Pretty babe at the counter..........

One usual day at Bottle Tree park, at the counter..........

A pretty lady was standing at the prawn fishing counter..........

"Hello!", pretty babe.
"Hi! What can I do for you?"

Pointing at the price list, at the $10.00....

"Longkang fishing, $10.00 har?"

Pointing at the words - 'whole day'....

"Whole day har?"

Pointing at the $14.50....

"Prawn fishing... $14.50 one hour har?"
"Extra hour, extra 30mins har?"
"Err... ya...."

Pointing at the operating hours....

"Open from 9am to 12am har?"

Pointing at the word - daily.....

"Wow... daily har?"
"Oki! Thank you!"
"You are most welcomed......"

I believe this pretty babe knows the language - english, pretty well like herself...

But.... why is she asking me about things that are written clearly on the paper?

She isnt the only one... lots of them do it as well......... pretty or not, it doesnt really matter. They just do it... JUST DO IT!



First look at the painted shells... fantastic marketing strategy!

When I looked closer... alot of chipped paint are found on the hermit crab's body. THIS IS NOT GOOD.

Seriously, alot of pple are asking me in regards to these hermit crabs. I would tell them that I am no expect. They should go ask those who are selling it instead. They should know more and the ones that I have, are my pets and I treat them the way I see fit to keep them alive and happy.

Thus, I say no to painted shells but it doesnt mean that you have to follow my advice.

Maybe those who are really interested in hermit crabs, pls read The Crab Street Journal.

I believe you will know how I feel about painted shells...


Thank you! Thank you!

Hello people,

Thank you for the great response in regards to the cutie pinkie bluey lobsters. They are all sold out.

I took two home today. One of them has a few legs missing and the other, left over as it is less perfect - one big one small claw.

My tank is becoming a nursery. I have two almost perfect ones. Two less perfect and two that have legs missing. 6 of them, all inside my 1' by 1/2' FIVEPLAN Tank and a GEX Bio-filter.

As many have asked me what am I feeding them with, basically I feed them with frozen red worms and also the food that is for sales at my counter meant for lobsters (Japan product). All of them are eating the food that I give them happily.

For those who experienced 'fasting'. I suggest that you all please get them a proper home like mine. As these pinkie bluey lobsters are hybrid. They are very hard to come by. When these little fellows are in a 'good' home, I believe they will feed readily.

If you are willing to bring them home and so, please take good care of them. If you are experiencing extreme difficulty with them, please contact me and I will do my best to help out. Please be a responsible 'parent'. Otherwise, I suggest that you return the lobsters back to me and I will take good care of them. When back in good health, I will find responsible owners for them once more.

Meanwhile, I have no remaining stocks due to the overwhelming demand. I could still take order online and would delivery them asap upon new batch of these cuties.

Meanwhile... got other colors coming... Hahahahaha


Little pinkie bluy lobsters!!! I got 4 of them!!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Careful of mud holes along the side of the road (Lor Chencharu)

Today, a little mishap occurred along Lor Chencharu. A huge truck got stuck in the mud by the side of the road. The aft wheels sank almost half a ft deep into the mud. Currently, recuse operation is in progress and hopefully the truck could be rescued soon. For visitors to the park, do keep an eye open for mud holes along the side of the road when driving along Lor Chencharu. I believe the contractors will filled up the holes but it is smart to play safe.

Oh, too bad that the truck's license number is not 4 digits. Hahahaha


Hermit Crabs!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!

This four little fellows are Whitewater Recreations latest addition. NOT FOR SALES!!!




After so many years of utilizing taxi services... I have finally gotten myself a car to drive on the road. As a public transport user in the past, I have come across many close encounters with other vehicles on the road. Most of the time, the faults lie on the taxi drivers.

Now, I am driving daily on the road and my experience with taxi drivers has always made me to keep both my eyes open for them while I am on the road. I always try to keep away from them but as you know, the taxis on the road in Singapore are like ants!

You could simply not avoid them at all..... sad but true.

On the 30th April 07, I was involved in a collision. A BMW 7 series collided into my humble Lancer's butt. The driver involved is at fault but all these happened because of a mutherfLicker taxi driver.

I was turning left into Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 from Upp Serangoon Ave 1. The left turn has two lanes. I was on the left and the mutherfLicker was on the right. When the traffic was clear, like normal, we began to move off into Ang Mo Kio Ave 3. The mutherfLicker turned into me! I e-braked immediately and at the same time, I sounded the horn. I had no choice but to stop and just then, someone from behind collided into my car's butt. All thanks to the mutherfLicker!

The idiot almost stopped infront of me but upon realizing what he had caused, he sped away immediately. He had a passenger in his backseat and I hoped the passenger is still alived.

His CB license plate number is SHB1249(?).

I just went to doc today for a simple checkup. I was experiencing pain on my upper back and neck. The doc told me that I might have a whiplash from the accident. So, he started to examine my back.

"Pain? Pain? Pain?....."

"No... no.... no.... ARGH!!!"

"Oh, ok. You are hurt here. Do try to rest more these few days. Ok?"


I have written in to the TP and waiting for a positive response from them. Hopefully, this mutherfLicker will get what he deserves! CB!

Sorry for the explicit. I am damn pissed... paiseh.