UK White Trashes... in Singapore

You guys sure made a fool of yourself in the cyberworld.

Watch it, the BIG GUY up there is watching!



When could I have a holiday?

It has been a while since I fished and this blog of mine is not getting fishy at all. My friends are all going up and down the causeway while I am here in Singapore only get to listen to what were my friends' trophies out there with what reels and what line.... sighz.... I wish I could be out there too for a holiday.

Maybe a trip to Thailand, or even better... a trip to Australia like Melbourne or Gold Coast...

I wish I could have more time but somehow or rather... time is never enough when I am trying to find my pot of gold.

In business... it is like a gamble. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose...

"Identify the problem and solve it!"

It is simple to say than to get it done but sometimes... we just need to.... JUST DO IT!!!

I have to act fast, even faster... otherwise the company may need to draw blood from blood bank. Blood is not cheap!

Sometimes..... when you are in such a sticky situation.... you may think that it is coming to an end..... suddenly, at the end of the tunnel you see a glimpse of light... and seriously... light is there.

Then you will realized that you have crossed another hurdle in life and it has 'level up' your strength. The BIG GUY up there... is always watching...

Time to sort things out and fight the fight and plan for a holiday!!! Yipee!!!


How far can you fly it?

Give it a try when you are bored in the office and don't feel like doing your work. Kekeke...


This is brought to you by Microsoft Flight Simulator X.


Beer Garden at Bottle Tree Park

Finally, the beer garden at Bottle Tree Park has started it operation on last Friday. This add-on to the park is greatly welcomed by my customers at the prawn pond as it is situated right beside the pond.

It operates daily. Sun - Thurs, 5pm - 12am. Fri & Sat, 5pm - 2am.

The beer garden is brought to you by Bottle Tree Pte Ltd.


8-8.5km/l on Auto WRX 07, possible?

Many people have asked me how do I achieve such FC on my ride. Basically, it is the way u drive I guess.

I have never finished a tank of fuel with stock rims and tires and thus I couldn't comment about the stock JDM rims that come with the automatic JDM WRX.

Since day one, I swapped my stock rims already. I am on 18", Rays United Arrows S05. (Very light rims.)

I added Varis to touch up my car with CF trim, just the window A pillars and an exhaust cutter. Such trims have no extra performance hor. Heehee.

Next, I swapped my stock muffle to HKS Legamax. Finally, the boxer is alive!!! The boxer note is loud now but it is still pretty nice and quiet in the cabin of the car since it is only a muffler swap and has NO CAT BACK with through pipe.

Next, I changed my springs. I used Tein H Tech for comfort reasons. I find that the car does not nose down that much anymore compared to stock springs. The braking feel is better now as the nose down problem with stock springs is over.

I have good friends who give me good recommendation in performance and looks. If you are a new owners, please find such friends and you will learn more from them. I am learning joyously. Listen to the them and go try it out yourself.

Currently, I always hit 380km - 400km constantly on about 45-46l of Esso 5000. The best FC ever achieved is 408km and the low fuel warning light has not even lighted up. I top up at the station just in case the light is faulty. I pumped 45l only!!! Of course I cant use this single data for analysis about this car's FC. My experience tells me that as long as I keep my foot light, I could easily achieve 8-8.5km/l from Esso 5000.

The worst FC ever, 300km/l is what I have done. I was hitting 4500-5500rpm most of the time on the road with that tank of fuel. I was having fun on the road doing soft launch. I am not racing hor. 70kph road, I revved to hit 70kph. That's all. Auto WRX is a fun ride to have if you have become a lazy person like me as I hate jams in Singapore. To clutch in and out in traffic jams is always a horrible experience when you could only travel like 30-40kph on the highway like CTE.

How do I achieve 8-8.5km/l?

I do not step hard on the gas to 'chiong chiong chiong' from stationary. I keep my rpm at about 2000-2500 when moving off. When the car has picked up speed, I will keep the rpm below 3000. Basically, this is not a hard thing to do if you are not in a hurry always.

FC is very subjective to the style of driving and even your engine. I guess I am very blessed to have an engine that runs well and gives me excellent FC even when it is a boxer.

Meanwhile, I am still on mineral oil for my engine. I will be doing my 2nd servicing soon and trust me, I am not doing it at MI this time. I am going for synthetic oil and I will do my servicing at BMS. I trust BMS like most scoobies do locally. I am not advertising for them hor... my experience with BMS is excellent. Ever since I swapped my muffler, my warranty with MI is over and I know that. I guess it is hard to drive a boxer engine with hearing it, indeed true!

Details in short:

Exhuast: HKS Legamax (muffler only)
Wheels: RAYS United Arrows S05, 225/40/18 with Eagle F1.
Springs: Tein H Tech
Fuel used: Esso 5000