CR 20050527, Fresh Water

After 59 days of pain and suffering... (really meh?) with the help of a very kind friend, David Neo, I managed to wet a line in the morning and in the evening with him and JK. We had fun! Fishing is so fun but the fellowship among flyfishermen is even more precious than gold. We cant wait to get together and fish again.

In the morning, while waiting for David's arrival, I was greeted by a giant moth which made a about 30s dance right infront of me before settling down on the the beam. With the faint morning light and slight drizzle, the atmosphere is mysterious and warm to me... I havent been stepping out of the house for so long... so long...

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This is the mentioned moth.

I am really glad that I have friend like David and of course the rest like JK, Nick Matt, Russel, Wei, Fred etc to lighten my days when I was confined to quarters. Their kindness and thoughtfulness touched me and I want to thank everyone of them who had made the effort to visit me and helped me to get my fly materials and food too... (alot more)... Thank you very much my dear friends!

David arrived and greet me with a big grin. It has been so long since we last fished together. We were excited and he assured me that with that little magical fly, we would be having lots of good clean fun! Indeed. The day is so enjoyable and fruitful that it would always leave a mark in my mind... I could still hear my Abel TR Light ringing in my ears...

I am tired and not going to write much here. The biggest moment of the day is to hook up a estimated 3.5 - 4ft patin on a size 14 fly with 6lbs tippet. I dont remember how many runs did the fellow managed but I could only remember my fingers were almost going to cramp after 35mins of hard fought battle. We tried several times to land the fellow with a net but we never made it and indeed, we really didnt make it too after 35mins of battle. The tippet finally gave way and the patin got away. My fingers were trembling and my right arm was aching. 35 mins of tug of war using a Black Hole Harvest TR 0 wt... priceless. Although I lost the battle but the adernaline rush is really awesome... awesome... my ears are still ringing... Oh yes, I lost a pinky kalui too which is close to David's trophy. My pinky managed to dash for freedom by snagging me... After MIA for so long, the fish went to school while I was away??? *puzzled*

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This is David's pinky kalui with the magical fly I mentioned earlier. Now I understand how come he has 20 of them in his pocket... hahaha

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My first fish of the day. A little kalui. So cute, aint it?

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Second one. It got bigger.

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Third one, bigger one...

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Six fished landed and lost many. Look at the smallest one, that hook is a size 14!!! This little one is so fierce and cute!!!

I will be back for more...

Thank you David, JK and Nick Matt who helped to make my day. *grins*


Maintenance Day, 20050525

Some of by ABU toys... From the top left, 1600CIAR, 3500CS Rocket CIAR, 2500CI and on the front, 1500CIAR. I serviced the first three of them today as I am getting all my things ready to go fishing again. :P Posted by Hello


Polarfibre Minnow (lemon/lime/pink), 20050518

After some tips from my god-brother about refining the minnow. I tied this. It looks so much smoother now. Size 2 Owner. Posted by Hello


Epoxy Miracle (white/pink/black) prototype, 20050517

After reading about Epoxy Miracle last night, I decided to try this out today. The original is longer and slimmer. Somehow, the polarfibre minnow shade is still there. I tied this on a size 6 Mustad. Posted by Hello


Polarfibre Minnow (white/black/electric yellow), 20050516

Polarfibre Minnow after breakfast again. This time, white/black/electric yellow, trying to imitate some reef fish. The new 3D eyes are smaller than those previous attempts and it looks more realistic except without the rattling. Hook is Owner MUTU LIGHT CIRCLE Size 2. Posted by Hello


Polarfibre Minnow (white/pink/electric yellow), 20050515

Polarfibre Minnow (white/pink/electric yellow). I whipped this at about 3am in the morning. I used a Daiichi Size 6 treble. This fly is created for tarpon in mind. Read about some fliers in M'sia that they use trebles instead of normal fly hooks to get tarpon and have proven pretty effective. I wish I get mine soon. Tarpon... still a missing name in my fished list.  Posted by Hello


Polarfibre Minnow (white/electric yellow), 20050514

With my new polarfibre, I whipped out this minnow on a Mustad No. 6. My fly box now is experiencing some traffic jam... Posted by Hello


Micro Crazy Charlie Size 14, 20040510

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Today, I attempted the smallest crazy charlies in my life. I used Mustad size 14 long nymph hooks. What do you think? Cute? They are really quite easy to tie but it could be quite a pain as the hook is so small. I wonder if I could tie a smaller one but first, I must find even smaller bead chain. That is the smallest that I have and it is perfect for 14. Perhaps, this is the smallest already.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com


Polarfibre minnow (lemon/lime), 20050509

Polarfiber minnow. Did this after breakfast... A way to spend my days ahead. O.o Posted by Hello


Today's probably the worst ever Mothers' Day in my whole life!

My mum called me this afternoon saying that granny has been buried with grandpa today. (That is so quick!) She explains that this is the custom over there in 'Kim Poh' Malaysia which she couldnt understand much too. Neither could I.

Today, most restaurants or I should say all, are overcrowded with families celebrating Mothers' Day. For me, I am all alone in the house with no other humans... at least I got my dog with me.

I feel really upset but that's life. Death is where all lives will end without challenge. We have nothing that can beat time nor anything to slow down our body from ageing. One day, I will leave this world too. We all will.

Granny and grandpa, rest in peace. I bet they have alot to catch up with each other after so long, 20 over years...

I dont believe that all things come to an end at death. I believe there are something else waiting for us. No one could live to tell what's there and even those who fought hard in a disacters, accidents or unpredicted incidents and came back to life, they do not have a very clear answer to what we want to know about 'After Death'.

'After Death' is another experience... which I do not wish to know sooner or later. Life is precious.


My grandma passed away today...

Almost 5am this morning, the phone rang and broken the silent in the whole house. While I was still sitting at my desk, many thoughts sprang through my tired mind. One of them is about my grandmother in Malaysia. The thought of loosing her flooded my mind and I was scared.

I hopped to the phone in the living room and I heard a familiar voice over the line. She is my mum's sister-in-law from Malaysia... my heart sank... she broke the news to me and I sank in further... my mum's dear mother... is dead. I told my mum... she tried to hide her tears...

I suddenly hated myself as I am not able to walk and how I wish I could go see my grandmother one more time. The last time I saw her was last year when she came to Singapore to attend my sister's wedding. She missed me so much and me too. We chatted away happily. Although she was almost blind but I could feel her happiness while being in Singapore.

After a couple of days from the wedding, she went home. She almost immediately fell ill. She was admitted to hospital and we thought that she must be sick somewhere. Later on, the doctor told us that she wasnt sick at all but she was just too old already. Her organs were all failing her and her body was weak.

She was discharged and went home as the doctor advised us and also to be prepared for her departure. I guess we all were. She is 80yrs old already and at least she died in her sleep. I hate myself that if I could walk after that last review, my mum would have gone back to Malaysia to take care of her and may see her at the last moment... it is all my fault!

Now I missed her so much... I have no more grandparents now... I wanted to go back to visit her very much and I did decide to go after I could walk again... but it is too late... just too late.

My mum tried to put on a strong front infront of me. She said that for her mother had lived up to this age, it is already very fortunate for us. Chinese believes that for an elder at these age, it is a moment to rejoice than mourn... it is easier to be said than done.

In my life now, who's left is my mum now. All my grandparents, including my dad had left us behind. Mum, I love you!

At 2pm, my mum left house for Malaysia. She would only be back after 2 weeks at least. Today, my wife went for flight to LA too. She would be back only after 6 days... My sister promised my mum that she would take care of me while she's away. I am such a burden... argh!

Now, I only have Skippy.....


(Oh my goodness, my dinner how?!?!?!)

Do we still have Ethics (morals) or Nihilism?

Hi all,

Ethics (morals) is an essential formulation in all time which hold the power to shape attitudes and constraint ugly behavior. With ethics, humans are able to live in harmony, with productively and together in a place without conflicts.

Nihilism is is worse that fatalism. Fatalism believes that life equates 'zero'. Nihilism equates life 'less than zero' and 'pain'.

In Singapore today, majority of the younger generation have no or little ethics and many would agree with me if you have read what I wrote earlier in "Ugly... the younger generation is getting uglier... ". Many no longer can live in peace although we are a peaceful nation. The strife among the children are the fruits of the fathers'. If you work or have a friend who work in the police force, you will know the number of unreported cases of teenagers involved in gang fights, verbal abuse, underage sex, disrespectful of higher authority and even threatening went unheard by the public.

Lately, my dear friend who is a teacher was involved in a court case. His student, a girl, claimed that my friend molested her in the class infront of her classmates during a chemistry lab lesson. She went to report to her mother and then to the police. Thank goodness, the class stood up for my friend claiming that my friend did not even touch her. This girl was simply told to put on the apron during the lesson as just in case of a spill, she would be saved from it. She refused and revoked saying that the apron spoiled her appearance. As a teacher, he has to adhere to the rules in a chemistry lab lesson and so without the apron, the girl was told to leave the class. In a revengeful manner, she went to the extent to accuse the teacher molested her in class.

The above showed that the class of students still know what are morals. Whereas the girl, not alone, with a few others who were not as bold, refused to use an apron for such invalid reasons. Come on! This is not a beauty pageant show! It is chemistry lab lesson!

I was very happy when I was told that the class stood up for my friend but that few girls sure need to go for some morals lessons or extended counselling to get their lives ironed out. Get a life girls!

As days went by, I begin to feel the strife among the teens again. Many are hiding behind that nickname and posting what they would or maybe would not do as a person. Defaming, encourage boycotting, create nuisance, judgmental, quick to find fault, critical etc... are all the vices that we could see from certain forums. Why are these kids doing all these? They dont think anything before they speak. Think before you speak is not taught anymore...

Forums are all built for constructive reasons, to share, to help, to enchance, to improve etc. Instead of making use of such free services, they decided to vandalize' than learn. Is it true that teens are always rebellious and destructive? The answer is 'yes' to majority of us in Singapore. If we look around us, a lot of other forums from other countries which has high percentages of youth are very successful. I dont have to tell you why if you are a singaporeans too.

Life seems to be meaningless to our younger generations. I really dont blame them as the seniors are not standing out to quench this situation, instead, they decided to fall back and watch them self-destruct. I used to love a forum so much but as days go by, I could see alot of sensible seniors and youth, decided to leave the forum alone. Now, the forum is infested with immorals! Quick-to-judge, complaints without much sensible thinking, flaming etc... are found in almost every single thread. It is horrible to read on sometimes and you cant believe these 'rubbish' come from kids in secondary schools! Although some are still giving that place a chance, but their strength are weak. Including me. I am not so noble too, but I know I tried but what did I get in return? My contributions labeled as arts of 'Hao Lian'. My enthuism labeled as arts of 'kpo'. I dont want to go on anymore... it is so saddening each day when I visit the forum time and time again... The forum is now harvesting a bunch of barbarians in their youth!!!

I gave up but the day seems to brighten again when I found new love. So far so good. I hope and wish that this new nest will be a good place for 'breeding' morals. I treasure the youths that I come to know. I will do what I could within my limits to help, encourage, guide and foster a good relationship with them. I rather see them going fishing than spend too much time wandering around aimlessly. At least they get to focus on something and with right influence, I believe they would grow up as a man with ethics. Someone sent me a message and told me that I am poisoning alot of youth with my reports. Many want to pick up flyfishing too. I wish I could 'poison' them endlessly as flyfishing is a sports that not many could handle. It teaches us patience, conservation, appreciation and with the mentioned attributes, morals flow along too. Flyfishing is the cleanest form of sports fishing that anyone could find. Sadly but true, not all flyfishermen master the last part, morals.

I wonder, if that group of barbarians carry on influencing the rest of the people around, what would happen to this society? Fatalism and then Nihilism? Before these happen, I hope I could play a little part here to keep a few flames alive.

One day, when I have my own kids too, I am not going to spare that rod for sure. Perhaps what I am going through now is preparing me to be a father in the future.

"If you cant beat them, join them!"



mtshark's dalberg diver

First time in my life attempting a dalberg diver. This is a bass fly and has proven very effective when targeting largemouth bass. I hope I could get some peacock bass with it too. Maybe a barramundi or barracuda. C^.^P Posted by Hello


Just for Laugh! FCUK & MTSHARK made headlines!!!

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My casts...

3rd May 2005, the doctor removed my cast today, finally. I was so excited before it but the excitement got really blue when I was presented with a new splint. My surgeon wasn't around to take a look at my ankle but through the phone, he gave very strict instructions to the 'replacement doctor' telling him that I am NOT allowed to "full wt bearing". Meaning? Still cannot walk!

Argh......... Oh well, at least I know it is for my own good as the first ACT Project failed and thus I have to undergo ACT number 2.

At least the cast is replaced with a splint and I could stop wrapping up my right foot daily to bathe. More than a month, my right foot is covered with layers of dead skin. I spent 20min minutes in the shower just simply washing it. It just feels so good!

So, sorry everyone. I will be back later and thus no catchie reports for another 3-4 weeks. Meanwhile, I would still update the blog with new things. Stay tuned! Posted by Hello