A decent 3-4hr drive, you should be able to reach Bukit Kuala Pilah in West Malaysia. Nothing spectacular or breathe taking moments from the surroundings but a decent comfortable getaway from Singapore, once more.

West Malaysia is full of 'bukit' which means 'hill'. Along the North South Highway, you will travel pass many hills.

I really enjoyed the ride up there when I had to up-the-hill and down-the-hill. Driving past several little towns, villages and biggers towns are some wonderful experience which you will not get in Singapore.

Vast, West Malaysia is seriously big when compared to Singapore. Along the way, you would get to have several encounters with cows, water buffalos, goats, sheeps, chickens, ducks and some other little critters.

The winding roads are so fun to drive with a 4WD. I had lots of fun this trip. Up hill down hill with so many corners. Blind spots are always around and safety is indeed a concern with them.

I found a nice place to stop by to take some photos. Even when getting out of the car, I had to be extra careful. Lots of 'land mines' aka cow dungs surrounded me. Along the way pass the villages, dungs are everywhere and they found their way on my car as well!

After I got back into Singapore, I sent it for wash and the washing crews took some good time to wash off the dungs.... I felt sorry for them.

The drive is really fun and the only setup back I had in this trip is the dungs. When I drove my car past the customs officers, their looks could tell that they were disgusted by the smell and the dungs on the car... hahaha. Oops, sorry.

Want some dungs?



In 2008, I think my line was wet only twice. TWICE! I caught only 2 peacock basses on a spinning setup. Scored 2 for 1st trip in Lower Pierce Rsvr and 0 for the 2nd. 

As a fly fisherman, I have left my babies(fly fishing equipment for more than 2yrs) collecting dust for years.

Out of the blue, I was invited by a group of friends to target the alluring Cichla Temensis in a certain water hole. I have seen such beauties landed by local anglers in local waters but never did I took effort to go hunt for them like the good old days.

Procrastination hit me hard. Staring at my equipment, I did not know what to take. The easy way out? Spinning setup (overkill) is already in my car's boot for months but seen no light for months too.

My feet paced the room for moments and finally they brought me to a stop infront of a drawer where two beautiful babies hide. Two sets of TIEMCO Infante(s). One pearl white and one blue. My heart skipped a beat. I chose the pearl white set. This white one has fought countless battles with me and never a moment when I did not feel good about having her. The blue one has not seen the water yet and not even a reel has mated with her. 

I took out my Abel Trout Lite and started cleaning the fly line. Loads and loads of memories just came flashing across my mind... those good old days in the water with a fly rod in hand.

Armed with only a few flies (wooly bugger, crazy charlies and a few more surface flies) I took on the water. While my friends were armed with spinning and casting outfits, I stood gingerly by the water and suddenly my mind went blank. My phone rang and the silent was broken. Reception was bad and I was trying to make up the intermittent messages. Finally, the caller hung up and I could set up my equipment.

The ticker from my little fly reel made her presence felt too. 

I did not take too long, 2 young peacock basses fell for my wooly bugger. Noticing that the fish flashed just below visible water depth and not hitting my wooly, crazy charlie was next at the end of the line. Two more fallen by my little charlie and a few misses as well. Soon, it was quiet again after a span of about 15mins.

I moved and found a plant sticking of out the water. Just a few casts, another fell for the charlie. Just as I was releasing the fish, I felt a sharp pain in one of my toes. Leeches! Upon raising my left foot, I could still see that the black fat ass was still sinking its teeth into my toe. Without hesitation, my pliers had it in her jaws. I checked the cut it had induced. Blood came flowing out of the cut but thank goodness, it stopped. I took a gamble to remove it hoping that its acid has not found it way into the cut. Phew... just in time. No bloody mess and no troubles for my friends. I left that part of the water quickly and found another swallow bank.

One more fell for the charlie and the irritating mosquitoes started to swarm around me. Not flies. They were mosquitoes and they started feeding on me. It was time to go.

I will be back, another day soon. No signs of the Cichla Temensis for this trip but I am not giving up yet.

Total 6 landed, 5 shots.


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