Orgasm in the air, intensive!!! (A dream of mtshark)

"Whee.... ETA in 15minutes. Weather is cloudy and ground temperature is about 30 degrees Celius. Showers expected in some areas but not in large scale. Fasten your seat beats and get ready for some ACTIONS!!!" the 'flyer' annouced joyfully and with anticipation, plus raised eye's browns too. Next, we saw he flipped the flight stick in precision and the 'kite' turned acrobatic and with a twisted smile on his face!!!

"Ooi, what is he trying to do huh? Landing soon right?" asked sleepy nymph.

"Dont know leh, sounds fun! Fasten your seat belt lah. Wait your head 'touch' the 'ceiling'. Hahahahahahaha..." mtshark giggled.

Just then, the kite went nose down, up, bank left, right... down... cobra'ed... flip flip flip... etc...

"OMG!!! What's going on here!!!???!!! My stomach in my mouth........ *choked with his own puke*" shouted nymph.

"Wheeeee...... just like roller coaster ride, but much better!!! Wheeeee...... so FUN!!!! Err..... I can see vomits flying in the air.... yucks!!! Nymph!!!! You!!!!!!" mtshark exclaimed!

Nymph's face as pale as sheets..... with mouth wide opened and signs of wetting. (hahahahahahaha)

The pretty air stewardess (if any lah) at the corner beside the exit, her face was as black as coal... "If I can eject nymph, I would do it joyfully and right above that volcano nearby..." Her eyes were blood shot and never seen that wide opened before... *mtshark stunned*

o.O "Posted by Hello

"Err... when did my AOA indicator ends up there?" Posted by Hello

"Rain rain go away, little sharkie wants to play... rain rain go...." Posted by Hello

"Bang bang bang bang bang bang... BANK right... oops, my flyer's shades TFOA!!!"  Posted by Hello

"Speed checked, ILS aligned, landing gears down checked. Time to play the piano. Oh, no sign of birds too." Posted by Hello


Skippy 20050624

Skippy is so cute!!! Posted by Hello

"Slurp!" Posted by Hello

"Yum yum... this green little stick is so delicious... yum yum." Posted by Hello

Always anticipating for a game. Posted by Hello


CR 20050622, Freshwater (Saltwater : Blanked)

How irresponsible could singaporeans get? This used-to-be very beautiful breakwater has now turned into a rubbish dump and if nothing is done... Singapore River in the making... sad. Posted by Hello

Where did the eggs go? Posted by Hello

Tiger!!! Posted by Hello

Another nice size pinky here but it sure looks abit odd. This pinky fought very well and the battle almost left another burnt mark on my fingers. Released to be caught again. =P  Posted by Hello

Same old caddis GT with another pinky. Posted by Hello

Little Jap. Posted by Hello

"Eeks, this moth is not real!" Posted by Hello

FAT!!! FAT!!! FAT!!! Posted by Hello

This fat one fell for a little moth. =P Posted by Hello

Got plenty of these fish along the bank and this one went 'home' during the battle. I pulled him out of his mud hole using my leader... Posted by Hello


CR 20050621, Freshwater

Wah, so nice sia... Thanks for the lunch leh. Remember, whoever lands a cocky pb and will have to buy lunch or dinner! Hahaha. Posted by Hello

This is a TFO 3wt. This fellow took David some time to land it and it actually took some line and made some nice runs. Good fish! Posted by Hello

Look at that head, so red! Posted by Hello

Dentist David Neo getting ready to remove the hook from the fish. Posted by Hello

David caught this using a moth fly, just bought from AO and landed this fellow with it. Somehow, the pinky kalui is not very interested in this fly. Posted by Hello

Generally, this size is very common in this fish hole. I was hitting them left and right... so many of them...  Posted by Hello