Ebek... I want ebek.... "Next year liao lah!!!"

The fishing up north is coming to an end soon. The monsoon is just around the corner and I have heard that there was two days where trips were cancelled due to weather already. I guess I couldnt fulfill my dream up north for ebek on jigs.

I could only drool over picture like the one I have attached in this post.

Actually, I have an upcoming trip up north next week but nothing is confirmed yet due to my friend's tight schedule. We planned to go to Nenasi, Malaysia and probably this will be my last chance to jig and pop up north before the monsoon overwhelm the region.

Although the popular dates of ebek jigging is long over but the lucky anglers still get them around the year.

This year, I managed to 'chiong' so many times and fulfilled a numbers of 'missions'. Sailfish on stik bait (landed), sailfish on jig (got stripped), spanish mackerel (decent size fellow finally) on jig and sailfish on light tackle using lures (landed).
To make things even more interesting, my dear friends from Finland joined me to hunt for sailfish. Wonderful moments which I will never forget...
"You want to smoke?" - Juha, Lasse and Simon.
"Need a beer?" - - Juha, Lasse, Simon and myself.
"Stop trembling!" - Juha! Hahaha...
"Give that man a Tiger!" - Juha, Lasse and Simon.
"No starting of engine!" - David Neo (Ah boy)
"Challenger against Daiwa Certate 2500R-CUSTOM fish-on with Daiwa Caldia KIX 2500....." - Hook came off after sailfish first run.
"I dont dare to use his rod leh..." - Kok Liang
"Ikan Lanjiao again!!!" - David Neo, Ken, Kok Liang and me.
Many more...
It's time to hit the bay with light jigs for spotted mackerels and queenies locally now... I want that saba grilled... yummy!!!


More photos from last sailfish fishing trip up at Kuala Rompin

Everyone gathered around for a photoshoot before setting off to the jetty.

Amercian Breakfast at Lanjut Resort.

"Good luck!"

In Lanjut Resort, you can shoot to stay in villas, or rooms and also chalets like this above. Nice place afterall for anglers.


Why did condom sales went up lately???

Question, "Why did condoms sales went up lately?"
Ans: "Due to the nuclear crisis in North Korea, sales of condoms registers an increase of 20%....."

I am not kidding. I just got this from watching Channel News Asia.....

I was chatting with my friend via Windows Live Messenger about it...

"People are buying condoms to put around their heads to deter radiation....."


TeamII - 2nd Outing (Final Part of 3)

Final part is out too!!!


TeamII - 2nd Outing (Part 2 of 3)

An error from YouTude n I cant retrieve the embedding code to display the video in my blog here, thus please click on the link below to enjoy the video by my friend, TeamII - AG.



Mossie mossie mossie... a male.

I took this when I was checking in at Lanjut Resort, Kuala Rompin, M'sia. It was just outside my room' s door on the wall. It lost a leg... I wonder how.

Another shot by Sony Cybershot T3.

Kuala Rompin, 21-22 Oct 2006

This is the jetty where you will board the boat if you are staying at Lanjut Resort. Lanjut Resort is a nice place for a runaway retreat even if you are not going to fish. They have activities like calms (lala) picking and even taking a ride out into the wild side to see fire flies!!! We wanted very much to go see fire flies but time was not on our side and thus we could only get to see the participants left us behind at the reception. Almost everything that the resort offers come with a price. It is not very expensive especially for Singaporeans due to the exchange rates. Hopefully the next time, I could go see the fire flies... (I missed those childhood days that I had as I was a kampong kid.)

Some candid moments... hahaha.

Nail Island.

Ken's first sailfish. (Look at his face...)

David's first sailfish of his life.

The one that got away..... the fish almost emptied the Daiwa Caldia Kix 2500 in a instance.

Kok Liang's first ever sailfish.
Day one ended with 3 sailfishs and 3 misses. We were actually kinda blessed as we were targetting spanish mackerels and giant trevallies at Nail Island earlier in the day. We only started fishing for sailfish at 2pm. At Nail Island... disappointment. The surf was strong and we were all hitting fish but only those unwanted aramugans... plus lizard fishs (not flathead). Errr.... the lizard fish is commonly know as Ikan Lan Jiao (penis fish) as this fish is a pest to anglers especially for bottom fishermen.
We had 6 connections and only 3 landed. The 3 first timers all had their share of fun while the rest of us are all happy for them. Our sister boat landed 4 sailfishs for the whole day too. The sailfishs were here... there... everywhere but they werent quite willing to 'participate' in the game of tug-of-war with us. We saw so many but so many didnt want to play with us as well.
We had some nice chicken soup after day one. If you are going to order this soup, you will have to inform the restaurant earlier in the day so that they could prepare it for you all as the herbs will take time to boil. If you love herbs, you will like this chicken soup. At RM40, where to find.
Day two for us was unexpected. We didnt catch and sailfish or see any at all. Other boats recorded about 4 for the whole day. Fishing was very slow as the rain caught us out at sea. The rain started showering around 10am... and it did stop at around 2pm... We missed two spanish mackerels while trolling in the rain. Although we didnt catch any sailfish for day two, none the less the company is great. We ended our trip with another great dinner with the chicken soup too.

TeamII - 2nd Outing (Part1 of 3)

Just got back last night, reached home almost at 2am. My body is still asking for more rest or perhaps I am just lazy... kekeke. Not many photos for this trip but a sweet memory for my pals who were first timers for sailfish fishing. I will upload the photos once I 'conquer' my lazy body.

Meanwhile, my dear friend just uploaded another video in YouTube in regards to jigging. Enjoy.


Daiwa Certate 2500R-CUSTOM ended the trip...

I am preparing my gear for tomorrow working on my Daiwa Certate 2500R-CUSTOM and then I remembered that my previous in regards to "non landeded by Certate 2500R-CUSTOM" IS IS IS IS WRONG!

Actually, the last sailfish was landed on my little reel. I was busy removing the last piece of skin from the squid and thus I failed to take snapshots of the last fish which was landed by Lasse.

Hey Juha, do remember to email me the photos from your newly bought digital camera. I will put them up without any censcoring... hahaha. I believe the last sailfish landed was captured by your camera as Joshua's and mine do not have the last sailfish onboard.

Haaa..... I'm feeling excited again.... my 'menu's on Sat and Sun are slightly different this time.....

Stay tuned!

Kuala Rompin, 12th Oct 2006, Day Two

Finally, I got my decent spanish mackerel... no more baby mack for me... kekeke. It was a bloody mess. There was blood all over me, including my own. In the picture, I managed to wipe away my blood on my hands before the shot. The fish was struggling on the gaff and the jig came flying out of its mouth and hit my right hand knuckles. "Ouch!" Blood started streaming out of the damage skin. After the shot, I found my left palm is bleeding as well... what the hell? After the shot, even more blood stains on my face... my rod was stained with blood as well... BLOODILY BLOODY BLOODY MESS...

"I have become a fish as my blood is mixed with mack's blood... I'm a bloody mackiman... lol."

As I am writing this, I will be departing for Kuala Rompin tomorrow. This time, I am going with all my very good pals, David Neo, Kok Liang and Ken. Alex (a very nice senior) and Joshua are also on the trip as well. I believe we are going to have a great time. The trip only managed to firm up this morning. To plan and prepare a fishing for local singaporeans is really a hassel. You guys know what I mean hor... dont flame me... *bleach* Hahaha

For second day, I only managed a few shots as I was busy trying my best to learn how to prepare fresh squid sashimi.

Juha finally got his share for a shot with sailfish. He was sweating like Lasse but the shot on his sweat drops is blurred and thus cant be shown here. Juha was trembling or shivering, whatever you wanna call it, not in fear but in extreme joy!!! Another sailfish grad made in Kuala Rompin.

Well done Juha. Well done Lasse. I am sure you guys are going to have a good time telling all your friends about the trip back home.

These are some the flies tied by Juha for the sailfishs but the sailfishs were all holding in deeper water and not responding to surface popping... the boatmen and I took turn to pop and hoping for some surface actions but our arms were almost broken... Oh well, this is fishing... maybe next time.


Kuala Rompin 11th Oct 2006, Day One

" First fish landed....."

"Those that got away....."

I lost one as well. I was jigging and hoping for a spanish mackerel but a sailfish took it. I was 'striped' immediately. At first, I thought I have a good chance for a mack as the fish swam in whenever I had the line tightened on it. Just about 10s into the battle, my rod was pointing to the right at the aft of the boat, a sailfish took the air on my left!!! It was so close that you could almost touch it... the fish took off after the jump and my spool was bare. The spool was burning hot while I was palming it... "Tuk..." The leader burst... More than 120yards of line out tangling in the water... at least I got the line still. Adrenaline got me unexpectedly..... *breathing hard* plus almost burnt fingers...

This little sparrow seeked rest on my rod while we were moving to another spot. Later on, it found Lasse's head more comfortable instead... hahaha. Apparently, the bird landed on my rod again when I was jigging too... Majorcraft Offblow Bird Attractant???

"Smiling from ear to ear..."

Lasse, another sailfish grad made possible in Kuala Rompin.

"Give that man a cigar... plus a Tiger."