CR 20040919

Today, as usual, I was struggling in my mind whether to use fly outfit or any other outfits to fish. After pondering too long... I decided. Yeah, flyfishing today.

Upon reaching my favourite place, I geared up in no time to get on and hoping that the rain will not hit me at all.

I was using a spinner fly which imitates the spinner blades made for large mouth bass fishing in USA for start. A peacock bass sucked it in right in front of me and before I could react upon it, the fly got spit out. After several casts, I noticed that this fly could not entice any other peacock bass around at all. Hmmm.... still have not landed a fish with such a fly.

Digging through my fly box, I chose the previous crazy charlie of the previous trip. It was pretty much damaged but it still proved its worth before it RTB. Almost immediately upon switching fly, I got two hook ups immediately and a few misses. Things were not as smooth after these.

There was a peacock bass right infront of me and refused my fly while others were plainly following it. Almost an hour past, this fish just held its ground and refused to chase my fly. Meanwhile, wind started to pick up and I could smell rain in the air. In my heart I was saying, "Come on, one more before the rain." Guess what, the fish right under my nose decided to pick up my fly this time in such windy condition. I was looking into the sky with my rod tip swooshing in the water and the fly was lying loose in the water about 5ft away from me, while I tried to recover to cast again, it was stucked. I pulled and there... my fly line started to dash for the deeper waters. Hurray! Fish on! Before this bass took my fly, I was mading some turbulence in the water with my fly rod and it actually hit my fly rod tip. I got a shocked when it suddenly made such a move. The tip was not damaged. Phew...

Upon landing and taken a shot at the fish, the fish somehow managed to get the fly loose and swam away with a effortless flip into the water before I could have another shot at it. Then I saw the rain coming right infront of me, about 100m away. I quickly winded in my line and made a dash for the shether behind me. I managed to get in time and then, the rain reached the shed too. Phew, my digital camera did not drown in the rain. Thank goodness that I did not get to have another shot at the bass, otherwise, the cats and dogs would have gotten me for good.

After the rain, things were pretty good. I landed 4 more peacock basses using a crab fly meant for bone fish. Wind was light and excellent for fly fishing. All fish were caught very close to shore and could see them chasing the fly up the shallows. Exciting moments here and then. Exhilarating...

Just before I decided to end my day, I gave myself another 15 mins hoping that I could get somemore. Thank God, fish on twice and made the count 7 at close up. The last fish fought exceptionally well. It took me longer than all other hook ups. Many other misses too. Simply watching the peacock bass chasing after my fly is so enjoying.

I have a great day and really enjoyed it. After this trip, my confidence in flyfishing is further boosted.

God is good!


Wee... First catch of the day!  Posted by Hello

Second one.  Posted by Hello

This bass tried to mess up my line while I trying to release it. He managed to pull away entangling my fly line. Phew, got in control before he foiled my day. Posted by Hello

Third one. Caught this before the down pour. This bass is very cautious about my flies and took me more than an hour to get him on. This bass even striked my rod tip... before engulfing the fly. Posted by Hello

Fourth. The first one after the heavy downpour. Posted by Hello

Fifth one.  Posted by Hello

"Crab..." Posted by Hello

Even the small ones are aggressive too. Sixth fish. Posted by Hello

My last fish caught of the day. This fellow put up a good fight and dragged me left and right and left and right and etc...... taking line out too. Great bass! Posted by Hello

God is great! Total 7 caught and released.  Posted by Hello


Night Ops, Failure

Tonight, I decided to flyfish. I went on with uncertainty whether should I be using a fly outfit or a spinning outfit. In my mind, there was a constant struggle. I have never landed anything at night with fly, would tonight make a difference?

Somehow, my thick skull and little brains decided to do a head on thingie and get on with flyfishing, at night.

After about 2hrs of 'scouting', only a small little fellow hit my fly and as expected, no hook up. Hook was too big for it.

Within, my mind was unrest. I keep on reminding myself, one day, one day... I will get something on fly, at night.

Tonight, it didn't make a difference.

I'll be back...



Sept, 20040904.

Sept, 20040904.

Almost after 2 weeks since I last fished, I managed to have a good time fishing on the mentioned date. It was a Saturday.

I was using the Lee's Signature TT Floating fly line with about 10ft leader. At first, I was thinking that I should have used a sinking line instead as I could not get the fly deep enough. To rectify this problem, I used a crazy charlie with a bigger pair of 'eyes' to get it deeper at the end of the 10ft leader. Indeed, it worked great and to my surprise too, I see the peacock bass coming straight up to the surface to strike too.

Total time spent was about 4hrs and I managed to land 7 pieces of peacock bass.

I had a great time.



The egg for the day is broken with many more to follow... Landed seven today. Posted by Hello

This is before it tried to escape before a close-up on the fly in its mouth. Posted by Hello

Failing to co-operate to post a shot... Posted by Hello

"You tricked me!!!"  Posted by Hello

Third one. Posted by Hello

Mr Handsome? I like its yellow, so bold!  Posted by Hello

The fourth one, check out its grumpy face below. Posted by Hello

This one is grumpy... "Ok Ok, I will release you asap..." Posted by Hello

Bubbles... Posted by Hello

The sixth of the day. Posted by Hello

This peacock bass's communicating with me... I think so... See the next two pics to know what I mean... (Lunar 7th Month???) Posted by Hello

Peacock Bass's greeting me? Posted by Hello

I think the fish was trying to say 'HI' to me when I took the 3rd shot. Check out the first two. Its fin is moving... "Hello"...  Posted by Hello