Fishing rod... in my boot.

After a good six months, I realized that I have not fished locally for a long time. This fishing blog of mine is getting seriously mycarblog from some readers' comment. Apparently, I still have readers reading my crapz. Hahahaha....

Yesterday, I took out my 4pcs DAYS spinning rod and left it inside my boot. I have a tackle box with jigs and lures plus other necessary items for fishing, included too.

I realized my Daiwa 2500R Custom is kinda too big for the rod.... I should start looking for something smaller in the market and thus the question is, "What should I get?"

A night ago, I took out my Tiemco JDM fly rods... a blue one and a pearl white one... my heart started beating and missed a beat here and there.... In my mind, I saw kalui... pacu... patin... peacock bass... the list went on... all those good times spent with them on a Abel's reel... I missed those 'runaway days'.

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