RE: Laments of citizens towards Singapore's GIC Suffers $41.6 Billion Loss

Singapore's GIC Suffers $41.6 Billion Loss

We are not alone. The Americans as well. How many Americans would believe that 911 is real and how many of them would believe what their government told them?

Do you know that Osama is not a militant but an AMERCIAN SPECIALIST trained for special infiltration? Who was his boss? Senior Bush...

Not only 911, the attack on Pearl Harbor as well.

Both incidents recorded huge casualties but what rank did they belong? Who was the lowest ranking officer that died in the attack? Where's the DO? What happened to them? MIA from duty? Same for 911...

The media did a great job in covering up lots of facts about whatever governments had done. I am not pointing my fingers at any.

With wars, the war factories will make heavenly amount of money from those war inflicted countries. Someone has to fight and someone must make that weapon so that someone makes that money. It is so simple. As such, this world or maybe that BIG BROTHER cannot let the world have peace. What the badge of peacing keeping for? You decide.

Biggest and the most numbers of war factories found only in one place. No need me to tell you.

Now back to Singapore. At least our government only loses money and not innocents lives out in the war fields. How many soldiers from Singapore had die in any war in the past 30yrs?

Singapore has to stay strong and high in this region, if not, who suffers? We will suffer.

Our government is not perfect, even if they are, the circumstances in the world make them not.

I am very glad that Singapore is changing rapidly with times and the introduction of casinos has no other reasons that is too difficult to understand. TO SURVIVE.

Nations around us are picking up and if PAP is complacent, what would happen? If Temasek Holdings loses the most important contract in all Singaporeans' lives and what would happen? Singapore will lose its flavor to be the world busiest port as a shorter route would have been dug and used in our times right now. Our government bought that contract and stopped the project. What for? So that many of us here may still buy a WRX and mod and drive for fun. So that Singaporeans could still enjoy the peace and prosperity that we enjoy now.

Who never made a mistake? At least our money is not lose due to heavy indulgence in luxuries by companies that we have heard about in news from that big brother's united nations. No blood lost in war too.

Although for GE, it does not matter who wins. What really matters is that who is that man leading us?

We could only pray that he is gifted and could carry on to ensure Singapore stays afloat in bad times. If not, our port will be useless. Our world business hub would be empty.

As long as shipping exists, Singapore government has to ensure that we are the port that traders will pass by Singapore to pass over to South China Sea.

A new route is drawn to cut this short this route and if this new route is implemented, we will be in deep shit. Who stopped it from happening? I dont have to tell you...

Let's pray for our leaders. Lament no more...

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