A decent 3-4hr drive, you should be able to reach Bukit Kuala Pilah in West Malaysia. Nothing spectacular or breathe taking moments from the surroundings but a decent comfortable getaway from Singapore, once more.

West Malaysia is full of 'bukit' which means 'hill'. Along the North South Highway, you will travel pass many hills.

I really enjoyed the ride up there when I had to up-the-hill and down-the-hill. Driving past several little towns, villages and biggers towns are some wonderful experience which you will not get in Singapore.

Vast, West Malaysia is seriously big when compared to Singapore. Along the way, you would get to have several encounters with cows, water buffalos, goats, sheeps, chickens, ducks and some other little critters.

The winding roads are so fun to drive with a 4WD. I had lots of fun this trip. Up hill down hill with so many corners. Blind spots are always around and safety is indeed a concern with them.

I found a nice place to stop by to take some photos. Even when getting out of the car, I had to be extra careful. Lots of 'land mines' aka cow dungs surrounded me. Along the way pass the villages, dungs are everywhere and they found their way on my car as well!

After I got back into Singapore, I sent it for wash and the washing crews took some good time to wash off the dungs.... I felt sorry for them.

The drive is really fun and the only setup back I had in this trip is the dungs. When I drove my car past the customs officers, their looks could tell that they were disgusted by the smell and the dungs on the car... hahaha. Oops, sorry.

Want some dungs?

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