I was damn pissed this morning..... "Funny incidents cont'd"

This is unbelieveable... but I am too tired to write about it now...

I shall write later...

I need to get back to the pond soon...

I feel like a robot...

a type writer...

a zombie...

OKOK... I need to go eat breakfast... I am hungry!!!

*stay tuned*

Log 20051227/28

6.5lbs big gold snapper!!! Awesome battle between man and fish. This lucky angler managed to land this biggie with the help of other anglers around. Espirit De Corp??? Posted by Picasa

COOLNESS!!! This superb angler is one of the barramundi hunters. Posted by Picasa

The groupers are biting... "WHEN IS MY TURN!!!???!!!" *winked* Posted by Picasa

Double hookups! Posted by Picasa


26th Dec 05, $200 Prize winner!!!

26th Dec 05, Mr Goh was overwhelming by the numbers of supports at his Pro Fishing pond. On the spot, he annouced that who ever has the biggest catch will win $200 cash and this man, Mr Ali (a regular at the pond) is the lucky winner. Well done Mr Ali!!!Posted by Picasa

Mr Ali with his winner, 3.9kg grouper.Posted by Picasa

!!!Fathers and Sons in actions!!!

School Holiday is coming to an end and many dads made use of the super long weekend to spend time with their precious ones. Moments like these are so touchy and sweet.Posted by Picasa

"Yes dad! Fish on!!!"
"Well done son! You sure make me proud!!!"Posted by Picasa

"Eee... a big one! It's pulling me in...."
"No worries son. Your dad is here to help. Let me loosen the drag abit for you and you should be fine. You can do it son!"Posted by Picasa

"Nice one son!"
"Ya dad, a nice golden pomfret!"
"Nice fish for dinner!"
"Yes dad!"Posted by Picasa

"Hurray!!! Nice fish for dinner!!!"Posted by Picasa

Christmas $100 Winner!!!

Prize giving time. Congratulation!!! This lucky angler won himself a $100 cash and lots of applause from the people around. This man is internet shy and he specifically instructed me not show his face at all. Done. Well done too!!! Posted by Picasa

This shrimp was released on Christmas' Eve and it finally decided to 'makan' on Christmas' night. Well done pal!!!Posted by Picasa

Awesome Christmas' Eve catches!!!

Very nice golden snapper! I wish to have it in my steam pan man!!! Another cool angler with a GREAT catch!Posted by Picasa

What a way to spend christmas's eve with your family by catching this 4kg barramundi. There were also several other anglers who caught big fish but most of them were too camera shy. Well done mate!Posted by Picasa


Log 20051224/25, Christmas


Just after 10pm, I released two trays of prized shrimps into the pond in the center. Each carries beads that represents cash rebates. Highest cash out is $100.00 and the shrimp has only a ribbon attached to its tail for this Christmas.

Last night, although the shrimps were all in the ponds, only a yellow and a blue bead got caught. The $100.00(s) and $68.00(s) shrimps are still swimming freely in the water waiting to be caught.

Many anglers (females) came to me asking me what should they do when they caught a big shrimp..... Unbelievable lah!!! Ladies again..... They told me that they hit something big and at the end of the line felt like 'sang kok' = snag but it moves around slowly... Like a dead weight. Some even saw the huge long pincers but none was landed. What a waste!!! Got one almost cried..... because she lost the battle..... Dont worry, I will get some tissues for you..... kekeke ;P

The weather was perfect for the night and especially when there were free food for everyone fishing. There were satays, fish cakes, chicken chops, sotongs, crab sticks..... etc... (the sound hunger) for anglers. We even had red wines, champagne, whiskey, volka for anglers too.
For a moment, we ran out of rods for anglers. Luckily, Mr Lim (sales assistant) of the tackle shop at the pond had the keys to the shop and thank goodness, no customers left stranded without a shrimp fishing rod. Thank you man!
Other than Mr Lim, I had a good friend, Joseph with his girl friend, helped me to bbq all the food and even served them out to all the anglers around. What are friends for??? When you need help, you know who are your friends. Thank you man!!! Greatly appreciated!!!
Almost five in the morning, the wind picked up and big drops of rain started falling... Luckily, many anglers had already left for home but I still had about 10 customers stranded. They were caught in the rain, wet and cold. Thank goodness that I have a roof to shelther them from the unexpected rain and I served hot Milo to all.
Soon, the heavy downpour turned into light drizzle and many took the chance to leave the place asap. All were tired, including me and my staffs too. We had a long night... We really need a good rest.....
Oh, almost forgot. Angel appeared again at almost midnight (kinda different from Cinderalla.....). The magnifestation was magnificient! Angel actually brought me showers of blessing (she pulled many friends along to support me lah...)
Angel, thank you very much for the great support towards my services, greatly apprecaited!
Alright, I think I have lots of grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes..... all because I need a good sleep..... I better stop writing before any teacher gonna make me do correction.....
See ya all tonight again!
Merry Christmas!!! Posted by Picasa

Hmmm..... guess who caught the prized shrimp? The lady lor... (The ladies got all the luck leh.... why huh?) Maybe men should wear skirt too like the scottish and we might win a prize or two too. Posted by Picasa

Another biggie landed. This 4.5kg barramundi wreaked chaos in the water and tremors to the anglers around..... (sibei kwa cheong = bullshit). Hahaha. To win a battle against a decent fish like this not only need skill but lots of luck when there were so many anglers around. Thank goodness that the angers around are all gentlemen and they actually contributed to the success of this angler's journey. Well done everyone!!! Posted by Picasa

Another happy angler with his power pack golden snapper. This 2.5kg snapper put up a decent battle which last for about 8-10mins but the angler outlast it to bring it home for dinner. Well done mate!!! Posted by Picasa

Hmmm...... I should name them barramundi terminators. A total of 20 pieces of barramundis were lying on the floor for shots. Some other fish didnt make it for the shots as they were all on the way to someone's home dinner table already. Awesome catches!!! Posted by Picasa





It is the time of the year again to give and to share. The spirit of giving is in the air and..... I have not done my shopping yet..... I guess I am going to be skinned..... hahaha

Lately, many readers have told me that my blog is getting boring... really sorry lah...

I am really sorry about this but I really cant help it due to my tight working schedule.

Once I have everything settled down, I will be back with my fly tackle to hit some kaluis or pacus. Meanwhile, I need to work hard to feed my bank lah... I cant go fishing out in the fresh or salt IN THE WILD meanwhile.

So stay tuned.

I'll be back.

Another 4kg barramundi!!!

Nice size barramundi, 4kg on the scale. Beautiful fish with handsome anglers.
Pasir Ris Pro-Fishing
Posted by Picasa


Ladies, you have to believe this...

Ladies, believe it! If you have the looks, you will probably be next beauty to subdue the 'monster'.
Man, dont bother. Even if you wear skirt or put on make-up, it is not going to help.
Come on down and see for yourself at Pasir Ris Happy Pro Prawning. Posted by Picasa


Pasir Ris Pro Fishing Pre New Year Special, 20051230.

On the 30 Dec 2005, Pasir Ris Pro Fishing is going to organise another "Fish Whole Night" event.

One time payment of $50.oo will entitle you to fish from 10pm till 7am on Friday's night.

For anglers who are fishing earlier in evening starting at 7pm (3hours session), they are required to top up $25 if they wish to fish on through the night.

If you have queries, pls feel free to email me at mtshark@gmail.com or simply hop down to Pasir Ris Pro-Fishing for more information.

Ladies' Night (every Wed)

From today onwards, every wednesday is "Ladies' Night".

Starting from 7pm, ladies are entitled to "2 + 1" till 5am.

Buy two hours will entitle the ladies to an hour extra.

As long as you are a lady, you are entitled to this promotion every Wednesday. You could repurchase tickets to extend your hours but straightly not transferrable to others.

By the way, "Ladies' Night' is straightly for ladies only.

(Straightly no shemales please.....)

Log 20051220/21

This young man started fishing around 4am in the morning. He lost countless fish but also landed 10 barramundis. The Pro Pond must be overcrowded or infested with fish... Posted by Picasa

Awesome 4kg barramundi caught by this lucky angler. Look at his smile! Not just biggies were biting yesterday, the fish were hitting baits and lures like chaos. One regular hit 23 fish within the span of 3 hours!!! Posted by Picasa

Yesterday night, Yi created history again... He caught two shrimps at one go with a single hook of course. Look at the picture... Other than catching most of the shrimps with beads and now he is challenging himself to odd miracles... hahaha. Keep it up bro! Well done! Posted by Picasa