Bloody rude asshole!

A few days ago, we tied an LED at the end of a nice size prawn and today, it was landed by a senior guy. Jokingly, he asked if he had won himself a prize. I am sorry to tell him that the LED was installed on the prawn out of mischief. Kekekeke...

Another irritating incident for today...

Two senior guys walked past my counter and saw the little girl photo with a huge shrimp. One of them asked, "Wow! So big!"

The other senior guy said right infront of me, "Bull one lah. Just to attract customer only." Then he took a sweet from the counter and walked away. I gave him that blank stare when he actually said that in my face. He knew that he caught my attention and he just stared back as well...

He came to my tuff and took my sweets and then said bad things about my business.....

What can I do to this people man???

Basically, nothing.....



"I want the nets for what? I give them back to you and you give half my money back lah."

"$10! So expensive! Don't want lah.", exclaimed Mr ROLEX.

"Nevermind, just let them play.", said mother one.

"2 kids, $20 leh!", Mr Rolex.

Mr Rolex - branded senior man with Rolex watch, branded leather shoes, branded clothes

Mother one - branded all over mum.

Mother two - branded all over mum.

One young girl and a 3yr old toddler (boy).

After 1hour.............

"Where can I return this?", Rolex.

"Sir, those are all yours to keep."

"Why I want them for what?!?!", Rolex rudely.


"I give you back the nets you give me back my money lah. Half price lah. I don't want the nets."


Mr Rolex saw that I could not be bothered with his request, he walked away saying, "I want the nets for what? Give back should give discount mah..."

Mr Rolex looked damn pissed and kept complaining while walking away at the top of his voice.


There's a saying - Rich people are more calculative.

I think it is very true.

Just pay a $10 to see your kid smiling away, laughing away, enjoying himself, totally lost in the 'longkang' HAPPILY is not a high price to pay. Is it? The bonding between the parents and kids are even more priceless!

"You want to return the nets and have half your money back? FATTY HOPE! Why don't you go try return half eaten lunch and demand half your money back? Or why don't you say I return everything and gets my money back? Sir, you open one such longkang, I go patronize everyday!"


Branded mum from some time ago, "$10 for each kid. Ok, give me 5."


"One kid $10 and they could play till they are tired... cheap sia! Better than going toy shop or shopping center!"

"Indeed lady. You saved alot today already."

"Yalor. Furthermore, I think they are happier like that."

"I strongly believe so."



Yesterday, I met a man who claimed that he could talk to the fish at BTP. He further told me that the fish could understand what he told them. Basically, there was not any kind of hand signal or special language, he was simply using chinese. I met him when I was heading to the restrooms. Both his legs were hanging over the edge of the little pond with lots of big pacus, carps etc... The man disappeared when I exited the restrooms.

In the evening, a few adults were found in my 'longkang'. They had 3 little pails and one of them were enjoying himself catching the little fish in the longkang. There was at least 20 children in the longkang using identical nets and nets except colors. Immediately, I notified my staff and he went on to stop them. There was a few kids among them. They had a pail of fish and after they were made known about 'Pay to Play', they went ahead to leave with the fish.

My staff tried to stop them and then these 'poaches' walked over to the counter.

"We didn't know that we have to pay leh. Why must pay?"

".......................", me.

"Sir, you have to pay to play in the longkang. $10 will get you a net and a tank. Your kids can play from the time we open till we close the longkang for the day."

"We really don't know must pay leh. Why can't we bring the fish back?"

".......................", me staring blankly at them.

They noticed that I was staring at them blankly. James, and some other friends around were all staring at them blankly.

Didn't we just explain to them?

At that moment, time seemed to have stop among us. The things that were going around us became blurrr..... No one was moving. Suddenly, all things were back to normal again when one of them decided to move off.

Before them, someone asked the same question to me too.

"Why must pay to catch fish? Not free one meh?"

Every weekends, I am haunted by these people.

"Not free one meh?"
"Extra time lah, extra lah."
"Why must pay to fish? Catch prawn why must pay?"
"If I bring my own equipment, got discount or not?
"If I bring my own rod, then no need to pay is it?"

Come on people... even your food on the table is what you have worked for. Where got free lunches one? If everything is free... then why am I sitting down there? Make sense or not?




All the best and even better!!!



New look...

Finally, a new look for the new year. *smile*

Upgrading template, should be back up soon...

After some previews and examples, I realized that I should switch to the new blogger templates which is much better and easier to 'edit' here and there around the template.....

Hopefully, I don't make a mess out of it...

Lobster fishing on Valentine's Day.

I think I found a new love... lobster fishing.
(Errr..... please dont ask me where is the location for my catches. My friend made me swear and drank cock's blood to keep that place as a secret.) Hardcore right? VERY lor!!!

Lobster fishing is really fun, very fun indeed. Other than you don't have to pay to catch them, you get free sun burn as well...... Oh well......

I caught only 3 pieces but my partner caught almost 10... this fellow is good! VERY GOOD LOR!!! Now this fellow gets to make me do 9+1 (extra one juz to make it perfect 10...) silly things as we bet on who has the most lobsters, who has the biggest and the smallest as well. Come on lor... I lost all 3... the winner even hooked up a 'soon hock'.

Oh well... I hope I have time to go again soon. I shall practice hard and make a sweet revenge... hahahahaha. Kekeke. Till our next match... NEXT MATCH!!!


I discovered something when I was lobster fishing. When you caught a medium size lobster, you will "Wow... nice biggie!"

If you caught a big one... "Walau! Big sia!"
Your friend, "Ya.... big meh?"

If you caught a small one, "Cute sia!"

If you caught a tiny one, "Wah seh... I expert leh. So many also can catch. So so so so so cute!!!!!!"

Now, imagine you are prawn fishing at a pay pond.....

If you caught a medium size prawn, "Why not a bigger one....???"

If you caught a big prawn, "Ho seh liao! Money back!!!"

If you caught a small prawn, "Wa kaoz! So small also put inside! Waste my money!"

If you caught a tiny one, "F*%k! So small also have. Where's the boss? I'm going to ask for refund!"


Now you know the differences?

It is not easy to run a prawn fishing pond...


Stupid, clever or *censored*

A customer came to me and his hook was missing like 1hr ago. As usual, I greeted him with a friendly smile and was getting a new hook ready for him. As I was about to rig the new hook onto the snap swivel, I felt a sharp pain in my left hand middle finger.

The new hook got embedded into my little middle finger and the barb was caught in the flesh as well. The hook point and the barb is about 2mm apart. The barb set beautifully in the flesh , just perfect. The customer was shocked and 'eeks!'.

Somehow, I think I was pretty stoned... without thinking (I think so), I turned the hook while it was still in the flesh and forced it out... The customer stared at me blankly...

After he walked away with that hook then I realized that I did something... STUPID... or CLEVER... or just *censored*... oh well...

I am typing with a bloody middle finger... left hand one hor...


Longkang becomes swimming pool...

Almost every weekend, something like this does happen at my 'longkang'. This 'longkang' definitely has no theramatic value but it sure let children have fun.

Get 'CLOSED' to water...

I was in Bedok Reservoir yesterday. Apparently, I was flyfishing. It has been a very long time since my Tiemco Infante came out of its sock.

The fly that I was using which caught the fish was tied by Angel. It is the very first fly that she tied in her life and I think it isnt too bad since I caught a peacock bass with it.

Just as we were going home, we noticed that PUB has put up notices in regards to their new projects on the water. More platforms will be built for the public to 'reach' the water. Apparently, looking at the notices... they all look more like platforms for spectators in the future.

After much looking around... I noticed something amiss....

'CLOSED' to water.......... or 'CLOSER'..... I am confused.....


Freshwater lobster...

Damn.... my camera is already ready for collection the very day after I sent it in... apparently, the camera came back to life again... I really wonder what happened...

No photos...

Today... a batch of fresh water lobsters arrived and all are happily swimming in the pond... I wonder who would be the very first one to hook one up.

How big? Not very big lah. The biggest one about 6 inches and smallest around 4inches long.

Maybe I could be the first one to hook one up... kekeke...