Yes or No to the below.... YES!!!

Firstly, I want to thank all my friends who had supported me very much when I began to run the beer garden business. Thank you very much for all the help and support, greatly appreciated.

In the midst of running the beer garden, I come across people from all walks of life....


The below are TRUE and absolutely TRUE....

  1. Would they steal your bottle opener?
  2. Would they break all vending machine glass panel?
  3. Would they throw rubbish into the counter when the counter is not opened? (Left over chicken rice in the counter....)
  4. Would they climb over the counter and steal your stuffs when you go for a toilet break? (This woman climbed over the counter and took several things. I came back in time and she said that she has all the rights to take whatever she wanted when I was away. Nevermind, she was drunk and the male friend with her was so embarrassed by her and walked away dumb....)
  5. Would kids climb onto the counter and run around?
  6. Would they steal tibits from the counter?
  7. Would they leave hooks in the counter when the counter is closed? (Several used hooks are found here and there. If not careful... OUCH!)
  8. Would they fill up your table soccer with stones and rubbish? (Got lime, sweets, pebbles, sticks, leaves... whatever u can find....)
  9. Would they try to touch the cash register? (YES!!!)
  10. Would they burn your garden table? (This is the latest...... Plastics are flammable and if they catch fire... I hope the table will not grab the arsonist and burn together...)

All kinds of people... indeed. There are more vices but oh well.... this is part of the business.

What would really make me smile? The smiles of the satisfied customers with our services. This is service line. No matter how bad a customer can be... he/she is still a customer.

Oh well, unless it gets really overboard.

If you happen to be my customers and you are the bad ones... do try to remember that we have 4 security cameras and they are real!

I know some of the ass faces who did really nasty stuffs but I am keeping my silent now.

For repeat offenders, the records from the security camera will be handed over to the SPF for appropriate actions.

Go read about vandalism.....

Oh, before I end... I want to thank all those really nice customers that I have experienced. There are still alot of nice people in the world to be happy about... live and let live...