Finally, I had stickers on my ride!

Although with heavy schedules that JJ Decal Hub was having, James still managed to squeeze out time to finish my ride on a Saturday's evening.

I was thinking of matt black trim on my ride and thus came out with such a silly idea about wide body sticker decal instead.

My less than a year ride suffers lots of dings and dongs all around. Maybe using stickers could spice up the ride a little but not too flamboyant.

James does alot more car decals and seriously his workmanship is pretty impressive. A nice chap with a nice and focused attitude in his decal business.

If you just wish to drop by to take a look, you will probably find a few scoobies around messing around in the carpark. You can find him here!


Finally, I fishED!!!

6.30am, I found myself standing in Lower Pierce Resvr's carpark. At this time of the day, when the sky was still dark there were already so many cars here.

With my tackle in hands, I gingerly walked towards the water to wet my line. Along the way, lots of senior citizens are getting ready to do their morning workout. I am impressed!

I stood underneath a lamp post and started fixing up my rod and reel. Joggers went past me with friendly smiles. I dug into my new sling bag and found the old and trustworthy Yozuri Mag Minnow. I found myself beside the water moments later...

I read the water and positioned myself. Less than 10 casts, I had a hooked up. The peacock bass took air and the line went limp. I was encouraged. Owning the water all to myself, I felt so carefree and time seemed to slow down too.

I cast again at the same place where I missed that flying fish and immediately at the strike zone, I saw the peacock bass chasing my little lure. I wasn't sure if that was the same fish but this little one just gave chase.

I switched to twitching immediately upon seeing such and immediately a hookup at strike zone again! This time, I landed it and shot it with my trusty Sony T3. I caught a second one at the same strike zone too! Shot and released.

Time seemed to stop for a while but the insects and birds continued to wake up the forest behind me. Suddenly, I saw two little swirls in the water not too far away from me. Stepping on slippery rocks, I moved myself carefully and slowly towards the swirls. The rocks were loose and they cracked when I set foot on them... The cracks were so loud and crisp in the morning. The sun was slowing rising behind me... I felt so tranquil and so at ease...

The little Mag Minnow wasn't attractive at all. I saw two peacock basses chasing it but later they stopped. They started going after my line that was just above the water. "Popper!", I thought.

I got no poppers!

I decided to switch to a even lighter lure - Rapala Husky Jerk. Swimming the lure near the surface, the two young fellows fell for it. Shot and released as well.

Now, I am thinking when could I fish again...