Kim Bak Seng???!!!??? WTH...

Just now, I went fishing for 'kim bak lor' aka barramundi. 'Kim bak' means golden eyes.

Instead of barramundi, I caught a 'kim bak seng'...

See for yourself... LOL


What is going on and on in my mind now........ sambo....



What do I think about...

Major Craft Offblow is really a nice rod in my own opinion. Not too heavy or light for pelagic fishes. If u ask me what would be my next light jigging rod? The PE 1.5-3 would be my next rod if I am going to pop and use jigs 60grams and above. The one I have is a PE 0.8-2 and 60g jigs like the Smith's ones are abit too heavy for my concern. Major Craft Offblow is definitely a nice rod to own and it is fairly affordable too. A Daiwa Freams Kix, Caldia Kix or Certate 2500 goes on it perfectly or a Shimano Twinpower or Stella C3000* as well.

As for the one I have for the trip, Daiwa Certate 2500R-CUSTOM, suits the rod really well and apparently after some serious abuse by jigging and popping, the gears are still mating really nicely. The previous trip I had a Daiwa Caldia Kix 2500. The Caldia Kix's gear has a slightly worn feel and it is not as smooth as new. I guess you get what you pay for then.

*I have not used any Shimano's C3000 and thus I am not able to comment which company has a better reel of this size. I have heard good reviews about the Twinpower though, value for money compared to Stella.

Personally, for smaller reels I prefer Daiwa Certate than Shimano's. For bigger reels meant for offshore fishing I am definitely a fan for Shimano Stella 8000 and above. The Daiwa Saltiga Z just couldnt attract me for some reasons which I cant explain myself too. LOL.

Remember the Power Pro line, phantom red? For this sample I have I would say that this new line is excellent. I thought the color would fade out on me once it touches the water... IT DIDNT. Apparently, after two days in the water, I would say the color only faded away for less than 10%, maybe in the 5% mark. The red is really nice still.

Would I purchase this line again? DEFINITELY WILL. My next favourite line after SPIDERWIRE. This new line by Power Pro repels water really well too. I guess when I purchase my next new spool of line... I would go for the Power Pro phantom red as red line is really nice to me. Meanwhile, this line is not available in the market yet so be patient with the manufacturer.

Once again, the Smith jig proves its worth out there. Although I didnt land anything out there with a smithy but check out the teeth marks. Really nice swimming action cum finishing, this jig entices the fish really well during spinning. Even if you work the jig really fast, the action gets even better!The other jig that I used in this trip got me the mackie. It didnt swim as well when spinning fast but it sure is good enough for some decent encounters out in the sea with pelagics.

That's all for now folks. Meanwhile, my friend is planning another trip up north next week... I cant wait to go but... the hole in my pocket is getting bigger each day without work... Hahaha...

CR 20060726-27, Nenasi, Malaysia

My first ever cobia out at sea. The other one I first ever caught was in Pasir Ris Fishing Pond. This nice cobia is the first fish that got my drag screaming. My second fish on my new outfit. The first one was a tiny little grouper... so small... on a 2/0 hook which is as big as its head... released.

I got ink'ed... direct shot to my face... careless me.... *sob*

Sometimes I wonder why small fish love my jigs so much... another fatal accident again... many more later too... all got seriously punctured by this 4/0 hook... all ended up as berley... nothing wasted... kekeke

Finally! A mack on my jig! Hurray!!! Kekeke... first nice decent fish on jig in Nenasi, M'sia. Rejoice!!! Hahaha!!!

James with his first ever flathead encounter. Nicely done James. He caught the most fish for this trip but just lagging behind in size.

My first trevally!!! Yeah!!! This little fellow took line... my first ever trevally out at sea too. Rejoice!!! LOL!!!

Mr Yi is the trevally man. Every trip he will definitely get them on his hook.

Nice GT(s)?
(No comments...)

Commando mossies everywhere at night... even in the day... OUCH!!! I hate them!!!
(Not out at sea lah. It's back in the quarters.)

Gums... chewing gums...

We chewed lots of them in this trip... lots of them... LOL. We had lots of junk food too... Kok Siong told us that never ever a group of anglers of 3 had so much junk food onboard. LOL. We are suckers... yeah!

Our Catches with lots of squids.

Afterall, our catches couldnt be compared to some others who had very much better results than us but we had fun, especially on the second day. We went chasing for fish when we saw surface actions. The popping and jigging part are fantastic!

These are all our catches plus 3 bags of sotongs (squids). We are very lucky to have rocket squids other than green eyes in this trip too especially on the last day. The green eyes are pretty decent in size. Some hits above a kilo on the first day. 70ft of water, the drag went screaming with a green eye at the end of your line. This is fun!

We have 3 bags of these... other two packed nicely in ice already. This one waiting for its turn. We even had rocket squid for sashimi on the second day. Oh... we should have also sashimi the cobia on the first day too... too bad... even Kok Siong said if he knows that we eat sashimi, he would have get the cobia sashimi'ed too. LOL. He loves to eat sashimi just like us except Mr Yi, he touches no raw flesh... what a waste man...

Another James' Special

No boxer shots this time... hahahahaha...

(This guy just love to post with fish... DEAD fish... LOL. Anyway, just this two trips have already got him hooked really deep into fishing. The second one got him hooked onto jigging too after seeing Kok Siong landing that 6kg GT... he sure was drooling all over the boat. Hahaha.)

I'm back!!!

Hey people, I am back from Nenasi, Malaysia. For this round, things turn out better for me. Nothing big though but the travellies are really testing our drags... We wanted to extend for another day but too bad... no slot for us...

I will be back later with the photos. Stayed tuned to check it out.

Other that sunburnt, my butt is seriously flat now... (for those who have fished with Kok Siong, you will understand what I mean.) Other than this... a parrot fish shafted me hard... almost broke the reel too... but the fish got away as the hook came off just after the reel hit the side of the boat when this big fellow made a ultimate move... (for so long, I have not felt such things already... the feeling is adrenalinely fantastic... as if the fish has a twin turbo... OUCH!) the fish was already almost half way up but too bad... the hook didnt set well. A PE 2-4 rod JIG SHAFT almost couldnt stop this parrot. The reel is an old Shimano Baitrunner loaded with some line I think about 100lbs... scary...

More later...

Time to rest...

*-* zzzzzzzzzz


Daiwa Certate 2500R-Custom

Tomorrow, I will be off to Nenasi for some light jigging. Hopefully, this trip will yield better result for me this time.

After my Medical Board in MMI (Military Medical Institue), I hopped by Beach Road just now...

I think I shouldnt have done so......

I bought another MAJOR CRAFT's product. This time, an 'OFFBLOW', Line(PE) 0.8-2, max drag 3kg. It goes real well with my new reel too...

Not just the rod... I bought this reel (pic above). I think my head deserves to be chopped down... plus that little knob add-on... It sure hurts my pocket this time... but oh well... I am a happy man with a new set of tackle. Kekekeke...*

By the way, the red line is by POWERPRO. A new color for anglers to choose from. Courtesy of Tackleworld Unlimited's Joshua. He said that I will be the first and only one angler in Singapore to test it out first. Hopefully it turns out good... I think it should as the new generation of POWERPRO seems to be tougher than the old ones in the past.


*Disclaimer - I'm not advertising for any brands or tackleshop mentioned hor and also, dont flame me as 'haolianster' hor. I feel like a little boy now... really. I guess alot of u out there would feel the same way as me too.


Had a bad day?

Overheard Daniel Powter's Bad Day and now the song is ringing in my head over and over again... LOL

All because my media player is repeating the same song over and over again...

Pretty catchy...

Oh well... next week I am heading up to Nenasi again... I had a bad trip the last time and hopefully... no more 'Bad Day' the next round...

Wish me luck!


Tsunami hits Indo again!

It is a sad afternoon... tsunami hit Indo again...

Sometimes I feel that the earth is fighting back... fighting who? Humans...

Maybe I have watched too much Japanese animes but if you ever stop and think for a minute... the truth is ugly...............................................

We humans are merely habitants on this planet... but our existence is never beneficial towards anything on this planet...

Anyway, just watch out if you are going fishing overseas. It will be safer to hold back meanwhile as the quake just might hit again. 7.2 on the R scale... it is nothing too small...

More news about this afternoon tsunami at AsiaOne.

Just when I was writing this... the death toll was 5 and now it hits 47...

Windows Live Messenger

Juz updated my desktop MSN Messenger 7.5 to Windows Live Messenger 8.0 a few days ago.

Then I also updated my notebook's but 'SHIT' happens!!!

Lost lots of contacts!!!


Oh well... after some trials and errors. I caught the bug!!! Kekeke...

If you are going to upgrade your current MSN Messenger 7.5 to Windows Live Messenger 8.0, please do not check the extras to install. e.g. Live Sign In Assistant, shortcuts... There are 3 boxes that you could check them but do not comply so as anyway... kinda useless to me though. Otherwise... you will get that 'HUH' look on your face when you realise that alot of your contacts are missing from your friends' list.

My darling Angel got this problem too.

"Then how?"

Uninstall and reinstall again. Remember not to check those extras useless functions (to me lah) and you should be fine.

If you want to use 7.5 just in case, just go to microsoft's download site to install it again. You will find all your contacts intact.

"How you know?"

I tried liao mah...

I guess it should be the sign in assistant thing's problem... oh well...


Anyway, I find the new look kinda nice and cool thus I am using it. It's new and so get ready for BUGS Attack!!!

You can get Windows Live Messenger HERE.


*the attached picture for this post is from the link's page.*


Blue cane club

This rod isnt really new but still havent touched the water yet... soon... :P


Angel, "It's my rod leh!!!"
Edward, "Who cares?"
Angel, "Pi?"
Edward, "WOOF!"
Angel, "NO!"
Edward *whine*

There goes a great rod into the cupboard again...

Angel," Okay lar, okay lar... "
Edward," YAY~!!!"

5minutes later...

Edward, "Where's the rod?"
Angel, "Huh?" *acts innocent*

*sad music in the background*




I am not a soccer fan but I just feel sad for France for not winning the World Cup 2006. Italians... as usual... (u know what I mean soccer fans). I guess that guy deserves that combo from Zidane.

Oh well... I guess Zidane's special combo is taking the world by storm... hahaha

Check this out!


Sexiest woman for FHM 2006...

Errr..... I really dont understand... please enlighten me if you could but I think... please save your breathe... I am really not interested to know...

Tested and proven... LOL

Alright, I did buy alot of Smith's jigs for this trip to Nenasi but nothing spectacular is landed. Although this is the case but I did have some nasty hits and semi-aggressive ones which resulted some nasty scars on the jigs. All these happened when unknown fish were tearing up our fish caught on apollo jigs.

Other than teeth markers, I actually caught two fish using these Smith's production...

Seeing is believing...

First day rewards... beautiful groupers for dinner.

For the first day, our dinner mainly consist of fish and fish and fish... plus sotongs. Yummy!!!

"James' Special!!!"

Now this guy is hooked... next trip up and coming really SOON!!!


Some of our catches, really some only...

The rest of us were all too busy with something else and James was the only one asking me to take pictures of him time after time. At least with his requests, we would have some memories.

The squid was the very first thing I caught. It put up a nice fight on my light tackle and the rest of us started to take turn to have fun with my tackle for squid fishing. No more photos there after as ink was flying in the air...



Stay tuned... "James's Special Next".

Later lah, going to meet my deary for dinner. :P

Nenasi Photos.

Overall, the trip is spoiled by the weather. Nenasi's fishing is only good when the sea is calm like mirrors. For us, we had 1.5m swells instead...

I caught only two fish with baits. One grouper and one fingermark bream. Lost two biggies... first one unstoppable into the corals... second one lost it in mid waters (my Shimano Stella gave up on me during this battle).

The breakfasts were fried noodles and fried rice noodles. Lunch were fine with 3 dishes only. Most of the time, we were more focused on breaking out eggs than to eat.

Overall, Ah Yi and James were the overall champions for the trip. They caught the most fish than anyone of us.

James hit a big trevally too. A diamond I guess. The boatman estimated the fish to be around 7-8kg. Somehow, the hook came off after about 15mins of battle. James's travelly slowly drift away in the water in less than 10feet away from us. We couldnt do anything...

I spent more time jigging for baitfish and sotongs. LOL. It was pretty fun though.

First day, the swells were about 1.5m and second day was better. On the first day, the weather was bad and the fish werent really biting. Second day was better but somehow, the fish werent really here too.

Oh well, we would still got back to Nenasi to give it another chance. Overall from friends, this is a nice place to fish and we are yet to experince it... another trip coming up soon. Hopefully, lady luck would smile at me this time. :)

Is James a gay??? Some comical moments. LOL

Our arsenals... *siao*

A funny looking dog.
First morning... all upz and ready to *chiong*!

"Chiong arrr.... chiong arrr.... chiong arr...!!!"

"We must fill this box up with fish leh..."
"Ok ok..."

"Say cheese!"

Dont be deceived...


Stay tuned. More photos coming soon. Meanwhile... must listen to my tummy now... hungry... ;P