CR 20050729, Freshwater

Today, I am really happy. Really happy! After 2 unsuccessful trips to this place for kaluis, I fianlly hooked up this one. I was so happy that I was laughing away... hahaha. So happy! Posted by Picasa

I lost my right side of my slippers in this mud hole... Posted by Picasa

What a beautiful place for flyfishing!?!?!!! Posted by Picasa

One of the bigger peacock bass of the day. I lost count of the total number of fish I caught today after hitting the mark 20. Posted by Picasa

"MONSTER ZEBRA!!!" Posted by Picasa

This 'zebra' weighs 2.5lbs on the boga. It took me more than 10mins to bring it in. The battle took more than 10mins! I am addicted!!! Posted by Picasa


Crazy Charlie Day???

Today, I manged some time on my vise and whipped out 14 similar crazy charlie on size 6 stainless steel hooks. The body material came up short after number 14 and I guess I need to go down to Coho to stock up some more. This pattern has proven pretty effective for most fish locally. Peacock bass, zebras, tomans, jaguars, mayans, luohans are some freshwater fish that would not hestitate to grab it. Maybe it is because of it organic wing, calf tail. Somehow, white calf tail proves to be much more effective than white polarfibre at night. I never leave home without one of these in my fly box. Posted by Picasa

CR 20050726, Freshwater (cont'd)

Today, after the heavy downpour, I had a little window for fishing. I was in luck! I met a group of toman fries and had some fun with them. All were caught and released. Posted by Picasa


CR 20050726, Freshwater

This jaguar is the biggest that I have ever caught and apparently, it fought pretty well at night. Too bad, I was using my Scott STS 6wt targeting larger fish and it came for my crazy charlie. Posted by Picasa

This captured pacu weighs almost 6.5lbs on the boga.
 Posted by Picasa


CR 20050724, Freshwater

This David Neo's peacock bass is one of the many caught today. It measures about 19" and weight unknown as I didnt have my boga grip with me when I took this shot. This is the biggest peacock bass landed for the day too. Posted by Picasa

This is David Neo's 9lbs keli caught with his newest toy. This 'toy' of his is 'poisonous'!!! After trying out this new rod, kokliang and I really feel like going down to Coho Fishing Tackle to get one for ourselves. Posted by Picasa

My first ever keli, 6lbs on the boga. I caught another one but the fish went into a drain and cut me off! I was using a Tica Cetus on my 2wt fly rod. It is really fun! Posted by Picasa


Pitt Street, Singapore 20050723

Pitt Street, Singapore. This place is well-known for her flea market. A lot of people actually do come down to this place hoping to pick up something useful, cheap or authentic. My last trip here was many years ago and today, David and I decided to give this place a visit. Posted by Picasa

One of the many stores in Pitt Street. Posted by Picasa

Toyota Starlet's steering wheel!!! Posted by Picasa

This store's items are pretty much well-packed as compared to many there. Chargers, controllers, cameras... all neatly done up. Posted by Picasa

Lots of coins! Posted by Picasa

Even such magazines are for sale! Posted by Picasa

I didnt notice the word 'Budweiser' at all until I got home. Posted by Picasa

Fans' blades... Posted by Picasa

Very nice little bowls. For a moment I felt like buying a few of them but I was afraid that these are replicas and not genuine stuffs  Posted by Picasa

Little coffins, little tea pots... little catholic cross with Jesus on it... multi-racial/religion harmony? Posted by Picasa

Toys! Toys! Toys! Lotsa toys! Posted by Picasa

The forgotten typewriters... very loud to use...  Posted by Picasa