CR 20050329 (Saltwater)

Got this with the first cast! Posted by Hello

Nice kitty on a 130mm Yozuri Tobimaru. Posted by Hello


CR 20050326 (Freshwater) with David Neo (Singapore's Surf Casting 1st Runner-up 2005)

SO CUTE!!! Posted by Hello

Hmmm....... I have touched another form of flies....... heehee Posted by Hello

Small but sure enlightened me that they are grams for grams!!! Posted by Hello

errr.... didnt see that grass... Posted by Hello

CR 20050325 (Saltwater) with Frederick Leow

EEKS!!! Posted by Hello

What a beauty! Posted by Hello

Mann's Chug n Spit Loudmouth. Holes all over!!!!! Posted by Hello

Look! @ @ Posted by Hello

CR 20050324 (Saltwater & Freshwater)

Nice grouper kept for dinner. Posted by Hello

A bone came out from its mouth!!! Posted by Hello

A little toman using those small little fresh water poppers. So cute! Posted by Hello

CR 20050323 (Saltwater)

I went back to my groupie hole again for the third time. I managed to get this little one using my prototype, a shrimp fly, with epoxy body, size 2.

I had quite a number of missed but the fish just did not stay long enough for me to land it. Even got one sent my fly line flying out into the open sea while I try to untangle myself after a cast. Before I could strike, the fly line went limp...


Closeup. Posted by Hello

Small little fellow.  Posted by Hello


CR 20050322 (SALTWATER)

This is the only fish I get on flyfishing today. I had others like little whitings, parrot and even a mullet in the morning with a pole rod with sandworm as bait. Posted by Hello

Close up. Nice fish! Posted by Hello


CR 20050320 (SALTWATER)

It has been over a month, one WHOLE month since I last fished.

Oh well... I cannot fish due to my ACT2 first procedure.

Finally, managed some time today and within 2.5hrs, I had quite a good time.

Total 7 groupies! Missed a decent queenie too.

First time hitting a grouper with a fly, and best, 7 total with 45mins!

I am very happy and smile follows me everywhere I go today and should be later too. kekeke

Sorry about the excitment, but I am really excited lah...

I will be back there for more, hopefully, soon.


No. 1. So exciting. ;P My first ever grouper out in the wild using fly. Hurray!!! Posted by Hello

No.1, small fish with super appetite. Posted by Hello

No. closeup. Nice fish! Posted by Hello

No. 2. Posted by Hello

No. 2 closeup. Weee..... Posted by Hello

No. 3. Over exposure! Nice effect from the surrounding. Suddenly, the sun is shining do brightly above me... woooo..... Posted by Hello

No. 3 closeup. Hmmm.... nice teeth! Posted by Hello

No. 4. :P Posted by Hello