Very nice pork this, that and those!

"Look! Ham!!! (Char Siew)"

I guess I don't have to tell you all what are these above. These are not our 'Air Pork' from Australia. These are fabulous pork of Thailand! The chinese here made them so deliciously for generations and most of them are still keeping up to their ancestors' standards till today. Tired of air pork? I am.....


Maxxis Victra i-Pro

After about 28,000km and 1yr my Eagle F1s started to fade.

Longer braking distance on the straight but strangely, they still gripped pretty well in corners.

As some of you already know, I started to drive up to Thailand with these F1s. Wear and tear are pretty fine except the noise of them is making my passengers nausea.

My 3rd trip up here in Thailand landed me with nails in them and a torn valve. At least I did not get a puncture along NSHW.

The tire with the torn valve was leaking badly upon reaching Thailand. I am left with no choice but to have them changed.

The common tires used at home are not found in the shop that I was in. Since the owner is a good pal of my guide, I decided to take what is recommended to me, Maxxis Victra i-Pro, 225/40/ZR18.

Immediately I could feel the difference between the two brand of tires which I used. Maxxis's is more comfortable on the highway and braking is very predictable (maybe it is new, 2808). A friend of mine hate to sit in my ride but this time it is very different. "Wow... so comfy this round and so quiet liao!"

To me Victra i-Pro definitely feels better than my older tires on day one. Hopefully these tires are good till they last as well. They are supposed to be best that Maxxis could offer for our kind of rides.

Oh, one day thing. They are even cheaper than the Eagle F1 but just slightly more expensive than Federal 595.


New Choro Q MY08 STI

Something very new and I guess all Subaru's fans will want one! I got 3 but 2 got booked liao...

The rest behind are my new collections... sigh... $$$ flying away...


Finally, my ideal Full Carbon Fibre High Mount Spoiler has arrived and fitted on my Subaru JDM WRX(A), Prodrive style.

With James's help, this full carbon fibre high mount spoiler Prodrive style is fitted nicely on my boot. My dream spoiler has finally come true.

The top piece is detachable... the Monster Sport HM's extensions are tempting...


SPT's Genuine Radiator Plate

I got this from JJ Decal Hub just about a week ago. Very nice genuine SPT's parts. Next items in mind are battery tie down bar and also the oil filler caps, both SPT's.

With this plate, the water temperature indeed is lower than initially. About 5-10 degrees C different, depending on weather.

Easy to install and actually DIY.