45mins away from Singapore

A day away from the city of Singapore. A 45mins drive from Singapore's 2nd Link led me here to a kinda busy town up north in Malaysia. The open lands and forestations reminded me of my childhood days in Ponggol. The palm trees and rubber trees around me brought back lots of memories. I grew up in kampong and now living in concrete walls made me feel uneasy sometimes. To wake up by the sounds of the forest in the morning is something that today's kids will never get even if they wake up in a camping trip in the forest. The crickets and birds... they made me feel so at ease...

Although it is not very far away from Singapore, I do not really fancy such trips up north unless I am heading to Thailand(which I really love to go back there for holiday again). Basically, in my opinion, staying in anywhere in M'sia is not really safe at all unless you really know where you are going. Otherwise, be extra careful if you do make such trips alone just for a drive to look at open lands.

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