Woke up almost at noon today. Body was still tired but phone calls non-stop. SMSs to reply. My butt was still hurting from the 2hours of gaming last night. They ought to do something about those chairs in the LAN shop...

Still very stoned... I walked to the washroom to wash up. First thing in mind was to shave. My right hand reached out for my shaver. Next moment, I noticed that the dental floss container was in my hands and my hands were pulling out the dental floss!

My brains were like, "WTF!???!!! I told u to take the shaver and you're flossing instead!"

My hands, "Errr..... sure?"

My brains, "......................"

After I had shaved, I picked up the toothbrush. In my mind, "Oh ya... no mistake this time. I did not take the wrong thing this time round."

Next moment.... my hands were trying to squeeze facial wash onto the toothbrush!!! The toothpaste and facial wash were actually at different spots but wth!!!!

Thank God that I did not 'floss' my facial hair and thank God that I did not facial wash my teeth... thank you thank you...



At Bottle Tree Park.....

After hours sitting at the counter, I needed to take a leak and so I went off to the washrooms.

Upon entering the toilet, I heard two ladies chattering away behind me from not far away. I was standing at the urinal and relieving myself...

Suddenly, this woman entered the toilet as I heard this woman talking to another behind me. Two women were in the Gents and I was standing at the urinal...

"Shit, did I enter the wrong toilet? WTH, I am relieving myself standing up at the urinal. How is it possible!!!???"

I was only mid way through when the above happened.

Just as I was leaving the Gents, one of the cubicles door swung opened.




Bird.... bird.... SHITS EVERYWHERE!!!

I reached home early this morning. Yes, I said early this morning. I found no 'good' lots and thus in the end, I have to park under the rain trees...

As I left for work this afternoon... more than 10 times my car was bombarded.... damn sad... I just washed my car the day before and straightaway... bird shit liao liao...

The best thing... the shit are all red in color. From far, they looked like tomato sauce...

I really believe that birds do choose where to 'unload' their 'ammos'. Apparently, my car is decimated....



Ever since I started driving... I have always being my best to be safe on the road. Not for myself but for the drivers around me as well while I am on the road. No one is perfect but at least I am trying my best to keep everyone alive on the road.

I guess everyone knows who use the road most in Singapore. TAXIS!!!

They never failed to annoy me daily on the road. I tried to keep away from them but somehow... sometimes I felt as if these taxis on the road are haunting me daily on the road.

Why am I whining here is all becoz just now... my ABS got activated again. All thanks to a taxi who switched lane without checking his blind spot while I was on the CTE going to PIE.

ABS got activated twice for the past few months... all thanks to the reckless taxi drivers on the road...

"Could you all get a life else where if you cannot drive safely on the road?"

What actually happened just now was... the taxi signaled right and then immediately he switched. The aft of the vehicle almost hit my ride and I had to break so hard that the ABS got activated. What made the situation worse was that after he switched he did not step on the gas and thus apparently he was slowing down!!! Thank God that I was alert enough to avoid a collision with this mutherfucker! I could see my ride almost kissing his ass but somehow we avoided the collision. I hit the horn hard and long during the sequence of events. He noticed that he was wrong and he quickly switched back to his previous lane and acted as if nothing happened. Apparently, he ran away by exiting the CTE immediately.

I wind down my window and shouted at him but he just couldn't turn his head to look at me. IDIOTS! I almost wanted to follow him and take down his license plate numbers and report to the traffic police of his reckless driving. Then I saw these two ladies in the taxi with frozen expression... I stepped on the gas and moved on...

I prayed that they could return home safely.......



What is the latest game that my friends are crazy about is simply... WINTERBELLS!


Check it out!

It requires some patience, not some only... hahaha. The bells just get smaller and smaller as you progress further into the game.

Nice music... OMG... my head.... that tune!!!! That winterbells' tune....



Wind, wind and more wind....

Just got back from K.Rompin on Sunday. My first trip up north for this year ended up... very windy.

It was a 3 days fishing trip. For the first day, just after we left the river out into the sea, the boatman decided to turn back for good as the swell was too much for the vessel and the weather was not looking really good. We turned back for safety sake.

Second day, strong wind and 2-3m swells as usual... but we did get to different spots but yielded no results. No sighting of sailfish or mackies at all...

Third day, the sun welcomed us in the morning. Light breeze brushed our faces... our hopes were re-ignited but in the end... the rain hit us. The swells came... the wind picked up...

I managed only a fish on jig and missed a mackie twice on the same jig... saw a sailfish (might be a marlin due to the brown shine) but nothing... A mackie severed a rig with balloon and the rest of the day was uneventful.

It was kinda discouraging especially it is my first trip but somehow, I am now looking forward to my next trip up north. Hopefully soon.....

"I just cannot park well........."

Just a few days back... I saw this... I wonder...

"I just cannot park well......."


DAIWA CERTATE HYPER CUSTOM... I just have to wait somemore...

Hiaz... I waited and waited and finally... the reel didnt turn up today in Singapore...

I bought a new rod just for it and hoping that I could use it for this weekend...

Now... should I get the Daiwa Certate 3500HD instead... or should I just wait... or should I just stay back in Singapore and continue working and not think about it...?

I think I better go and sleep.... I kept seeing MRT passing by the pond in my brains..... I am going nuts!

"MRT is swimming away...."



Lancer ignition.. Impreza's disappointment...

After looking at so many spy's shots about the new hatch back Impreza... and so many so-called 'going-to-look-something-like-this' photoshoped version... my heart sank when I see the real thing. Dont ask me for the link... just plain disappointment... I saw a Camry... a Mazda... a Nissan... but not a Subaru... the stallion seems to be missing.....

Then the new Lancer is eye catching... I see a Nissan as well but it is on the fierce side... like a..... R34 little brother.



Toothless Mack!!!

Since the season up north has started, many anglers from around the world are bashing Kuala rompin and Nesasi's water already. Some came back with very nice results but some are just marginally good.

Soon, it will be my turn up north once again. First time for this year and many more to come. I think I need to start preparing already as most of my terminal tackle are pretty much used up. A 3 days trip up north coming soon.

Meanwhile, some highlights from a recent trip by one of the 'ang mors'.


This mackie really has no teeth. NO TEETH!!!

Check it out!

Photo from Tackle World Unlimited.