them changed.

The common tires used at home are not found in the shop that I was in. Since the owner is a good pal of my guide, I decided to take what is recommended to me, Maxxis Victra i-Pro, 225/40/ZR18.

Immediately I could feel the difference between the two brand of tires which I used. Maxxis's is more comfortable on the highway and braking is very predictable (maybe it is new, 2808). A friend of mine hate to sit in my ride but this time it is very different. "Wow... so comfy this round and so quiet liao!"

To me Victra i-Pro definitely feels better than my older tires on day one. Hopefully these tires are good till they last as well. They are supposed to be best that Maxxis could offer for our kind of rides.

Oh, one day thing. They are even cheaper than the Eagle F1 but just slightly more expensive than Federal 595.


New Choro Q MY08 STI

Something very new and I guess all Subaru's fans will want one! I got 3 but 2 got booked liao...

The rest behind are my new collections... sigh... $$$ flying away...


Finally, my ideal Full Carbon Fibre High Mount Spoiler has arrived and fitted on my Subaru JDM WRX(A), Prodrive style.

With James's help, this full carbon fibre high mount spoiler Prodrive style is fitted nicely on my boot. My dream spoiler has finally come true.

The top piece is detachable... the Monster Sport HM's extensions are tempting...


SPT's Genuine Radiator Plate

I got this from JJ Decal Hub just about a week ago. Very nice genuine SPT's parts. Next items in mind are battery tie down bar and also the oil filler caps, both SPT's.

With this plate, the water temperature indeed is lower than initially. About 5-10 degrees C different, depending on weather.

Easy to install and actually DIY.


SPT decals by JJ Decal Hub

"Tired of the normal STI decals on the doors and fog light covers?"

James did a nice job again on my ride!

Upz for JJ Decal Hub!!!


Did I go fishing when I was in Thailand?


Nice patins and nice mekong there...

I was using my trustworthy Daiwa Certate Custom 2500R and Major Craft Offblow Casting 1.5-3PE. As usual, the small little reel continues to proof its worth till today.

Cats up to 15-20kg are manageable.

In this pond, the smallest fish landed is about 10kg mark and most around 15-20kg. The big meows in the pond are about 30-40kg... (I think I fought one of them as the big meow took line easily from my little power house even though I almost lock the drag DEAD!)

No chance to hold a fish for photo taking as the operator do not encourage such move at all. All fish were caught and released immediately, using a straw to remove the hook. Straw? Yes, a straw! I tried it myself and hey, it really works and it is real fast and good!

The shots are crap but at least I did take some. Heehee... (too busy messing with dough...)


Lotus everywhere in the streets.

I was in Thailand and now I am back in Thailand again. Despite all the news in regards to politics situation over here, the people here are very peaceful and friendly. Life here is very relaxing and lots of people actually take time to have pots of water outside their houses. The most common flower blooming from the pot of water is lotus. All kind of colors...

Oh... I am getting fat here as well... something that kinda hard to happen in Singapore. Heehee...



I had a little time right now while waiting for a client and decided to blog...

Not too long ago, while I was standing beside my car there was a young guy beside my car as well. Not sure if the senior guy is his dad or not, they were definitely talking about my car in my face.

"Auto?", young guy.

"Hmmm..... when did WRX got auto?", senior guy.

".........", a friend of theirs who looked puzzled.

"It must be a WRX wannabe! Where got auto WRX one? Chey.... A TS lah...", young guy. He was looking at me while saying these when I was getting into my car. He went on, "Put scoop can go faster meh? Hahaha!"

The senior guy gave me a polite nod while the two young guns walked away laughing and gave me that kind of "Yo WRX wannabe... how fast can your TS go?" look....

Later on, I noticed that the senior guy was driving a manual WRX 06/07 with FGK exos. Very nice white ride with black trim. Very nice number too. When they walked past my car later on again... the young guy still gave me that kind of 'silly' look on his face...

Poor chap... made a fool of himself without even knowing...

My07 has auto version and the intercooler is real. The scoop is real. The rear Subaru brakes are factory fitted and real. Automatic WRX, is not a dream......



Finally, I had stickers on my ride!

Although with heavy schedules that JJ Decal Hub was having, James still managed to squeeze out time to finish my ride on a Saturday's evening.

I was thinking of matt black trim on my ride and thus came out with such a silly idea about wide body sticker decal instead.

My less than a year ride suffers lots of dings and dongs all around. Maybe using stickers could spice up the ride a little but not too flamboyant.

James does alot more car decals and seriously his workmanship is pretty impressive. A nice chap with a nice and focused attitude in his decal business.

If you just wish to drop by to take a look, you will probably find a few scoobies around messing around in the carpark. You can find him here!


Finally, I fishED!!!

6.30am, I found myself standing in Lower Pierce Resvr's carpark. At this time of the day, when the sky was still dark there were already so many cars here.

With my tackle in hands, I gingerly walked towards the water to wet my line. Along the way, lots of senior citizens are getting ready to do their morning workout. I am impressed!

I stood underneath a lamp post and started fixing up my rod and reel. Joggers went past me with friendly smiles. I dug into my new sling bag and found the old and trustworthy Yozuri Mag Minnow. I found myself beside the water moments later...

I read the water and positioned myself. Less than 10 casts, I had a hooked up. The peacock bass took air and the line went limp. I was encouraged. Owning the water all to myself, I felt so carefree and time seemed to slow down too.

I cast again at the same place where I missed that flying fish and immediately at the strike zone, I saw the peacock bass chasing my little lure. I wasn't sure if that was the same fish but this little one just gave chase.

I switched to twitching immediately upon seeing such and immediately a hookup at strike zone again! This time, I landed it and shot it with my trusty Sony T3. I caught a second one at the same strike zone too! Shot and released.

Time seemed to stop for a while but the insects and birds continued to wake up the forest behind me. Suddenly, I saw two little swirls in the water not too far away from me. Stepping on slippery rocks, I moved myself carefully and slowly towards the swirls. The rocks were loose and they cracked when I set foot on them... The cracks were so loud and crisp in the morning. The sun was slowing rising behind me... I felt so tranquil and so at ease...

The little Mag Minnow wasn't attractive at all. I saw two peacock basses chasing it but later they stopped. They started going after my line that was just above the water. "Popper!", I thought.

I got no poppers!

I decided to switch to a even lighter lure - Rapala Husky Jerk. Swimming the lure near the surface, the two young fellows fell for it. Shot and released as well.

Now, I am thinking when could I fish again...


Fly Fishing Club Singapore

After many years, together with many fly fishermen, our dream to form a recognized fly fishing club in Singapore is finally coming true.....

Looking at my dusty fly rods, equipment etc... Suddenly I feel the need to pick them up and start 'flying' again.

The committee is forming and soon... Fly Fishing Club Singapore will be REAL!

Meanwhile, stay tuned to "Fly Fishing Singapore" and "Fly Fishing Club Singapore".


Some pictures of Chinatown in Bangkok, Thailand

Arriving at Chinatown of Bangkok. Greetings from the infamous traffic jam.....

Traditional cold, spicy and sour seafood delights. "Look at the mantis shrimps!!!"
(I didn't eat any as I am afraid that my tummy just could not take it. I used to love them when I was young when my grandpa used to home make them.)

Never ending allies... walked till I almost wanna give up...

T-shirts in a can...