Dear readers,

Please be advised that Whitewater Recreations's prawn fishing and 'longkang' fishing wound be closed on 17,18,19 and 20 Feb 07 (Sat till Tues). Business would only resume on the 21 Jan 07, Wed.

Bottle Tree Park would be closed on 18, 19 and 20 Feb 07. Business resumes on 21 Jan 07. The park would be closed to public. Both walk-in entrance and vehicle entrance would be locked.


"Errr... that means no one can come to the park to walk walk is it?"
Ans: Yes. No one is allowed in the park unless authorised.

"Got guards to guard meh?"
Ans: Yes. Please be advised that security is employed during the closure. Unauthorized visits to the park is considered as trespassing.

"Could I still jog in the park in the morning?"
Ans: No. The park is locked and closed, unless you are authorized. (Dont you get it? The park is closed!)

"That means no fishing, prawning etc... right?"
Ans: Yes. (Ooi... the park is closed lah. CLOSED!)

"No people come here during these time meh?"
Ans: Only authorized personnels.

"What if I come in? Kekeke."
Ans: Sir, this is a private property. You would be considered as trespassing. (PUT THE DOGS OUT!!!!)

Ans: The park is closed on the mentioned dates. No public is allowed in the park unless authorized. Security would be enforced 24hrs.



My Sony T3 went into workshop...

Haiz.... my camera finally decided to take a break after much 'abuse' from me..... in just two years.... over 10k photos.... I think it sure worth the money already.

Meanwhile... I am eyeing the T50 and what's so good about it is that it comes with a GPS tracker!!! So cool.

Before the camera died, I had some last few shots... I will share with you all when I have the time. Very comical ones!

James... kekekekeke!


"Why must you spit before you pee?"

Reporter, "Mr Spit (not his real name to protect his identity), why must you spit before you relief yourself? I saw you doing it just now."

Mr Spit, "Err... were you following me?"

Reporter, "No sir. I happen to be doing a medical research in regards to this kind of habit."

Mr Spit, "Oh I see....."

Reporter, "So sir, why must you spit when you pee?"

Mr Spit, "Err.... to check on myself lor. See whether that thing is functioning correctly or not lor....."

Reporter, "Is there really any medical truth behind such a habit that you may happen to know to proof what you have just mentioned?"

Mr Spit, "Err.... dont know leh."

"I realized that you actually missed and your spit ended up on top of the urinal but you did not clean up your mess. Why not?"

"Errr..... got toilet cleaners mah.... if not they have no job leh....."

"Are you really sure that your spitting habit would help to improve the number of jobs available in Singapore?"

"Errr.... dont know lah. Why your question so complicated one?"

"Sir, could I ask you a few more questions?"

"Ok lor... less complicated one can?"

"Sure. Alright, first question. If you don't spit before relieving yourself, would your penis malfunction?"

"Of course no lah... errr...."

"Sir, then why must you spit?"

"I told you liao. To check mah.... check my penis working or not lor..."

"Sir, what do you mean by working or not?"

"Aiyo... at night can poke poke or not lor..."

"Does spitting confirm that your sex organ is not malfunctioning?"

"Err... no lah...'

"Do you spit on your spouse or or sex partner before having sex to check on your penis to see if it is still functioning?"

"Of coz no lah! Dirty leh!"

"Then why do you say that your spitting is to check on your penis then?"

"Aiyo.... habit lah! Old people say one....."

"So, does spitting enhances your bedroom performance?"

"No lor..."

"Does spitting make you penis longer?"

"Err.... no lah!"

"Does spitting confirm your organs are working?"

"Haiz... no."

"Does spitting help you to relief yourself better?"

"Of course no lah..."

"So, would you clean up your spit if you miss again?"

"Err...... yes... NO lah."

"Welcome to the Club of Ugly Singaporeans."

"What?!???!!! *&%^^%$#&**&"


The next time when you visit the toilet, take a look around. Are you one of those who are helping to "create" job opportunities in Singapore?

Think about it.

Fly Fishing Club Singapore

Hey people,

If you are a vivid flyfishermen or just a beginner, I ask of your support to our dreams.


This blog is created by flyfishermen for flyfishermen.

It is not going to be easy but no matter what, we must start somewhere.

Flyfishermen, unite!

Edward Ng
"Fishing is a passion. Flyfishing is for the passionates!"


"DANGER, NO SMOKING" at the counter please...

Hello people, I will be stamping smoking out at my counter at BTP tomorrow. The reason is simple.

If you want your dear life and if you still care for the people around you, please dont smoke near the counter or at the counter. We have installed a LOX cylinder to facilitate packing of fish or prawn beside the counter.

Oxygen is not a flammable gas but without oxygen, most fire could not start.

Thus, smokers please light your puff some where else far from the "Longkang" fishing and prawn fishing area.

If there is a leak (touch wood touch wood) from the LOX cylinder, a naked flame could cause a devastating explosion. I havent bought my EVO X MR yet... please spare me my dear life..... please...

Tomorrow, I believe I will be telling alot of people not to smoke near the counter.....

In the restaurant, with "No Smoking" signs installed, diners are still smoking at the tables at their own will... ugly singaporeans continue to dominate the title of ugly singaporeans in BTP..........

I believe tomorrow many people would still do the same thing even knowing that it is DANGEROUS.....

Pray for me.....


Rain rain go away... little children want to play...

The rain has been visiting Yishun once again. After more than 24hrs, I have almost 1foot of water in my fish tank out in the open. News of flood are heard in the area of Thomson again. Hopefully, the rain will stop soon.

The shelter for the prawn fishing area is only half done. The rain has been affecting the work and to make things even worst, the weekend is already at the door. If the rain is light, the new black netting still has a little protection but it sure works well in a sunny day.

Rain rain go away... little children want to play... rain rain...


Ugly singaporeans at BTP.

I have received feedbacks in regards to my previous posts regarding how ugly are we as singaporeans in our own country. Surprisingly, the people who have 'reacted' towards that post are all on my side. Perhaps, the awareness of being an ugly singaporean is spreading. If so, this is for the good.

Lately in BTP's carpark, there are some incidents that I wish to share here. Firstly, if you happened to make a wrong move and missed place that you wish your vehicle to be, please do it safely. I know that this park is new but this is not an excuse for people not to observe safety in the parking lots. Cars were banging each other due to drivers who were too lazy to observe traffic direction. For example, one car went on the wrong direction in the one way traffic in the parking area, then another car was heading out of the lot in the right direction. BANGED! Head to head collision.

Cars without 'handicap' labels are found parking in handicap lot. This actually alerted the police to the scene. Although BTP is private property but that doesnt mean that you could do anything you want... Frequently, I am having customers-on-wheels doing prawn fishing at my facility. Come on people, we all have legs that can walk. Please spare a thought for those who are less fortunate lor.

The carparks nearest to the restaurant are the most wanted lots in BTP. Even during weekday's nights. There are 200 lots in BTP and during weekday's nights, there are plenty of lots available but some drivers are just simply too lazy to park in the lots. They park anywhere they want and in the end, obstructing traffic. Two opposite lanes become one. Where? The road just beside the prawn pond lor. 5 vehicles were found along this road on the 11th Jan 07 around 8pm. If you take a look at the carpark, there are plenty of lots around! Hey guys, if you are the owners to those vehicles mentioned at that time of the day, please be advised that very soon, the 'yellow sports rims' will be implemented in the park if you all are going to park anywhere you wish even when there are plenty of lots around. In order to have the "yellow sports rims" removed... pay the fine lor... and you vehicle will be released. Otherwise, it would be towed away and get ready to pay more.

Afterall, BTP has always been very kind to such situations but people simply just couldnt understand the kindness and they are beginning to 'make-full-use' of it.

"Ooi, I come here to eat one leh. I pay money one leh. I park where I like lor. So what?"

If you are going to react like the above, shame on you! You could stop your nonsense and keep the rest later to tell the police when they arrive. Damn ugly singaporeans!

During the day, many taxis do 'drop by' in the compound and also private cars as well. Guess what they do?

These fellows came into the park to clean up their cars! They dump all the used parking coupons in the parking lots. Unwanted mineral bottles, plastic bags, receipts, etc... all into the private compound... They even took out their carpets to clean! They dont visit the park for any of the services available. They simply drive into the park and empty their trash in the park and then leave the park happily ever after..."My car so clean now...."

Shame on you!!!

Many people do not know that BTP is a private park and parking is free as well. Many people drive into the park and after they have parked their cars, they started to tear their coupons. One customer came asking me,

"Err... free parking huh? Aiyo, I tear coupons liao leh... how? Can claim or not? How come never put signs say 'Free Parking'? How leh? It is the park fault lah... now I wasted two coupons... all your fault lah... you all should pay for my lost..."

Get lost man...

"Why no night fishing?"

Eversince I stepped foot into Bottle Tree Park as a project consultant for Whitewater Recreations, alot of people have asked me the following question.

"Why no night fishing?"

Firstly, my opinions are not reflecting the views of Bottle Tree Pte Ltd at all. My views are simply my own and do not belong to anyone at all.

If I am running a restaurant like Bottle Tree Pte Ltd in Yishun, I believe I would do the same like what they are doing now. NO NIGHT FISHING.


As an angler myself, I could truly understand and know what we are most capable of during fishing in the night and especially when the toilet is so DAMN far away. Many people wouldnt take the time off to simply walk to the 'verli verli far' toilet to relief themselves. They prefer the bushes or the fences somehow, especially in the night.

If I have such a beautiful park like BTP, I would do the same too. My reasons are simple.

In the day, people could clearly see each other out in the open in this park. I could see that the anglers are very co-operative and they would utilize the toilet at the restaurant when needed. What if the fishing goes on into the night? They will be less people who will even bother to walk to the restrooms then...

What do you get early next morning?

Smelly and dirty park!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEKSS!!!!! Furthermore, loads of rubbish as well too.

Oh yes... some anglers are so desperate for the fish in BTP that they sneak into the park to chum the fish in the middle of the night so that they can catch as many fish as they want in the day...

Come on guys, this is private property. Please dont get yourself charged under trespassing lor... just because you want to catch fish... NOT WORTH IT LAH...

Seriously, I believe our countrymen are not ready for such beautiful places. Singaporeans simply couldnt appreciate the environment they are in. They litter as they wish and trust me, if the government anti-littering group is employed in BTP, very soon... we could see alot of Corrective Workers in BTP. All those caught littering will be sentenced to clean up BTP during the weekend.

Seriously lor... after Fri till Sun... you couldnt imagine how dirty the park could get in the day. I couldnt imagine if the whole place is operating 24/7.

I believe many would agree with the following sentence...

"If you want to play in my playground, please follow my rules and regulations. If not... please stay off my grass..."

I think it is very true.

The government does not put up signs in public places to tell the people in Singapore "Do not steal" or "Do not rob" etc... Ignorance of the law doesnt mean that you could get away free. Thus, please dont give stupid excuses saying that the management did not say that "No fishing at night" lor... Dont be ridiculous lor...

If you are caught with your pants down in the park please dont tell the management that they did not put up sign boards to warn the public that they couldnt 'pee' wherever they like...

Come on lah people...


Nice sub... kekeke

Ben, well done!!! Nice biggie.

Bottle Tree Park (Yishun)

I believe the above map would help to solve the 'mystery' about the location of Bottle Tree Park (Yishun).

BTP opens daily from 0730hrs-0000 (7.30am - 12.00am). The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. For weekend diners, please kindly call up for reservation to avoid disappointment.

BTP has a pretty big fresh water pond for fishing and probably the biggest in Singapore. It operates daily from 8am - 5pm only. Whole day fishing costs $35.00 and Bottle Tree Pte Ltd operates this pond.

Other than fishing, it has prawn fishing and "longkang" fishing which is operated by Whitewater Recreations.

Prawn fishing starts only at 9am daily till 12am midnight. The rates are $14.50/hr. Getting two hours entitles 3omins free. If you purchase 3hrs, you are entitled an extra hour free. Personal equipment are allowed.

"Longkang" fishing is for kids. Each $10/hour ticket entitles the kido a net and a fish tank for keep (You get to bring home the net and the tank).
Mollies, guppies, sultan, gold fish and other assorted tropical fish are found in the "longkang".

Rules and regulations are available at the services.

Bottle Tree Park (Yishun) is a private property under private management. Public are required to leave the place at midnight and anyone found loitering in the park after midnight is considered as trespassing.

If you wish to hold a picnic or a bbq or a gathering at the park, the public are to consult Bottle Tree Pte Ltd for permission first, otherwise, BTP has the rights to ask you to leave if required.

Since Bottle Tree Park (Yishun) has a restaurant, STRAIGHTLY NO OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINKS ARE ALLOWED IN THE PARK. Thus please forget about bringing your own food into the park.

The public are advised to observe the rules and regulations in using the park at all times. Since this is a private property, the management reserves the rights to ask anyone to leave who is deemed trouble maker in the park. Dont play play lor... enjoy the facilities and have fun. We are all peaceful people.


Oh, please keep your trash in the respectively places. What is respective places? Rubbish bins lor. For the past two weeks, singaporeans have been showing off what are they most capable of, LITTERING!!! It is really shameful as this park is really beautiful but damn it, people just couldnt appreciate it. Loads of litters everyday!!! We are making a fool of ourselves and our country by showing the foreign visitors how 'clean' are we. No wonder Singapore is a 'fine' country. We already face people who bring in their own food and drinks to consume in the park. The management has always been friendly and always advised the public about the rules and regulations of the park. After these picnickers have left, loads of trash are left behind... "Why you all like that???"

I cant imagine if Singapore goes without cleaners for one week... are singaporeans really living in first class environment with a third world mindset? Our actions speak for ourselves...

If I have the time, I would take some photos to show how ugly we are. Are we really blind to the trash and simply cant be bothered about keeping the any place clean? Dont blame anyone or any organization for smelly restrooms or dirty parks, got it?

"If I dont litter, the cleaners will go hungry..."
The above theory is absolutely FALSE!!!

Please help keep Singapore clean... please... please... please...


Light! The light is here!!!

After two weeks of darkness... the light has come........ kekeke

Submarines Squad has arrived.

Today, my 'submarines squad' has finally arrived. I must say that I did not have much of these for the past two week (still got lah but not many only) since my new pond started in Bottle Tree Park (Yishun). The flood in M'sia has hampered my stocks of biggies till today.

I made a headcount and the numbers hit above 20...

The picture is abit blurr... but it doesnt really matter... they are all now in the pond...