SPT decals by JJ Decal Hub

"Tired of the normal STI decals on the doors and fog light covers?"

James did a nice job again on my ride!

Upz for JJ Decal Hub!!!


Did I go fishing when I was in Thailand?


Nice patins and nice mekong there...

I was using my trustworthy Daiwa Certate Custom 2500R and Major Craft Offblow Casting 1.5-3PE. As usual, the small little reel continues to proof its worth till today.

Cats up to 15-20kg are manageable.

In this pond, the smallest fish landed is about 10kg mark and most around 15-20kg. The big meows in the pond are about 30-40kg... (I think I fought one of them as the big meow took line easily from my little power house even though I almost lock the drag DEAD!)

No chance to hold a fish for photo taking as the operator do not encourage such move at all. All fish were caught and released immediately, using a straw to remove the hook. Straw? Yes, a straw! I tried it myself and hey, it really works and it is real fast and good!

The shots are crap but at least I did take some. Heehee... (too busy messing with dough...)