Moments at PRPP



What's going on?


Laughter in the rain


It's another bass!

Photo of Wild Big Head Shrimp

A photographer actually caught a wild shrimp in his homeland in Malaysia and took a beautiful photo of it. It is nice to see something so big in the wild.

Web link: http://forums.clubsnap.org/showthread.php?t=174667


Live from PRPP~!!!

This lucky angler caught himself this 4.6kg barramundi. What a fish for reunion dinner!!! Well done chap!!! Cool!!!

"Obsessive Groupers Giveaway" warming up... PART I

First lucky winner of the day. This is actually a warm up session for tomorrow's "Obsessive Groupers Giveaway" event. More warm up in the night. Time? It will be a mystery... Dont forget, "Obsessive Groupers Giveaway" is tomorrow. Hope to see you all there. Posted by Picasa

Second winner... red is good!  Posted by Picasa

Third lucky winner... He is actually the second winner's boy friend... Lucky pair!!! Posted by Picasa

Fourth lucky winner. Posted by Picasa

Last winner for the day. More warm up in the night... Posted by Picasa

2ft wonder rod landed this...

My friend came to visit me today at the shrimp ponds. I past him my favourite tiny 2ft rod to test and he caught this... and he asked me, "Got shorter rod?" Posted by Picasa

Barramundi 5-6kg range touched down...

What kind of fish do you need to have in a pro pond? Big fish. Yes, we have big fish. 3 fish exceed 15kg on the scale... time to pick up your rod?
Not only three... alot more in the pond... swimming around hooks and floats and sinkers and baits... Posted by Picasa

Thank you for your feedbacks, greatly appreciated.

Dear all anglers,

I have received many feedbacks from you all and seriously, we value your time and effort to provide us with so much information to improve your fishing experience.


Many asked and commented:-

"Why dont you all release the groupers and let us fish for them?"
"We are drivers too....."
"Catch 5-7 fish at the pro pond is considered too little although I just want to fight the fish only..."

We would love to do that but from the last operation, the groupers werent opening their mouths to feed and thus many anglers did not catch a single grouper at all.

When we called our last operation "GROUPER OBSESSION", we really did want anglers to fish for them instead of giving away like these. Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, to have a grouper on the table for 'reunion dinner' is something many would love.

Many anglers were disappointed. We are really sorry about it. Luckily, we had a spare net of groupers standing by for 'just-in-case' situation and 'just-in-case' came into play. We had no choice but to give away groupers since not many anglers landed groupers. Hopefully by doing this, we would not deter anglers' faith towards Pasir Ris Pro-Fishing. We even extended our giveaway on Sunday.

If every anglers who fish at our premises have the same mentality as "We are drivers too...", then we would not have to give away fish at all. This will be almost perfect for us as fishing pond operators.

"We release fish and if the fish dont bite, anglers will not blame us at all..." PERFECT!!!

Too bad, it just doesnt happen this way.

Many anglers just want to enjoy fishing and not about bringing back their catches. Yes, we know this. We have regulars who catch and release at the pro pond and they pay the same rates as the rest too. We have anglers who say they just want to fight the fish and dont want fish but at the end of the session, they came to tell us off that... "Wa lan... only 8 fish for three hours... you all got release fish or not?"

Some regulars are super steady. One day one senior guy caught 23 fish in 3 hrs and the next day 5 only. No complaints at all. They will only comment about the weather affecting the bite rates, that's all.

If all anglers could understand what the operators are going through, I believe they will be no complaints at all but I guess this could only be a dream.

Pasir Ris Pro-Fishing and Happy Pro Prawning will continue to strife hard to enhance every anglers' fishing experience with us. We are fishermen too.



27th January 2006
12pm - 12am

Indeed, the bigger groupers were biting and this lucky chap actually managed to catch one. Well done mate! Posted by Picasa

"Well done encik!" "Haha! Finally my dream came true!" Posted by Picasa

This grouper was found devastating baitfish along the bank in the hot afternoon sun. Posted by Picasa

Lady Luck? :>

One of the lucky lady angler to win herself a grouper on Sunday. Her husband won himself a grouper on Sat's night too. Like husband like wife... cool!!! Posted by Picasa

PLAN B - "Grouper Giveaway..."

Congrats!!! This chap actually managed to land the fish first. The other angler was stilling fighting hard with his fish. At the end of the competition, the other 4 anglers all walked away with another grouper too.
Plan B - Grouper Giveaway had not really ended yet. On Sunday itself, we gave away many groupers too.
Pasir Ris Pro-Fishing wants to take this opportunity to thank you all who had shown their support during the "Grouper Obsession" event. We know that this event is not successful at all and we are going to make up for it...
Watch out, this coming Fri we are going to have a.......
"Obsessive Groupers Giveaway!!!" coming this Friday!!!
Stay tuned... we will have more details for anglers soon. Just get your gears ready on Friday...
You dont have to fish for groupers this Friday, we are giving away groupers to lucky anglers!!!
We are going to have some fun!!! 12pm till 12am... lots of groupers to be given away...Posted by Picasa

"Hooked up here too!!!" This angler actually was the first guy to connect to a fish but lost it and now... he was fighting another one too. Posted by Picasa

"Fish on!!! Fish on!!!!" "Come on come on!!!" Posted by Picasa

The next prize was $100.00 cash!!! It would be won by the first person to land a fish at the event pond. All 5 lucky anglers were standing by the pond and getting themselves ready... for $100.00 cash!!! Posted by Picasa

Number 22nd winner of the night and the last one too. Next we had a competition among 5 other lucky chosen anglers. Posted by Picasa

Uncle 'Solo' won again. 21st winner of the night! Posted by Picasa

20th winner. Well done Jake!!! Posted by Picasa

Red means luck? Oh, those you all see here with a ticket in hand are the lucky draw winners. Posted by Picasa

Number 18th! :) Posted by Picasa

17th winner... Suddenly, I heard a 'beep' from my digicam. "Low Batt" signalled....Phew... I got a spare batt. :P Posted by Picasa

16th winner. He won again too... nice! Posted by Picasa

15th winner. Posted by Picasa