A strange thing happened in my house...

Today, I didnt go out of the house till around 9pm. I was tired and slept almost the whole day except that I woke up for lunch. I still remembered very clearly that I had duck rice, fried eggs with peas and white cabbages for lunch.

After I woke up and had my lunch, my eye lips were tired again. I couldnt think much and headed straight for my bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

Around 6pm, my mum called and asked me if I want dinner. Yes, of course. I was a hungry man then and she said that she would be back in 30mins and this really got me excited... Pardon me, I get excited over food all the time. ;P

Around 6.30pm, my mum returned home with my dinner. I was sitting infront of the pc clearing playing CS 1.6.

My mum suddenly called out to me, "Hey, what did you do in the living room and caused the floor to be wet?"

"What? I didnt step out of my room at all after lunch leh..." I exclaimed.

"Then, how did the floor get wet?"

I didnt care much as I was busy fragging. It didnt take long before I ended my gaming as my fish soup was calling me in the living room.

I got out of my room and once I was out there, my mum pointed out the wet patch on the floor. I was puzzled and really curions. I got down to the floor and took a close look at the water on the floor. I saw a pair of footprints... without toes...

I wanted very much to take photo of the prints but I think twice and gave up the idea...


Panorama shot using Sony Ericsson W800i

I went clubbing yesterday and during the live band performance, I took out my phone/mp3 player/camera to play.

I took this shot(s) using the Panorama function. It actually consists of three shots and the phone will put them altogether in a row. Pretty cool stuff!

The guy with the base guitar was singing Jon Bon Jovi's "It's my life" and seriously, he sounds like the real person except I think his voice lacks the punch like Bon's. This bang actually does not have a lead singer. There are two gals who could sing well and at least 3 other guys who could sing well too. I am impressed! With them, the club comes alive at 4am in the morning! "I want to live my live, ALIVE!!!"

Craneberry Vodka, anyone?

The lady in white was singing Evanescence's "Bring me to life" and I really was ALIVE. Her voice is really good too.

Photos by Sony Ericsson W800i.

PeTA strikes Japan

To what extend of humanity must we treat farmed animals so that we dont get PeTA climbing all over us?
"Yo chicky chicky, I am going to kill you. Then fry you nicely and have you for my lunch... come on... it is not going to hurt...."
People, wake up!!! (less vegetarians please)
If you use a knife and cut someone's throat, you are a murderer.
But if you use a knife and cut an animal's throat for food, you are a food provider.
Humans cannot be compared to animals and animals not to humans.
Ok, back to PeTA. They look like a they care for animals but how much do we really know about them? HOW MUCH?
Dont be blind people. Dont judge the book by its cover please.
Meat lovers, if you want to eat meat please know that someone needs to kill some animal out there and then you will get meat to eat. I love steaks... fish... sashimi... if we all love animals so much and we dont eat them anymore... we will be having animals roaming freely around the world for sure and in the end, we may end up fighting cows for grass as food...
We are in a food chain and come on, I want to be on top and not among the animal.


Can I have green tea for the mixers please?

Chivas Regal, premium scotch whisky. I was at Mdm Wong on Monday's night and my friends and I were pretty lucky to be there as it was the start of 'Premium Bottle Night'. I paid $138 for a bottle of this inclusive of service and GST taxes and unfinished bottle could be kept up to a month for good. You also get to have unlimited soda mixers plus two juices only. They included green tea as a 'juice' thing... *puzzled*
This bottle didnt make it though. If I am not wrong, this is the fourth bottle within 2 weeks... the consolation is, the third bottle is still 3/4 full at some place. Time to sober up instead of drinking the nights away... argh... 'loneliness' is seriously affecting my life.
Xiao P, thou art where???

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The night of the stargazers.

I just got back home after fishing in the salt. Tonight was lure assault and David, kokliang and I were aiming for barramundi but we had no luck with them at all. I was the lucky one who caught two stargazers using Maria XJ The First (floating). During the release, both fish swam inland instead heading for the depths and I actually had to move them to slightly deeper water before they got their bearings right. Funny. The drizzle caught up with us and we missed our warm and cozy beds and thus, we headed for home.
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I think I was rude to shoot this... but wth... kekeke

I was wondering around Changi Village and saw this. This kitty just finished its 'business' and working hard to 'cover up' his mess before anyone discovers it... but it is all too LATE!!! Caught on camera, LIVE!!! kekeke ;P
Photo shot with Sony Ericsson W800iPosted by Picasa


Can I have a shrimp burger please?

Hey people, arent you all tired of the current menu in MacDonald? In Japan, MacDonald launches a brand new burger - the shrimp burger. Other products like yogurt, chicken salads will be on the new menu. Hopefully, the shrimp thing will arrive in Singapore soon. I might just wanna give it a try as I really like shrimp. ;P


My first ever trip to a fish farm.

Just last weekend, I was invited to visit a fish farm. This is the first time in my life that I visit a fish farm. Very curious and very excited as my friends were also allowed to do some light tackle fishing on it.

Kok Liang, David and I waited anxiously for Kok Liang's dad to pick us from Sungei Api Api. Finally the boat arrived and we were on our way.

Upon arrvial, we were greeted by two very friendly dogs. They are actually father and son but with a whole world of difference. Look at the pictures below and you will know what I mean.

We didnt waste a minute and we got our gears all set up and ready. Next, Kok Liang went to gather baits and we started fishing.

We caught quite a number of catfishs and some other small little fellows. Although there wasnt any big fish but it was still fun. The breeze was so cooling and the beer was cold too.

The night was peaceful and we caught some sleep after the tide went out. David had a free facial wash during his sleep. The younger dog gave it to him... hahahahahaha... He woke up looking like a bull. LOL

In the morning, I went around the farm to see what they have. Of course, I was carrying feeders with me too. Feeding the fish was so fun and to make things even more exciting, the owner allowed us to fish his fish! We had some real fun with two nets of fish. Especially the one that had lots of queen fish. Of course, we fished for a purpose too as the owner wanted to have queen fish for lunch and being a good host, he allowed us to have some fun. Very exciting and adernaline was pumping hard into our veins. We were just like kids... hahaha

We were supposed to leave during lunch time but the weather caught up with us and all of us got stucked. The rain came pouring and not to forget the lightnings and thunders made themselves seen and heard too. Not too long, we began to feel the chill. It was getting cold.

Although it was wet and cold out there, our spirits were not dampened at all because we had queen fish for lunch too! Wow man! Very good! Very tasty! Very fresh! Fantastic!!! We ate like wolves... hahaha

As the rain continued to pour, we seeked shelther in a store room and all of us laid down on the wooden floor and slept like pigs. Someone was snoring so loud away... hahaha. You know who. Hahahaha...

Time past slowly... and the rain continued to pour. It got so heavy that for a moment we couldnt even see land around us. The swells were picking up as the wind howled loudly. We slept for quite a while and when I got up, my mind was filled with food... foood..... foooood.... I wanted to eat this and that and that one and this one..... soon, David and Kok Liang were ignoring me because I couldnt stop mumbling... hahaha... sometimes, I am just that 'shot' (crazy).

Finally, the rain turned into light drizzle during evening time. We wasted no time and got ourselves back on land again. We were all exhausted and I yearned to have a hot bath when I get home.

At last, home sweet home... the hot shower never felt this good for so long.


What a beautiful dog in this farm. He has a son that look totally different from each other... I wonder..... Posted by Picasa

You have seen the father and now this is his son. So different... Posted by Picasa

This is a trap. There's two very powerful lights above the net to attract the bait fish into the trap. The net is later raised to harvest bait fish to feed the farmed fish and some would end up as baits for fishing too. Posted by Picasa

These were our baits and also feeders for the farmed fish. Posted by Picasa

"Kok Liang, faster lah! I want to fish liao leh. Faster get the baits ready lah!" kekeke Posted by Picasa

Baits, baits and baits. Posted by Picasa

Anyone know what fish is this? Posted by Picasa

Hmmm.... this is the first catch of the trip... this ray has no tail... Posted by Picasa

Cats... after cats... cats night... Posted by Picasa

My stargazer! It has been so long since I caught one again. It is also because it has been so long since I use baits to fish in saltwater. Posted by Picasa

I caught quite a number of these and released all of them due to their size. Posted by Picasa

This little ray is so cute. Posted by Picasa

The biggest catch of the trip. A fork tail catfish. Posted by Picasa

A little bluespotted ray of David. Released too. Posted by Picasa

Our baits and one of our catches. All little fingermarks, breams etc were released. Posted by Picasa

My little fingermark and little little bream. Posted by Picasa

A nice size talang (queen fish) on fly!!! Yeah! My first!!! Talang really fights very well and especially on fly tackle. Posted by Picasa

My flash clouser caught several talang (queen fish) from the talang net. I was fishing in a net. hahaha Posted by Picasa

Mosquito net? Posted by Picasa