A beautilful stream with beautiful fish... what fly to use?

The chirping of the alarm clock woke me up at 4.30am on Sunday's morning. My tired eyes fought against my eye lips to steal a glance at the time. Light flashed across my room and thundered roared from a distance. Raining. The room temperature was just right cool for a lazy Sunday's morning but I had to wake up.

Just before sunrise, my friends and I reached the stream. It was cloudy and the rain had stopped. With my rod and reel ready, I pondered about what to tie to the leader(I did not use a tippet, lazy me). The river was exciting. Minnows were running for their lives while their predators worked hard for breakfast. I chose a woolly bugger.

Gingerly, I moved in the swarm with both my feet in the water. I caught a pattern in the water. The woolly bugger swam across the target with short pauses. The pattern moved, made a dash for my fly but UTURNED. 3 tries, I switched to a black crazy charlie with tinsel finish. This crazy charlie made it into its mouth at least 8 times but somehow, no hook ups. I changed by angle of strike to the left and immediately the line was tight a tug of war started. A little fellow that fought hard. Shot it with my phone camera and released. During the battle, a pretty decent 3-4bls'er followed behind. It had to swim side ways when it hit the swallows with the hooked one. Upon releasing, a few more decent peacock basses swam across my sight and disappeared into the shadows of the stream.

My fly found its way thru the air and into the water once more towards the sightings. 3 short burst, the fly line found its way fast through the guides of the fly rod. Suddenly, I was totally awake. I knew that I had made the right decision to get out of my comfortable bed and braved the rain to the stream.

This fellow is fat. Thick on its back and fought really well. The Tiemco Euflex is just too weak to stop the fish. I had to fight the fish with the help of the fly line instead. Big splashes for good minutes. A warrior in the shadows of this stream.

The crazy charlie was found midway in the large mouth. My fist could actually entered the mouth while I tried to remove the fly quick. Billy helped me took a few photos and the fish swam away freely.

A good morning for me with dear friends. Breakfast was minced meat noodles, awesome. Sweet aroma from the freshly brewed coffee made the whole morning even better.

I am looking forward... to fight the Sleep God to fish again...