I think the other pic... I look like a damn small kid... kekekekeke... dont flame me pls. Thks. I think this one slightly better... no choice. The rain took all my gel away... washed out! ;P Posted by Hello

CR 20041231

Hello all,

Finally, 2004 is coming to an end and of coz, the best way to live it is..... flyfishing!!!

Although, when the day comes to an end, not many fish are caught but getting one of those first timer is wonderful!!! Till now, I still cant figure out the correct name of that big fish with my big smile... kekekeke (Pls tell me when u read this and pls leave a comment so that I can come back here to remind myself what fish I caught using my trustworthy crazy charlie... heehee)

Fishing with me are Tarponboi (the fly line savior) and Jeremy. We started out early and the rain got us early too. Apparently, the rain loves us so much that we always meet every now and then. Hahaha... not just wet, we are drenched and not abit dry!

Somehow, everyone caught something in such a diverse weather. Braving the wet and the cold... we fish on with determination.

Jeremy managed to break his egg by catching a pretty decent size African Catfish. It fought pretty hard and it was a pity that no picture was taken as the fish was quickly released back for being afraid that it might die on us as it swallowed the hook too deep. We prayed that the cat would make it. Alas, Jeremy, well done dude.

Till then, we shall look forward to year 2005 to be another great year for fishing. Meanwhile in such wet weather, I better go tie somemore flies... (hey, stop tying that crazy charlie thing anymore pls!!! get a life, tie somethingelse!!!) OKOKOK, I HEARD YOU!!!

tILL tH3N....

Kekekeke Posted by Hello

Number four, catch of the day! First time catching one of this in my life and the best part it is on fly. Posted by Hello

A hard fighting fish which ended up at the end of the line surprisingly too. Posted by Hello

Tarponboi hooked up this one first before I did. The fish is strong n healthy. While we were trying to land our fish, the four wheels drivers started to have a share of the fish too!!! Simply by sinking their razor sharp lips onto the koi's body. Thank goodness that we actually disallowed them from doing so. You can hear the 4WDs' teeth snaring at the fish... OMG Posted by Hello

Number three! A surprise to me!!! Fat and strong are the words to decribe this fellow. Fought really well! Posted by Hello

Closeup on the fly which number two took. This fly was hit several times before it get itself sitting tightly in the lips of this peacock bass. Posted by Hello

Number two. This fish is pretty decent and fought really well on my 6wt. Posted by Hello

The day started out with this little peacock bass. After it hit the fly, a bigger bass nailed this fellow hard. This unlucky one managed escaped from the jaws of death twice but still, it died in the end after it was badly raped by the bigger bass. This is the story of number one... Posted by Hello


CR 20041226 (fresh water)

Woke up at 5am this morning.

Immediately, I told myself I shall not go back to sleep, otherwise, my dear friend will be fishing alone. Quickly washed up, got my rod and things, happily I walked to catch the first bus of the day to my fish hole.

It has been a while since I flyfish as I have been spinning fly more than flyfishing since I was fishing another fish hole which flyfishing is almost not possible under thick canopies of trees and lots of bushes around.

When the darkness cracked with rays of light from the sun broke through the night, I caught my first fish. This hole seemed to have deteroiated abit since I last fished it months ago. Still managed to hook up 6 fish within 3 hours which is considerable great for me. Got fish? It is GREAT!

First time caught so many zebras. They seem to appear from no where and very interested in my fly. If only I have more time, I believe there would be more zebras at the end of the line. Stomach is growling and breakfast is a must. So, we decided to leave and end our trip, fruitfully.

Somehow, quite a few peacock bass of relatively good sizes of about 16 inches and above are shying away from the flies we used. We guess they must have become smarter and we fly tiers must get smarter too...

Till then.


This is an improved crazy charlie using buck tail and gold flash for wings. The charlie that caught the rest of the fish is identical to this one except its wings are made of polar fibre (lemon) without gold flash. Posted by Hello

This fly caught my first fish of the day. The rest are all taken on a lemon/green parttern.  Posted by Hello

Number one! Zero cracked upon switching of fly and stripping real fast without stopping. Whamp!!! Fish on!!! Posted by Hello

Popping but no takes. Switched to a crazy charlie (lemon/white) and got this beauty after a few casts. Posted by Hello

Number two. This fish is really beautiful with its scales glittering in the early sun light. Nice golden color. Such catch is really rewarding to the anlger and to his eyes too. Posted by Hello

Biggest peacock bass of the day in my list. Fought real well. Got it by employing the strip fast fast method too. Slow or medium retrieve cannot get them to strike at all. Stripping fast enough got them to strike lightning fast and hooked on and it ran fast. It peeled about 15ft of line with clicker on. Very nice color for this one. Posted by Hello

Number three. Strip faster, faster... it wacked the fly with lightning speed as well. Stripping fast enticed my third peacock bass for the day. Posted by Hello

This crazy charlie was tied on the first day I had my vice. Tied a bunch of them and as you can see, the eye of the hook is half covered with thread. (Pardon me, newbie is me... still newbie today.) These no-eyes-see crazy charlies are still catching fish for me. Fish after fish. Posted by Hello

Number 4. This one hit the fly upon it hitting the water and swam in all the way to me but somehow, it still got hooked. Zebra's crossing? Posted by Hello

Eeek... look at those teeth! Number four. Posted by Hello

Another zebra... number five. What the zoo... Posted by Hello

Number five, close up on fly.  Posted by Hello

Number 6. The zebras are all coming and everywhere!!!  Posted by Hello

Last zebra and number 6 on the list before breakfast. ;P Posted by Hello


CR 20041223 (freshwater, legal site)

One and only in the morning. Landed it with a chug bug by STORMS. First fish ever landed using a chug bug by STORMS. This fish gave a few aerial performance and refused to surrender till I finally hauled it in. That cockie thing on its head sure tells me that this is a cocky fish. No wonder it fought so hard. It leaped out of the water till waist high!!! Well done fish. I think I did better by winning the tug of war.... kekeke Posted by Hello