Las Vegas Dun?

First time trying out on dry flies and created this after a few misses. Hmmm...... I still think it is overdressed..... I also dont know what to call this... mtshark's cdc dun? Maybe it should be a cdc mistake... kekeke Posted by Hello


mindtheshark's gurgle

I have always wanted to tie a gurgle but just couldnt seem to be able to locate a good piece of household foam for it. Finally, I decided to give it a try after discovering a piece of foam which come with my new motherboard which is already in my tower now. There, I created this gurgle of my own. Material used, bucktail, krystal flash, emu feathers and of course, foam and a pair of 3D rattling eyes. Hopefully, I could get something with it on my 6wt Scott STS. Posted by Hello

Abel TR Light, finally it has touched down!

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20050428, after a long wait (2 wks not really long, furthermore, the reel was sent out only last week after a replied email went MIA to load up which line earlier) my new Abel TR Light has finally arrived.

I woke up in morning (actually noon), I had a strange feeling that my reel would arrive today. Shortly after I 'drained' myself, I went back to my room and sat on my bed. I was wondering what was going on in my head that the feeling was so strong. Before I could think further, I heard someone knocking on my door. Could it really be? The knocks were clearly heard for the second time. I panic. Many times the delivery man failed to deliver my stuffs due to the noisy upgrading work around my place and I have to make them come the next day. I bet they must hate me alot. The knocks sounded for the third time and finally I came to my senses. OMG, pls dont go!!!

Immediately, I got off the bed without using my crutches, I started to hop like a rabbit running for its life! I reached the door just when the fourth knocks ended. I opened the door and I saw this man carrying a box in his hand. I saw my name on the box and I was so excited. I accepted the parcel and hopped back to my room. I opened the box and I saw the items I purchased. All thiese in less than a minute, I was holding the reel in my hand. Excited!

Now the next thing that I wish is... to have my cast removed and walk again! Of course, do some super light fishing with this reel on my 0-1wt fly rod.

Sometimes, that 6th sense is so accurate that I have no answer for it. Before I could even doubt, everything came true. I wonder why...
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Ugly... the younger generation is getting uglier...

Hi all,

Today, I feel very distressed about Singapore's younger generation. I dont mean the whole group of them but I would certainly believe it is more than 50% in the making.

In Singapore, almost all kids get to go to school and we perhaps have the best educational system in the whole world for the young ones. Although we have a wonderful educational system, but singaporeans still fail in many ways in the world class level.

I am a frequent gamer online. I read quite a number of local forums and blogs too but to my dismay, the young ones failed badly in mannerism, respect for other races, respect of nationality, respect for other religion and the list goes on and on. I am not saying that I dont fail in certain ways at all. I was a kid once too. I had the habit to spill words which is profane in nature and thank you my seniors, they picked on me and taught me the right path. I was shown the light and I hope the light could shine from me too. I am not saying that I want to be a role model but with me alone, I am not able to shine at all.

For the past month, due to my handicap condition, I am always infront of my pc most of the time, online. I played games, read local forums and read some local blogs too. I am very amazed at what vocabulary our young ones have. I see people flaming in the forums, cursing and swearing at each other for no apparent reasons, showed utterly no respect of other's religion or beliefs and even at other skins. "knnccb, ccb, cb, lj, pcb... etc" These are our young ones' vocabulary in compilation and still in the making.

Singapore, singaporeans indeed have made a fool of themselves in the cyberworld and guess what, other nationalities are laughing their *** off while we engage in endless war with profane words. Our young ones are made up of profaners!!! Oh my goodness!!!

Today, I do still accidentally roleplay profaners when I get agitated or... overwhelmed by feelings... but not in excessive manners and will always try to get a hold of myself not to lost it infront of my juniors. I remembered clearly the day when my seniors told me, "You dont have to say those words when you dont get what you want. Just work harder and you will be rewarded. Loosing your cool doesnt bring those things to you but it reflects badly about yourself. Get it?" Yes I do... get it...

I think most guys will end up as profaners too as all men in Singapore has to go through the phase of National Service. NS in short is meant to teach our future in serving and protecting our nation. Although this is true, but in the midst of it, we are a world class of profaners with words in the making during our 2 years in camp. I strongly believe that we dont need extra vocabulary in NS, maybe a little, but not in an excessive manners. We need to be grilled, yes but not with bad words. Our unknown enemies might be tough, but if we know how to play that mind games, we are even tougher. I think the greatest enemies that we face now, is ourselves.

The kids are made to sing national anthem and pledge everyday in school. I doubt they get the meaning behind the pledge although it is so straight forward. If not, how come the local blogs , forums and online games are filled with all kinds of grade A bad words!?!?!?

I am ashamed. Are you?

Before you come up with a conclusion, I believe there isnt an excuse that is ever good enough to give you the reason to be a profaner with words.

"I still remember the day when a 12yr old young lady showed me the 'fu' in our conversation via MSN Messenger. It is kinda unbelievable as I always thought that her mother has brought her up good and proper. Maybe you think I must have agitated her or what but no. We were joking and 'fu' just came out and out... a few times, liberally... sad... but true. She's not even ashamed but I am."

Maybe one day, humans are fated to pass away in these ages as we have done enough evil to upset the world. Without humans, the world is more peaceful and beautiful. One day, our kind will meet our fate, extinction...

Donate your blood and you just might save a life someday.

Hi everyone, I think I have learnt something today from reading some fishing forum. Although we commonly know that O+ and AB+ blood properties, we dont really know about there rest. This shot is taken for general knowledge for my readers. Just by looking at this, I feel the urge to donate my blood. Although we know that there are sufficient blood in Singapore's blood bank, but we will never know if there's a terrorist attack one day, the blood bank will properly be drained. I am urging everyone who reads this gives a minute of thought about donating blood. While they are alot of people out there trying to save the ecosystem, we could also play apart by saving ourselves by donating blood. We are the only living creatures in this world who could help save the planet. We have already destroyed very much of the planet but if we all put in the extra effort, our decendants will not fear the possible chaos from the evil fruits of their fathers. Thank you. Posted by Hello


Milkfish on light tackle.

Wow, what a nice milkfish. This milkie is caught by my friend at a deserted pond somewhere in Malaysia. What a lucky dude! Nice shades too! Posted by Hello


Non-eventful STO 20050415

Final step and I was good to go home! "Wait, could you kindly proceed to the cashier with this. They will bill you from there." "Oops, ok." Posted by Hello

The window is closed up again. Posted by Hello

No sign of blood!  Posted by Hello

DONE! Less than 15s!!! World record!!! haha Posted by Hello

2nd last one in the line... fast and furious. Very delicate hands working without efforts!  Posted by Hello

There she goes!!! Posted by Hello

The nurse was getting ready to remove the stitches by the side. Posted by Hello

You are so beautiful..... to who?!?!?! Posted by Hello

Wow! Extra lighting during the STO procedure. Looks like christmas time! kekeke Posted by Hello

Not bloody this time. Phew. Posted by Hello

The window is removed... getting ready to see more... hahaha Posted by Hello

Aother closeup. Posted by Hello

Very clean cut with that eeee....eeee....eeee.... I thought they might use a hand saw for it... Posted by Hello

I didnt get to take shots when the nurse was cutting the window. "Lie down pls... lie down. Thank you." eeee....eeee....eeee....eeee.... The extra plaster was there to hold the window to prevent it from falling off while I proceed to dressing room. Posted by Hello

After the first review, the original cast was removed and this one is the follow on. So much lighter! Thank God! Posted by Hello

This cast is big, heavy and a bloody mess inside! Got it right after the surgery. Had it for a week, hell! Even with crutches, my upper thigh was complaining! Damn, going to the loo was extra painful! Posted by Hello


20050413 (rainy afternoon)

Woke up so early in the morning today... 0730hrs...
(I had been waking up daily after 1200hrs due to my late nights.)

The itch within the cast is getting out of control. The chopstick is not long enough and I dont wish to contaminate the cut within... thus never use any at all. I couldnt get back to sleep and the constant struggle against the itch is getting me out of control too. For a moment, as if I felt the time had stopped, I wanted very much to grab a scissors and end the fight...

My mind struggled. Breathing deeply...

"I cant do this. It's not time yet! I can do it! ..........."

22 days more to cast removal date, how? For the last few procedures, the casts were all removed within 2 weeks but not this time round. Tomorrow, I am going back to hospital again. This time is to remove the stitches. My digicam is ready and guys and gals out there, get ready for awesome gruesome bloody scene... hahaha. I dont think got blood this round. If so... something is not going on very right then. I really hope not.

After much struggling and sitting infront of the pc, my eyelids were getting tired again. I fall back into slumber after a few hops to my bed.

Waiting up at 1130am, still earlier as usual. I had lunch as usual and watched Animal Planet. All the doggies are so cute, just like my Skippy!

Got back to my desk at 1330hrs... heard a familiar sound from my speakers. "New email." I thought.

Checking my Outlook Express, indeed, a new email.

Looking at the 'From', I thought it was another spam. Since I am so free, I did not hestitate to take a look.

Oh my goodness, I received an email from a local modelling agency. They said that they are looking for fresh faces and ask me if I am interested. After 31yrs of child playing around, I never receive anything like this before. Oh well, I think I am getting over excited over nothing as they must have sent out tons of the emails to others too. Anyway, no harm trying... hahaha. I doubt I would forward my information and photos to them... err.... who knows what if I change my mind few days later...

"Should I? No lah... Try lah... siao... No harm leh. Ya lor... see how after tomorrow lah......"


Big bugs!!!

Wow, my new collection, Storm Big Bugs. Strictly not for sale! Drool on dudes!!! kekeke. Nice froggies and they are mine!!! Hahahaha Posted by Hello


20050406 (rainy)

This afternoon after lunch, I dragged my heavily casted right ankle to CGH for review after the surgery on the 20050331. The doctor was pretty cool and confident till he removed my cast and...

Bloody mess!!! Blood trickling down my ankle onto the floor... blood flowing out in smooth velocity... (velocity.... wth) out of my at least 10cm wounds...

The doctor's face turned and immediately, the assitant nurse called a quene number for me to redress my wound.

By the way, my surgeon is away for holiday, not sure though, or maybe work in Florida USA... oh gosh, I want to go there and hook some tarpons man!!! Not forgetting the bonies and red fish... argh...

To access the wound, the doctor used his gloved hands to squeeze my wound and first thing I thought I would feel pain... but no trickling down my neck nor anything happened... but only blood started to flow like waterfall!!! Immediately, he put on a temp dressing and asked me a few questions. Adviced me about my diet, "Keep away from seafood. *smiles*" I love seafood!!! After he was done with me, the assistant nurse quickly sent me over to First Aid Rm next door.

While writing this, I pinched myself on my left wrist and hey, I could feel pain, still normal. Just that, my pain tolerance (only in my right ankle area) has greatly increased till I am really not sure where. I remembered my pain tolerance test for this damaged ankle about 2 yrs back... the lady thought that the gadget's batteries were weak and changed new ones as I feel no pain during the test. (I just changed the batteries yesterday leh, as she mumbled...) She came back confident with new batteries and with a broad smile, she turned on the gadget again...

"Do you feel anything?" said Pauline (that unfortunate therapist)
"No..." I replied but staring blankly at that knot where she gradually turned it to higher settings.
"Now, anything?" she asked again with a confused look.
"What?" I think I was concentrating hard on that dail trying to read the small words on it.
"Hey, I think this thing is spoiled. I might have to use another one. Nevermind, I shall test on myself first instead."
She did not turn the dail to minimum before turning it on again... Happily, she put that two electrode plates on herself and taping it casually... as her fingers turned that thing on...
"OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! You must be 'si but" (dead meat in hokkien)." She jumped off her chair and started pulling the wires off her....
I was smiling and laughing my ass off in my heart... but actually, I felt sad too... My right ankle is no longer normal... Pauline adviced me if I really feel pain in my ankle, it means that it is acute stuffs and serious too...

Indeed, after 4 surgeries, I did not recover at all. Now just gone through another two more... I hope I could see some light in the future.

Damn, I forgot to bring my Sony T3 to take some closeup on that wound. It is really bloody... I shall bring it along next round when I STO (removing stitches... I forgot what it stands for).

Anyway, thank God that now I have a new and very light cast. I dont have to drag much now and ever to move more freely on crutches. I could feel the other one was pulling my tigh and now with this one, relief.

Stay tune if you want more to know gross incident about my rehab and STO. I hope I could provide a pic the next time. Meanwhile, I have only pictures about the casts... I shall put them in together when I have more, a series?


Meanwhile, no fishy reports from me for at least the next few months... oh gosh... I hate it!!!

Oh yes, thank God that the rain only started when I got into the taxi to CGH. What rain? DOWNPOUR!!!

Thank Him too for drying up the corridor when I got home and letting it poured again after I am home...

He's watching over me all these years although I am a prodigal son... thanks!