WRX front 4pots for sale with rotors.

Hi fellows, if you are thinking of demodding/upgrading your brakes, I have a pair of front 4pots Subaru brakes for sales, comes with rotors too.

A pair of front 4pots brake calipers with lots of life less on brake pads. Rotors need to be skimmed and will still have pretty much life too for these stock WRX brakes. (Verified by my trusted workshop)

The front brakes set are at JJ's Decal Hub now. Please only offer after you have viewed them personally at James' place. For ridiculous offers, I will not reply at all.

Although it has 30000km record, brake calipers are in very good condition. Red paint and Subaru wordings are original condition, never re-condition(just washed). Well maintained between washes.

Never tracked.

Sleepin Buddha, biggest?

During my work in Thailand, I went to visit this supposed to be the biggest 'sleepin buddha' in the world.

One word, BIG!

Thailand has so many temples and many of them are actually so beautiful. The craftsmanship is incredible!

I was impressed with this... and further impressed when I went to another historic site... another temple... if someone pays me a million dollars and I would not take out the job too.

I will upload the other temple's pictures when able. :)