"Ronald, hurry up! Lala(s) waiting for us! Are you done yet?"

Yesterday, we have a new staff. FOC somemore...

His name is Ronald (MacDonald???)

Oh well, this kid did well in his first day and really well...

We actually spent more time taking care of him than carrying out our daily task... but we had fun!!!

"Ronald, get me the trash bag quick....."

"Ok, coming... can i have a glove too?"

"What for?"

"To handle the dead prawns lor."



Nice trout from Finland

My dear friend Arto (from Finland) sent me some nice pictures in regards to his fishing adventures back in his country.

This trout is really beautiful...



Lala Adventure

Eversince I have resigned from JAAS Recreations Pte Ltd, I seemed to have alot of free time.

Everyday I am cracking my head with Ee thinking about how to spend time in the afternoon.

After the whitings' adventure, we had decided to hop onto 'lala adventure'.

Upon reaching the river, we were pretty skeptical. We went around the place and discovered 4 guys were wading in the middle of the river... (drain I suppose). We asked one of them politely and to our surprise 'lala' does exist in this river!!! BINGO!!!

We dug half a pail of 'gems' back to the pond. First thing first, we got ourself a bag of salt and a pail of water. We unloaded all our 'gems' into the prawn nets and then into the pail. The de-sand process began.....

We had a plate for dinner... (fried with chilli sauce, not very good leh..)

We had another 2 more plates for supper... 2 more plates!!!

(BBQ style, served with lemons. Heavenly!!!)

While we were enjoying ourselves with our catch, anglers were also enjoying their catch too.

Lala and prawns... irresistible...

Hmmm... I wonder what's up next???
*scratching head*

Angel: ..... ... . .... So much for comforting me hor... -__-
You and Ah Ee running around like small boys... hiaz... *shake head...*


Whitings for dinner?

Hmmm.... it has been a long while since I fished for whitings. My friend and I suddenly decided to give it a shot and got our other two friends involved too.

For less than an hour of fishing, we decided to leave after catching enough for dinner.

Back at the pond, I cleaned the whitings with Ee's help.

Then we sent the 'remains' to the restaurant... and walau... the whitings tasted so good!!!

I believe we will be on our next trip soon. Whitings!!! Red alert!!!


PSP, finally...

After much hestitation, consideration, and whatever '*ation', I have decided to grab a PSP.

Yes, I am a Sony fan... or you could call me a Sony freak... I admit I am.

PSP, welcome to the family.

Stay tuned. I have another new toy in my pocket now too but I just didnt have time to blog about it after almost a month.

It is time to test my other new toy in the water soon... Tiemco Infante (blue). Somehow or rather, I could feel that my other Tiemco Infante (pearl) is getting jealous... (Angel, "The pearl one is mine! Mine mine mine!!!")

Now I am having a headache too... should I get a Ross Evolution Zero to go with this blue thing? I wonder..........

I will be flying* soon.

*flyfishing actually


Angel: Hey! I thought the blue one is mine???? The PSP will be mine too~!!! Muahaha! Then I'll bring it back to Perth! YAY~!


I caught a grouper!!!

I caught a grouper at the main pond today.

Too bad it was after the weigh-in time and this big fellow has no chance to win me a prize at all.

This is the second ever grouper caught by me. Actually, it was Ah Ee who lured the fish with a big head shrimp. He is left handed and he cant handle my right hand set. He past the rod to me immediately upon seeing the floater went missing in the water.

I didnt hestitate and striked hard. Due to the space constraint, I locked my drag really tight. It took me less than 5mins and the grouper was landed. The 20lbs Spiderwire held throughout the 5mins of tug of war. My Daiwa SS700 didnt even sound at all.

Apparently, the second prize winner lost his 5.5kg grouper... some thieves actually stole his fish!!! Luckily, he only lost his fish after the prize presentation. Phew...

Today, all top 10 winners' fish are all groupers... I wondered where did all the barramundi go to...???

The biggest grouper stands at 5.8kg and no other fish...


Big shrimps... even more tonight!

I just got home from work. The prawn ponds were all very crowded till we actually ran out of rods for about 15mins.

With team effort, we managed to secure some rods from Changi Village to overcome the shortage like within 30mins. No more waiting customers.

Tonight, I believe many customers went home happily as there are plenty of really big shrimps swimming around in the murky depths of the ponds and they happened to be the lucky ones to land some of those.

Many were shy from the camera but these two were kind to post for a shot. Thank you guys!

Well done!!!


Surprise at Devil's.

I just got back from Orchard Parade Hotel's Devil's Bar. It has been so long since I last 'chiong'.

When I was there, I actually met an old friend... (5months old... hahaha)

This friend actually reads my blog... surprise sia...

My dear bro was kinda tired after some drinks and thus we ended the night early.

"Bro, do you need me to get a trolley to send you back?"


Lucky for me. I dont have to 'chicken wing' my dear bro back to his unit.



Big shrimps nite!!!

For those who had fished at Pasir Ris Prawning on 18th May 06 evening, many would notice quite a number of big claws lying around on the floor.

Pasir Ris Prawning has been stocking big shrimps, big fellows.

Even my friends came down to show me the support which they had always shown.

Sebastian, the handsome guy in the photo, caught himself two big shrimps and lost a few big ones. He managed to win a big claw from a big shrimp but just as mentioned, only one claw...

More shrimps are on the way tomorrow, I better go get some sleep...

Gd nitez!



Yesterday, after dinner, my forehead was feverish. I went straigth to bed to rest.

I woke up... after 16 hrs of sleep.

I looked for my phone... it was outside in the livin room...

Lots of missed calls and lots of sms(s)...

My head is still heavy...

Time to wash up and get freshen up...

"Freeman!!! Wake up!!!"




I have resigned...

I no longer work for JAAS Recreations Pte Ltd.

I need a break and a good rest...

*snoring away*


One of the several successful stories at the pro pond...

I guess I dont have to say much here. Just let the photos do the talking.

Steven is one of the pro pond supporters and seriously, not only luck but you really need some skills to catch that many golden snappers at one go.

Well done mate!


My dear readers asked why didnt I blog...???

Many have asked me, "Edward, why didnt you blog for the past week?"

I returned with a polite smile.

"Edward, you look tired. You should get some rest."

Am I tired?

I guess so...

My lures on my desk are collecting dust...

My panda eyes are getting darker...


"Edward, you look tired..."


"Edward, you ok? You looked really tired..."

The day before...

Same thing.....


Update by Angel: "YAR LOR!!!"