Some really nice food that I ate in Bangkok...

Kway Chup Thai Teochew style... the soup is so sweet... the kidney has no smell... I can eat 5 bowls!!!
Sweet and juicy mangos with g.rice... SWEET!!!

Thai style fried kway diao, yummy!!!

Minced pork with fried egg... whoooo.....

Thai beef rice noodle.... the soup is heavenly!!!

Tom yam style shrimps with fried eggs/long beans... spicy tasty!!!

BBQ beef at its best!!!

Minced pork with salted fish... I want more!!!

Fried dumplings... more please!!!

Kampong chicken with curry leaves... cannot miss!!!

If you want to eat cheap and really nice food... try Bangkok... from restaurants to small little coffeeshops... tons of good food at super price!!! I can eat the whole day!!!

Daily for dinner, I will have 2 bowls of white rice for sure. Lots of dishes with vegs, meat and soup. Lots of chilli, garlic, onions, peppermint leaves... lime...



I was in Bangkok's Bungsamran and did not fish... would you believe?

Arriving at the famous mekong cats fishing pond.

This is Alex (not me). I looked too shag to be on the camera... hahaha

This place is pretty big and really very cozy.

Probably the best tackleshop in the whole of Thailand... (Singapore is a heaven for fishing fanatics to purchase tackles at really low prices when compared to our neighbours and even all to way to USA and Europe.)

Very nice hangouts for those who wish to stay overnight at the pond.



Nice snapper!!!

I know I am not fishing enough and this blog is not getting fishy anymore... oh well... I hope the snapper is nice and fishy this time...

3.5kg on the scale.... nice whopper!!!

You dont want to mess with this.... hahaha