A good piece.....

It has been some times since I last blogged... just too busy with the word - lazy as well. Kekeke...

Last week, I met another stranger... another STRANGE man...

"Hi, how much is it for prawn fishing?"
"$14.50 an hour sir."
"Why are those people there (referring to the prawn fishing anglers) so stupid?"
"Beg your pardon, sir...?"
"I mean those people out there. So stupid! $14.50 can go NTUC buy alot of prawns! Hiaz... I just wonder why....."
"Sir, indeed you could purchase alot of prawns at NTUC but those prawns are all dead. It is not about the prawns but it is about having fun catching them and spending quality time with friends or family."
"I can buy prawns and cook them then spend good time with my family as well. Right?"
"Yes, you could. I am not stopping you from buying prawns from NTUC and I am not asking you to try prawn fishing as well. You have the liberty to choose what you want to do with your $14.50 and so the same for the rest of my customers as well."
"So stupid....."

Later on, he went on to talk to some of my customers... guess what... he got a good piece from them... hahaha