Is life just as meaningful as an empty shell?

35yrs have passed and I have walked on the surface of this planet named earth for so long.

I have experienced slightly more than what an average Singaporean would realised (if you never worked in foreign countries I mean), slightly...

I have not seen it all but I guess I have enough of this shit that I am going through daily. There are still so much more SHIT out there to be seen. Probably if you die, you have not seen all yet. NOT YET!

I have many friends but many are not friends, seriously. After all, trust no one in this world. Not a single soul...

What about my family if you ask me? They are probably the last few people in this world that you may see a glimpse of hope when you are at your lowest.

What is family? They are humans too. They have their own burdens and in today's world... too many and how could they even share yours. If you are in some shit, stay away from them to save them the trouble rather than go seek help and let them share your shit.

I can only think about two words that would describe the whole damn world which I live in.


If I have some special eyes that I could see 'strife'... I would be choked to death!

If I have all the money I want, I would have 'strifed' myself till I have turned stone cold to what we call humanity.

You can say that I am COLD. Yes, I admit. Maybe not enough to describe what I am right now.

As each day goes by, I learned a lot of things along the way and I have matured much in my thinking as well. As the more I learned, the more I realized the world is FUCKED!

After so many years, I begin to realized that in the things that I believed most are actually BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! 100%! The world has a lot of teachings and a lot are all BULLSHIT. If it centers around humanity, maybe there is a glimpse of hope in it. If it centers around some fairy tale character that could save your ass when end day is here, go download some porn and watch it out loud before you are choked to death by the air we breathe.

I am not saying that there is not someone divine out there but the 'stories' that we have in library are just too fairy tale... fashioned to times and fashioned to money gains.

"Give me your money and you will see light."

Did Jesus give someone money to see light?

Did Buddha give someone money too to see enlightenment?

Did anyone else divine give someone money to see the truth and the real truth?

Religions do not revolved around money BUT MONEY KEEPS THEM SPINNING! DONT TELL ME THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Not everyone in the world can live on without working unless you are born rich and filthy rich.


Why are we working? Why are we facing SHIT daily and still face it?

I guess the answer is very simple and back to day one, you need to survive as you god-damn-breathing mammal needs to eat.

As long as you breathe, you need to do something...

That is why we have LIVING THINGS and NON-LIVING THINGS.

Pls tell me something that is not alive has a pay check at the end of the month?

Only when you are dead, you enjoy the JOY of REST IN PEACE.

Wait... wait I say... who can confirm that we could really RIP after we RIP?

This is not a suicide letter of mine. Just my frustration...

I remember someone told me this about such frustration... when you are in such stages you are about to evolve... for the better or worse? It is your own choice.

Should I be an angel or should I be a MUTHAFUCKER?

Why are the angels always suffering from people's burdens?

Why are muthafuckers enjoying their lives by ruining others and get away with it still(not all lah)?

The worst lot of people in this world are those who can never decide to be good or evil? You are lucky if they turn good for good but if they turn evil... someone could be lying on the floor licking his own blood. These people are probably the most dangerous because such people live on the edge and when they turn to either side, they are at their limit.

What are you?


Who am I???!!!

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Anonymous said...

Slow down... stop, and look at the little wild flower at the side of the broken track. Sometimes small beautiful things like this survive because of showers of blessings from the sky. At the end of enduring a flash flood, the little wild flower will be the one to see the brilliant rainbow riding through the clearing dark clouds.

Life is just this short, make full use of it.