Since this noon, 1200hrs, the tagged grouper has been released into the main pond for anglers to catch. Till now, no one has come to the counter yet with that fish. There's no time expiry to this promotion and thus, good luck to all anglers.


Just too bad... even if I actually catch that fish, I will be disqualified.


Lively lure, Mad Mullet at its best!!!

For the past few days, I have been going to the pond early in the morning.

With my Cal50 and Scorpion XT armed with a 'Mad Mullet', I fought many barramundis these few days.

A fish a day, keeps the shark away... kekekeke

I always wanted to shoot the fish with the lure caught with this lure but the digi camera was always in the office...

Today, I realised that I actually do have a 1.3MPixels camera in my phone (Sony Ericsson W800i)... stupid me... apparently, these little camera phone did pretty well for me.


The story of lost ones...

The good brothers..... (rod and reel)

"Bro, how long have we been under the water?" asked reel.

"I am not really sure but I have enough algae on me already....." replied rod.

"Hey, got pple fishing again!!! Maybe today will be our day to see the sun again!!!" exclaimed reel.

"Ya right..."

Suddenly, both of them felt a tug...

"Sun! The sun!!!"

"What is this place???"

"Trash bin lah... we are doomed..."


Double hookup... at the main pond! Cool!!!

It was a rainy afternoon today. I was hoping that the rain would not pour when the fish truck arrive but it just did... I went for a walk over at 'kampong' side and I saw 5 fish landed within 15mins. All on artificials. The bite didnt just stop there, I could hear reels screaming even after I walked away. *hands itchy* Someone landed a biggie barramundi just before the fish truck arrive.

My camera just couldnt zoom that far but I still manage to catch it on camera.

I only managed to take a few shots of what was delivered today while the rest was spoiled by the rain. What's on the menu? White spot snappers and red drummer.

The snappers average about 800g-1000g while the drummers are between 1.5kg-2kg.

Suddenly, we saw an old man fighting his catch in our boat. At his age, we fear that he might slip and fall. Apparently, the fish tried to get under the outboard. When I got over there, the old man was already out of the craft.

Guess what? DOUBLE HOOKUP!!!

A nice grouper and a golden snapper.


New breathe of life in Pasir Ris Town Park

Since a new management took over the main pond, my life has changed too...

Everyday I reach the pond before 8am (the extra dollar charge before 8am is not pleasing to me but I cant do anything...) and work starts round the clock till near midnight.

Although there are alot more work to do but seeing more and more anglers coming back to fish at the main pond is kinda satisfying. The satistic is indeed encouraging but I am not going to stop down there. The management wishes to bring Pasir Ris Town back to life again like the good old days and even better.

Not just bringing back the anglers, we aim to make this park into nice and pleasant place where family would love to spend their weekend here.

Oops... my milo is getting cold... gtg...

God is good.


Tasmanian Devil Pt II

I had some time a few days back to test out another color of the pack of 'devils'.

Apparently, it works just as good as the pinky one. (I lost the pinky... because of a damanged line...)

The scars left on the lure are the best proof for the mentioned results.

I caught many snappers and barramundis using the devil. I didnt bring along a camera again but seriously lor... they do work and work very well...

So far, I have tested them only at night. I hope I could test them out in the day soon.

Closure of Pro Pond on 20060422 (Sat)

Hi readers and readers and kakis,

Please be informed that the pro pond will be closed on this coming Saturday, 22nd April 06 from 8am - 5pm.

Pro pond will be opened to public after 5pm.

FYI, the pro pond is closed due to company's function.


15th of April 06, while I was...

I was walking around the main pond and noticed an angler caught a nice grouper.

There was alot of friends around him and everyone was cheering for him.

Well done mate. Nice one!!!

The biggies have arrived, AGAIN!!!

Eversince I helped to manage the main pond in Pasir Ris Town Park, many pro pond supporters asked me this question, "Hey Edward, I know you are very busy now but will you still order big fish for the pro pond?"

My answer is always, "Yes."

People, dont worry. I will not let the 'legend' sleeps... big fish still lurk in the pro pond waiting to fight a worry angler one day.

"Big barramundis..."

I did not keep any of them... more than a hundred kilo of big barramundis are swimming in the pro pond now.

Even today's golden snappers are huge compared to normal ones - all around 1.5kg and above.


My Mad Mullet revived!!!

2 days ago, while I was busy with my work around the pond, I noticed a box of lures on the desk.

As an lure fisherman, I am always curious about what other people have.

I took a quick glance and my eyes got locked onto a lure... 'Mad Mullet'.

Holding it in my hands, I noticed the hooks are debarbed just like mine. The body is made of wood too... (just like mine)


I asked Brian (encik) where did he find this lure but he told me that he couldnt remember. I claimed that it is mine and he generously returned it to me...

God is good!!!

My mad mullet is back and guess what... my sifu in luring also gave a one like a week ago...


*evil laughter*



Tasmanian Devil (pinky)

Just before I had decided to leave for home after work this morning around 3am, I went fishing.

I took out this lure out and gave it a try...

Guess what?

I catch 5 barramundis with it. I almost lost the lure to the last fish when the 30lbs leader gave way right infront of me... the fish took the hook with it and left the lure lying lifelessly in the bank not more than a feet away... phew... Thank God!

If later I could have some time again, I will give the rest of the pack a try.

This is not the little devils but the real big brother of the devil's gang.

Nice lure! Tough, cast well, fish well... Fish love them!!!


Around 1kg pomfrets... if only I could catch them on flies...

Today at work...

What to do when you are stressed up by work...???

I went fishing with 'Little Tasmanian Devil'.

Apparently, I caught barramundis with them... very nice little lures and they could be cast far out.

I didnt take any photos with my camera as both my hands are wet and slimy while trying to retrieve my lure out from the fish's throat...

I actually fished the big pond today. My third cast caught me a barramundi but something astonished me... I saw a big school of barramundis going after the little devil... I was shocked and I forgot to set. Too late... when I striked, the lure didnt hold in its mouth for too long and soon, it came off...

A school of barramundis... Just then... more work came upon me...

Stay tuned for the devils... (if I have the time.)


Have you ever thought of this?

Fried eggs with sea louse?????



April Fool...

Today, I woke up at about 11am... my body was aching and my eyes were sleepy...

My phone rang several times and sms(s) kept coming in... My body just couldnt move...

Finally, I got out of bed and got online. My darling, as usual, we greet each other in the morning via our webcam. She is always full of sunshine and beautiful in the morning but this morning was different...

She fooled me... !!! SHE FOOLED ME!!!


"What happened???!!!" That was all I could think off...

I asked her what was wrong..... she kept the act going.....

When I scroll down further... I had it...

Then later in the day... my partners fooled me too...

Luckily I have a strong heart...

Thanks and well done...

You all made my day...