Vehicle Air Con Optimization


This is what I have been doing.

I will update my work in mts garage and also about the services and products that I am dealing with.


A strange dream...

In the dream, I saw how my friend got enveloped by the waters around him when a fast going craft went past him. At first he was doing well to cope with the turbulence but he disappeared into the water not too long after...

The news of drowning soon reached the shore. Everyone was sad upon hearing his death. For a moment, I woke up to reality and goodness, it was only a dream.

I closed my eyes once again, the dream went on. The sudden death of a friend knocked many of us out... so sudden. This friend was a good diver and he definitely knew how to tackle such situation... a lot of commotions went on... the sadness from the people were filling up my soul and then my eyes opened for the second time.

Breathing heavily, I checked the time and closed my eyes once more. The dream went on...

In the dream, I was going for the wake but I found myself sleeping in bed. My mind struggled to wake up as I really need to go. Images of this friend and his family members started flashing in my mind. I need to get up and go... I need too....

I woke up again. This time my breathing was even heavier. My mind was so filled with the grief and the images from the dream that I was telling myself time to go to the wake upon waking up.

I finally got up and went to check my emails first and then my facebook as well. The image of my friend was on the screen showing him sharing a video online in FB...

"WTF? I thought he was dead. I was supposed to go to his wake soon..."

Thank goodness... it is really a dream... my friend is still alive, playing facebook.



First fish for 2010 - 2nd Feb 10

The above is the first fish that 'caught' my attention on the pavement.

A nice local 'snakehead' on a Yozuri LX Minnow which is also my first fish for 2010.
Only this one can be released. The one above is left there to bake further... 'Salted PB, anyone?"