CR 20041029

I decided to do some fishing this morning before going to work. It was raining, but not heavy.

Not too bad, first time fishing in a new ground with fly outfit and...


First catch of the day. Just before I walked away to another spot, I saw this fellow coming after my fly and it actually missed it while engulfing it! Quickly, I tried the same spot again. On the 3rd cast, FISH-ON! This time, it sucked in the fly with stronger puff right infront of my eyes. My heart... stopped for a second... I think... He fought really hard and did a few aerial displays. Nice fish! Posted by Hello

Cock head peacock bass! I think my fly hit its head... (Hey! Your fly aint made of stone man!) ;P Posted by Hello

Big mouth Peacock Bass! ??? LOL Posted by Hello

This one was a surprise as I was trying to aim for another fish and it came out from no where and hit my fly hard! FISH-ON! 2nd and last one for the morning. Posted by Hello

My young friend caught this on lure... nice coloration!!! Its partner went after my fly, but just did not connect. Haiz... Posted by Hello


After trying out and playing around with expoxy, I have come out with this little size 2 pinkie squid. What do you guys think? Feel free to comment. Your suggestions are precious to me. Thank you! Posted by Hello


Squid prototype, 1st view. This squid is created when I am salted... hahaha. Saltwater, I will be back soon!!! Posted by Hello

Squid prototype, 2nd view. Posted by Hello

Squid prototype, 3rd view. Posted by Hello


mindtheshark's Crazy Charlie, 20041020. Posted by Hello

mindtheshark's Crazy Charlie, 20041019. Posted by Hello

Gundam EPYON from Endless Waltz. Other than fishing, I collect some toys too. ;P Posted by Hello


How are they suppose to get off??? They were indeed baking themselves out there. A thunderstorm was on the way... Posted by Hello

CR 20041017

Today, it is a very happy day for me.

I landed a fish in the salt using fly outfit. A flathead.

With much encouragement from my friends around, my determination brought me this far. Finally, something on fly in the wild salty realm.

Nothing more, juz one from the salt and the thunderstorm came. I recessed for lunch and then headed for the fresh water. Along the way, I saw the tide was still in at around 2pm. I left my salty fishing ground juz after 1pm for the recess. Oh man, those guys must still be stucked on that rock with that thunderstorm!!! I hope that they are fine.

Finally, the thunderstorm left my fresh water fishing ground too after about 30mins upon arrival. Happily, I was trying my luck for peacock bass and never knew that I would get another FLATHEAD imitation... a Sucker Fish! Somehow its look got imprinted in my mind... yucks... Hey, this sucker actually put up a good fight!

After this, I landed 6 pieces of peacock basses and called it off for the day.

My right hand fingers are all hurting as I was not using a glove while stripping my fly line. Alot of the joints area all got burnt. It is time to get new gloves.


Yippee!!!! My very first wild fish on fly in the salt!!!!! A FLATHEAD!!! Alright!!! I am so happy!!! Posted by Hello

It must have hurt itself during the 'run for freedom'. Posted by Hello

Saw a big thing out there and somehow connected to it. At first, I thought it was a carp as it was very heavy. As if it was stuck to the ground. See the mud on the top fins? It went into a hole and I managed to pull this sucker fish out of it. I thought it was a goner... Posted by Hello

Somehow, the hook found its way there... Posted by Hello

A face only its mother will love. Posted by Hello

Spotted a pair of peacock bass. This one took the fly first. The second one was hooked up immediately upon released of its mate when I cast the fly right infront of it. I believe they are protecting their youngs as I saw countless small little fries around them. Posted by Hello

Crazy charlie works really well on peacock bass. Posted by Hello

Number four. Although this one is smaller than the previous, it took me longer to bring him in. It actually went pretty far out and deep. It also took some line too. Unexpected! Posted by Hello

Another one on crazy charlie. : >  Posted by Hello

First fish caught on a clouser tied by myself. I was so happy when this fly caught a fish. Efforts paid off on the vise. ;P Posted by Hello

Circle hook works well! Posted by Hello

Number 06. Posted by Hello