Lots of accessories to prepare for the up and coming trip to Lucornia Shoal, Sarawak, M'sia on 27th August 05. Jigs, poppers, hooks, powerhandle, power knob, split rings, swivels, leaders etc... Posted by Picasa


Ryobi Fishing Safari 5000

Introducing a new member into the family. Ryobi Fishing SAFARI 5000. I have long to buy this reel for a very long time and I managed to get it from a friend with a very special price. From many friends, this reel can pop retreive faster than the Daiwa Saltiga's high speed popping series although having a slower ratio. It is strong enough to take on some decent monsters without failing. It doesnt turn as smooth as a Shimano Stella but it sure withstands corrosion better than it. Switching a spool without tempering with the drag setting is a feature that this reel has. It definitely shortens the time taken to switch spools for whatever reason. Soon, I will see the performance of this reel with my very own eyes and hands, with confidence. Posted by Picasa


Crab Proto-type, 20050817

After stocking up some felt material from local art kiosk yesterday, I decided to give crab fly a try. From some fly tying vidoes, it may seems to be one of the easiest fly to tie but to me, it is not that simple to tie a crab which will stand out among the rest of the crowd.

I have fished crab flies in freshwater with some success. Particularly on peacock bass. I guess this fish probably 'whack' anything that gets in its way.

In the salt locally, I have not tasted any success at all. It is pretty tough to fish salt in Singapore herself as most of her corals in our waters are destroyed from reclaimation of land. In order to access to better water condition, it would be much of a hassel as most of us in Singapore lead a pretty busy life.

Although the salty condition is not favourable over here in Singapore but the passion in fly tying is still pretty 'hot' in me. Hopefully, I would whip out more patterns in the days ahead and have some success stories to share here.

Cheers! :)


CR 20050815, Freshwater

This is a 'song huer'. From mouth, this fish could grow up to 50-60kg. With my own eyes, I have seen this fish above 20kg which was landed by David.

Everyone caught at least a 'song huer' this trip but as for me, I blanked. LOL. It is still a good experience for me as the method employed for fishing is the tradition way which anglers used in the 1970-80s. In the early 1990s, freshwater ponds started to disappear from Singapore. One by one, they closed.

Altogether, 5 'song huers' were landed. 2 by Derrick, 2 by kokliang, 1 by David and none by me. kekeke Although I blanked but I still enjoyed the way they watched the markers and 'shoot' the fish. I need to buck up on my 'shooting'.

I will go back there and try again, hopefully, soon. LOL


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First 'song huer' of the night by Derrick. The balls started rolling there after. Posted by Picasa

Second 'song huer' of the nigh, by kokliang. Another decent fellow. Posted by Picasa

Third 'song huer' of the night by David. Posted by Picasa

Forth 'song huer' of the night by kokliang. Posted by Picasa

My camera has a weak flash and normally in the night, the photos do not turn out too well as compared to the day's. With this shot, I am quite surprised. With only optical x3 zoom, I still managed to capture the moon in a fairly well manner. I guess I have to put in more effort in knowing my camera. The original size of the photo is larger than a normal 17' LCD could handle and the moon in the center came out quite clear. The compressed photo showed here does not gives much details of the surface of the moon but the original does. Pretty!
Click on the above image to view the larger image for details of the surface of the moon. :) Posted by Picasa

Derrick and kokliang were both very focus checking their markers for movement. Posted by Picasa

David was in my house in the morning and he tied two flies. One black beatle and one black ant. Both using foam. His first cast with the black beatle unto a huge blacky, the fish fell for it and took off and bursting the 6lbs tippet in split seconds. As for me, the black any was my choice, I landed this kalui within 3 presentation. Later the fly was lost or an arowana with it first aerial display and my 4lbs tippet burst like thread... We went on catch a few more little ones (kaluis) and two kois were also landed by David. Not too long, I heard someone shouting, "Boy, boy! No fishing hor." I nodded my head and left... LOL  Posted by Picasa

Yeah! This cute little fell for my size 12 dry fly which is tied by myself. Posted by Picasa


CR 20050813, Freshwater nymphing.

What a surprise!!! The peacock bass are breeding in this little fish hole!!! Amazing!!! Posted by Picasa

Nymphing... kekeke. I caught kind a number of fish with this nymph. :) Posted by Picasa

Oh my goodness, this fish hole also has them... invasion??? Posted by Picasa

Mayan mayan everywhere... ;P Posted by Picasa

These little orange ones are hard to get but today with my little red crazy charlie, I am getting them one by one. LOL Posted by Picasa

CR 20050812, Freshwater. Tiemco Infante Testing.

After more than a year, I finally caught another big black beauty with fly outfit, especially with my new japanese wife. Kokliang managed to test out his new toy and got a little cutey kalui on the 20050809. David and I tried them on peacock bass, zebras and red face monks but somehow, these 'testers' are not up to par in our opinions. So we decided to aim for pacu and kalui. Yes, we are blessed and we had an evening of screaming reels! I still have the percussion of my Abel's ranting at the back of my head... OMG. Today is also the first time in my life that a fish took off and peeled backing out of my fly reel. It was so shiok till I cant really find a word to discribe how I really felt after landing this black beauty. David and I were using 6lbs tippet, asking for trouble. LOL My first runaway train was a big koi. It took of and in less than 3s, more than 50ft of backing floating in the air. This was so exciting!!! Before I could snap a pic of the big koi, it got off after the barb-less fly fell of its lips. All the three fish posted here took about 20mins to battle and only the koi tired out in 10mins. All fish were released for 'tomorrows'. You could read more details in http://flyfishingsg.proboards38.com/index.cgi?board=FreshWater&action=display&thread=1111910717&page=9 about what happened today. Meanwhile, my eyes are so heavy and I need to pen off already. Good night all... *zzzzz* Posted by Picasa

Another big black beauty by David. Awesome! Really very nice and this fellow is very tough too! Posted by Picasa

David's kalui closeup. The fly was just inside the mouth. Looks like his favourite bullet is getting him this fish again. Posted by Picasa

David's pacu with his new found love. Shiok!!! Posted by Picasa

Kokliang's first love with his new japanese babe - Tiemco Euflex Infante! The kalui is so cute!!! Posted by Picasa


CR 20050811, Freshwater

This peacock bass fell for my clouser. It inhaled my fly right infront of me and someone it got hooked right at its upper lips. My new Euflex Tiemco Infante bent so beautifully and I was 'dazed'. LOL Fishing is fun, flyfishing even more!!! Posted by Picasa

Post-Interview Disorder? NO WAY!!!

I am back and guess what... I didnt get the job as a mechanical engineer.

It has been very nice of them to even give me a chance to sit infront of them to 'sell' myself but too bad, I am not 'relevant' at all. They need someone who could work immediately without much training. If they have to employ me, I have to go through some serious training first before I could do anything. Their current work scope requires immediate hands-on engineer. I am definitely not experienced at all and cant fit well into the job at all.

"But I can learn..." shouted my heart.

Rejection, rejected... but somehow I dont feel sad at all. I felt peace in me and just a simple shrug I am myself again.

Perhaps God has somethingelse installed for me and it is only a matter of time and I shouldnt even be worried about it. Something that I would love to do and excel in it with 'cup overflowing'.

Thanks to David who came to pick me up after the interview and we went on to have a short session with peacock bass, together with Jeremy.

The sun wasnt high and almighty as the clouds were reigning and momentarily, I could feel rain drops splattering on my back of my neck. Somehow, it felt like a 'pat' on my shoulders and someone up there really adores me. It is so warm in my heart that I dont have any burdens at all. Remember footprints? Oh yes!!!

Fishing is always so great especially when you know that someone above you are watching after you. I give praises to HIM! I know I shall not want and I know I will have enough. This is the promise I live on, from HIM.

All right, I shall write about my fishing today. Not much peacock bass action as the weather was really dull and gloomy (not me though). I still managed a 4 over lbs peacock bass on my new toy, Tiemco Infante. The rod is so fun!!! 6 pieces construction, super lite, beautiful curve and super slim! The rod is almost perfect in my point of view.

I hope the gloomy weather will soon be over and fishing will get hot again. Peacock bass, you just wait. kekekekeke...

As for those who have given me the UPS before the interview. Thank you very much and I ensure you that I am fine (no big deal, just an interview) and alive and happy fishing. LOL

I love flyfishing, do you? ;P


Pre-interview Disorder???

Tomorrow, 20050811, I am going for a job interview. This is my first ever proper, serious, no joke job interview.

I am getting abit tense, abit worried, abit chaotic, abit dull, abit...

Somehow, I could feel the peace within when I get myself straighten up. Something tells me not to be afraid at all. It will be like a breeze in your face.

I am in the RSAF for so long and when I first joined RSAF, I only filled up an application form. Weeks later, I received 'good news' that I am in.

Now, after so many years, 8yrs I think, I am getting another piece of good news too - I am leaving the force, finally.

Many people asked why do I want to leave the force at 31. Simple reason, 'money not enough'.

Actually, it is just enough to live but not comfortably yet. I cant save much and cant do much too. My commitment is pretty high but I am not complaining. About 20% of my pay goes to my dear mum and I have people complaining to me that it is too much. It is not to me at all. Even if I could only save that little per month and cant fullfill much of my destiny, I am not worried at all. If she had never put in all those effort for her children, I wouldnt even be here too.

My mum single-handedly brought up my younger sister and me after my dad passed away when I was only 17. She did more than enough for us. I remember those days when she had to handle a few jobs all in a day.

It is time for my mum to relax and rest and enjoy what she couldnt in the past.

Eversince I was back from USA, she has always been a supporter in my life. No matter what mistakes I made, she is there to pardon me and encourage me.

It is my duty to let her 'shakes legs' now and not work but someone close to me disagrees. I cant be bothered with that as I think my mum has gone through quite alot on her own. The hardship is taking a toil on her and at her age she is experiencing some difficulty with her arms as she couldnt carry any heavy things anymore. It is time for her to take a good clean break and enjoy the latter part of her life now. No one can change my view and my current direction in life with my mum in view.

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I really want to get this job in Siemens VDO. Even if I do not pass the interview, I would take it easy too. Let it be a lesson then. If I do get it, I really hope that I would have the opportunity to go overseas and experience 'work' in a totally new manner.

I think God plays a big part in my life. I always believe in 'treating others like yourself' and you will 'reap what you sowed' in the future. Somehow, this opportunity is the fruit of my seeds. Even if it is only a interview and that's it, it is still a seed of opportunity to learn.

I hope I will not blow up the interview and I hope I could convince the management to take me in. It is all up to me now after the door was opened for me by someone who is so kind. I really appreciate it, thanks man!

Hopefully, when I am back tomorrow to update my blog, I would have another good news to share.

7 "Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you.
8 "For everyone who askes receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it shall be opened.
9 "Or what man is there among you when his son shall ask him for a loaf, will give him a stone?
10 "Or if he shall ask for a fish, he will not give him a snake, will he?
11 "If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!
12 "Therefore, however you want people to treat you, so treat them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.
Matt 7:7-12


New toys arrived on 20050808!!!

MSF Grand Slam WP Fly Case Bonefish 5/5 Pockets. The sand color of this box attracts me most thus I bought this instead of permit (green) or tarpon (blue) series.The sand color goes well together with EUFLEX Infante by Tiemco which has an ivory finish. Both of these new toys arrived in Singapore on 20050808 with the help Huns san. His kindness granted 4 more singaporeans becoming the owners of the beautiful 'Japanese Babes' - EUFLEX Infante by Tiemco. His kindness is greatly appeciated by us. Thank you Huns san! Posted by Picasa

Excellent quality material employed to create this waterproof fly box which is a beauty too. I cant bare to use it at all..... Posted by Picasa