August, Lure Of the Month Award goes to...

Hey guys and gals, in this month of Aug 2004, I managed to squeeze out enough time to do some fishing.

God is good to me. I sure hope it will in the months to come... Of coz, He will!

Fishing was slow in the first 2 trips though, but later ones are SO different.

I managed to land a total of 19 pieces of fish, mainly peacock bass though. One of them is from the salt, a todak juvenile.

Although a lot of other fish were landed using flies, I just could feel that when I tied the little Yozuri Mag Minnow to the end of my line, I know I will get something, indeed. It was fun, really!

Thus, I have decided to come out this Lure of the Month award just for this lure... hahhaaha...

Of course, in the months upfront, I will also be keeping an eye on which lure is performing extremely well. I will not forget the flies too. This month, the flies are a little shy off the competition.

The next close competitor is also another Yozuri Mag Minnow, about twice the size compared to the winner. It is a great 'soldier' at night.

Another night ops specialist is the discontinued Yozuri LX-Minnow. I really wish that I could get my hands onto a few of them to upsize by backup logistics squadron. Anyone seen any out there?

As for now, I will not be fishing till Sept 2004...

So long guys and gals out there...


This is a Yozuri Mag Minnow, the smaller version which belongs to the 'Stream' series. This lure proves it worth again n again this month to capture this award, Lure Of The Month.  Posted by Hello


Battle 20040821, Fred Vs Edward at "playground"

Battle 20040821, Edward leads 1-0

"Fred Vs Edward.

Finally score, 2-6.

Edward is the winner!!!

Hahahahahahaha... "

This scene is returning to Singapore once more as the two of us go fishing almost everyday when we were in Phoenix, Arizona - USA. We 'fought' our battle with great vigilance and end most of the days with a few nice cold beers and bbq lamp chops.

Yesterday, I was more composed and managed to start to pull away with a wider lead after the score was 2-3. It was 1-3 and within a while, he closed the gap to one.

I worked harder and at half time, I brought two more in. 2-5.

We broke for dinner and thank you Fred, the Heniken was great!

2nd half resumed, I hit one more and that was all about it for the night.
We landed a total of 8 fish for the whole time.

Fred's brother was with us this time round too, but he had not landed anything yet. Till he lands something and confidence got boosted, he shall be one of the competitor too.

It is getting more serious now, isn't it?

Til then, we shall have more beer next time.


"I want the fly out of my face too, oops! Help!!!" Posted by Hello

Flies are great invention. Posted by Hello

This young one is so beautiful... Caught using prawn fly. Posted by Hello

Big mouth peacock bass??? Trying hard to imitate large mouth bass??? Posted by Hello

This peacock bass took my lure so hard & got the whole thing swallowed. The battle got one of its gills ripped but the trebles still managed to set on its outside skin for a capture. After returing it to the water, it still managed to swim away... I hope he could make it. Posted by Hello

My last score of the day on a Mag Minnow. Posted by Hello

Fred's first catch of the day on a Yozuri L-Minnow 66mm. His second catch was a pretty size peacock bass, using a Matzuo Popper (not found in SIN, from USA). Before I could take a shot of it, it RTB with a few flips... Posted by Hello

Saltwater Assault 20040821

About 0930hrs, Mr Choek & Mr Tan arrived in their assault vehicle (Toyota Altis 2004) at my place to pick me up. Once I got myself seated within the vehicle, I could feel the tense air of JOY!!!

We all knew what we want to achieve this morning till noon. We would do our best!

Arriving at the predetermined destination, we scouted the area and saw a few good men fishing for 'rabbit fish'. The total time when we were there, only one 'rabbit fish' was taken prisoner in the COOLER BOX by one of the seasoned senior veteran.

We caught sight of todaks, but not many of them. Only 2 sizeable ones and the rest were juveniles.

Once we set up our weapons, we positioned ourselves neatly and initiated an attack.

We were not prevailing in anyway as enemies were out of sight most of the time, and very elusive, especially the bigger todaks.

Time past... and finally, I managed to capture one, a todak juvenile. After the usual SOP (standard operating procedures), we let it go.

Till then, we had no other form of contact or engagement. We decided to proceed to Changi Village to attack..... FOOD & WATER!!!



Got this in the morning outside Changi Naval Base. It was foul hook. This is a 'todak' or 'Long Tom' juvenile. Posted by Hello


20040819 Nitez Ops Assault CR

Tonitez... I decided to jump in for another trip.

After gathering my "elite nitez ops soldiers", I set off at about 2050hrs.

Reaching the mission ground got my heart pumping a little faster as I could still feel the "wound" from earlier contacts with the 8 "enemies".

I took out my HJ08 TSD and started "scouting".


My reel started screaming in the still air of the nitez...

"Enemy" sighted not too far away. It made a desperate dash for freedom into the open waters while I was still recollecting myself after my "man" was ambushed near the shore.

Fire lasted for last than 10s and we lost sight of our prey.

HJ08 TSD reported back in with an injured "leg" in the front. (Check out the photo of the bent hook)

Hundreds of questions filled my mind immediately as I could still feel the last time when my "men" came back injured. WHY?

Breathing out slowly after a deep breathe, I made a game shift plan for alternate tactics in logistics side.

"a) Set the hook with usual drag setting."

"b) Upon confirmation of contact in tight fire situation, decrease drag setting immediately."

"c) Carry on with the fire on a defensive position till enemy subdued."

"YES SIR!!!", shouted my "man".

After about 30mins, contact again.

Before plan b could be asserted, contact got away.

With no more actions till about 2320hrs while HJ08 CLN took over from HJ08 TSD. Nitez Ops Assault was coming to an end as I cant miss that last bus home!!!

Immediately, my instinct tells me to let Yozuri LX-Minnow 66 to give it a try before RTB.

No actions with the first few casts and I said to myself, "Last cast".


"Remember the rules of engagement!!! Engage!!!"

Hahaha... finally landed a peacock bass. My second one at night.

After the "interrogating session" (photo shoot), I let it go as it had indeed prove me my tactics and instincts are right.


Nitez Ops Assault ended...


"Soldiers of 20040819 Nitez Ops Assault CR"
 Posted by Hello

My last cast got me this, 20040819 Nitez Ops Assault CR
 Posted by Hello

Another bent hook... 20040819 Nitez Ops Assault CR Posted by Hello


So cute!!! Posted by Hello

Little haruan, 'Snake Head'. Posted by Hello

Little "luohan" or cross-breed? Posted by Hello

My playground is great!!! CR20040819

This morning, I went fishing with my friend, "fishing_guy" at our usual playground.

First sight at our usual spot was discouraging. The water was murky and dirty. Not much life by the bank as there is also lots of algae "blooming". It is dirty green, dirty!

We decided to do sight fishing as we suspected that it is peacock bass spawning season since we last fish. A lot of them in couples guarding their breeding spots.

We came across alot of breeding patches but all of them were abandoned.

In about half an hour, we reached an area with good water and guess what, peacock bass sightings! Alright!

We started to venture further for cleaner water and my dear friend hooked up a little 'luohan' and also a "haruan" using a Yozuri Mag Minnow.

All my lures failed, almost but got no hook ups.

I decided to switch to spin fly.

I made the right switch and got myself eight pieces of peacock bass!

I am in luck!

Soon the action died off, and off to lunch...

When could I go back there again?

I wonder...


Catch #1 Posted by Hello

Catch #2 Posted by Hello

Catch #3a Posted by Hello

Catch #3b Posted by Hello

Catch #4 Posted by Hello

Catch #5, cock head peacock bass. Posted by Hello

Catch #6 Posted by Hello

Catch #7 Posted by Hello

Catch #8 Posted by Hello


I went back.....

I don't have much time to write now as I am rushing out pretty soon.

But, I guess the photos will speak for themselves than me typing out to express.

Anyway, it was fun and a great day for my friend, Fred and his elder brother and me!

We will be back!!!

*All fish are released for another day.*


Yozuri Altima spoon irresistable!!! My 1st peacock...

Yozuri Altima spoon irresistable!!! My 1st peacock bass of the day. Actually, there was another the first, but it got away while I was trying to 'boga' it. Too bad. All in less than 10mins. Great actions!!! 2 1/2lbs on the boga. Posted by Hello