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This is what I have been doing.

I will update my work in mts garage and also about the services and products that I am dealing with.


A strange dream...

In the dream, I saw how my friend got enveloped by the waters around him when a fast going craft went past him. At first he was doing well to cope with the turbulence but he disappeared into the water not too long after...

The news of drowning soon reached the shore. Everyone was sad upon hearing his death. For a moment, I woke up to reality and goodness, it was only a dream.

I closed my eyes once again, the dream went on. The sudden death of a friend knocked many of us out... so sudden. This friend was a good diver and he definitely knew how to tackle such situation... a lot of commotions went on... the sadness from the people were filling up my soul and then my eyes opened for the second time.

Breathing heavily, I checked the time and closed my eyes once more. The dream went on...

In the dream, I was going for the wake but I found myself sleeping in bed. My mind struggled to wake up as I really need to go. Images of this friend and his family members started flashing in my mind. I need to get up and go... I need too....

I woke up again. This time my breathing was even heavier. My mind was so filled with the grief and the images from the dream that I was telling myself time to go to the wake upon waking up.

I finally got up and went to check my emails first and then my facebook as well. The image of my friend was on the screen showing him sharing a video online in FB...

"WTF? I thought he was dead. I was supposed to go to his wake soon..."

Thank goodness... it is really a dream... my friend is still alive, playing facebook.



First fish for 2010 - 2nd Feb 10

The above is the first fish that 'caught' my attention on the pavement.

A nice local 'snakehead' on a Yozuri LX Minnow which is also my first fish for 2010.
Only this one can be released. The one above is left there to bake further... 'Salted PB, anyone?"


Yes or No to the below.... YES!!!

Firstly, I want to thank all my friends who had supported me very much when I began to run the beer garden business. Thank you very much for all the help and support, greatly appreciated.

In the midst of running the beer garden, I come across people from all walks of life....


The below are TRUE and absolutely TRUE....

  1. Would they steal your bottle opener?
  2. Would they break all vending machine glass panel?
  3. Would they throw rubbish into the counter when the counter is not opened? (Left over chicken rice in the counter....)
  4. Would they climb over the counter and steal your stuffs when you go for a toilet break? (This woman climbed over the counter and took several things. I came back in time and she said that she has all the rights to take whatever she wanted when I was away. Nevermind, she was drunk and the male friend with her was so embarrassed by her and walked away dumb....)
  5. Would kids climb onto the counter and run around?
  6. Would they steal tibits from the counter?
  7. Would they leave hooks in the counter when the counter is closed? (Several used hooks are found here and there. If not careful... OUCH!)
  8. Would they fill up your table soccer with stones and rubbish? (Got lime, sweets, pebbles, sticks, leaves... whatever u can find....)
  9. Would they try to touch the cash register? (YES!!!)
  10. Would they burn your garden table? (This is the latest...... Plastics are flammable and if they catch fire... I hope the table will not grab the arsonist and burn together...)

All kinds of people... indeed. There are more vices but oh well.... this is part of the business.

What would really make me smile? The smiles of the satisfied customers with our services. This is service line. No matter how bad a customer can be... he/she is still a customer.

Oh well, unless it gets really overboard.

If you happen to be my customers and you are the bad ones... do try to remember that we have 4 security cameras and they are real!

I know some of the ass faces who did really nasty stuffs but I am keeping my silent now.

For repeat offenders, the records from the security camera will be handed over to the SPF for appropriate actions.

Go read about vandalism.....

Oh, before I end... I want to thank all those really nice customers that I have experienced. There are still alot of nice people in the world to be happy about... live and let live...




Google 'Terry Mcginnis" and you will know who is this guy in the picture. The little blue car looks really small in his presence. His BATMOBIL while he was in Singapore, driven by his sidekick, Michelin Boy (he called me that...haha).

BATMAN was posing in Siloso Beach in Sentosa.

The above photo is actually in Fort Canning after visiting Sentosa.

Terry in Singapore!

He was having a good time getting both his hands wet again and blew dry again by this hand dryer. Hahaha!

He actually likes sushi with wasabi! He is truly asianic! Oh, he had lots of local threats too and ask him, he loves them! Minced pork noodles, fishball noodles etc.. Oh, not forgetting local hainanese chicken rice!

"I never knew breast meat could be this tender!"

The main subject in the photo is not about him. It is about the monkeys...

"Latest Edition from Canada. Foreign 'poacher'!!!"
(We actually picked up a reel of line and hook and put them in the rubbish bin for good!)


RE: Laments of citizens towards Singapore's GIC Suffers $41.6 Billion Loss

Singapore's GIC Suffers $41.6 Billion Loss

We are not alone. The Americans as well. How many Americans would believe that 911 is real and how many of them would believe what their government told them?

Do you know that Osama is not a militant but an AMERCIAN SPECIALIST trained for special infiltration? Who was his boss? Senior Bush...

Not only 911, the attack on Pearl Harbor as well.

Both incidents recorded huge casualties but what rank did they belong? Who was the lowest ranking officer that died in the attack? Where's the DO? What happened to them? MIA from duty? Same for 911...

The media did a great job in covering up lots of facts about whatever governments had done. I am not pointing my fingers at any.

With wars, the war factories will make heavenly amount of money from those war inflicted countries. Someone has to fight and someone must make that weapon so that someone makes that money. It is so simple. As such, this world or maybe that BIG BROTHER cannot let the world have peace. What the badge of peacing keeping for? You decide.

Biggest and the most numbers of war factories found only in one place. No need me to tell you.

Now back to Singapore. At least our government only loses money and not innocents lives out in the war fields. How many soldiers from Singapore had die in any war in the past 30yrs?

Singapore has to stay strong and high in this region, if not, who suffers? We will suffer.

Our government is not perfect, even if they are, the circumstances in the world make them not.

I am very glad that Singapore is changing rapidly with times and the introduction of casinos has no other reasons that is too difficult to understand. TO SURVIVE.

Nations around us are picking up and if PAP is complacent, what would happen? If Temasek Holdings loses the most important contract in all Singaporeans' lives and what would happen? Singapore will lose its flavor to be the world busiest port as a shorter route would have been dug and used in our times right now. Our government bought that contract and stopped the project. What for? So that many of us here may still buy a WRX and mod and drive for fun. So that Singaporeans could still enjoy the peace and prosperity that we enjoy now.

Who never made a mistake? At least our money is not lose due to heavy indulgence in luxuries by companies that we have heard about in news from that big brother's united nations. No blood lost in war too.

Although for GE, it does not matter who wins. What really matters is that who is that man leading us?

We could only pray that he is gifted and could carry on to ensure Singapore stays afloat in bad times. If not, our port will be useless. Our world business hub would be empty.

As long as shipping exists, Singapore government has to ensure that we are the port that traders will pass by Singapore to pass over to South China Sea.

A new route is drawn to cut this short this route and if this new route is implemented, we will be in deep shit. Who stopped it from happening? I dont have to tell you...

Let's pray for our leaders. Lament no more...

Do I still fish or do I not? I DID!

My rods and reels finally saw the light than the light in my boot...

All thanks to 'BATMAN' from Canada, Terry Mcginnis. (Oh, he is not batman as in batman but actually they share the same name.) We went fishing together for a good 2 weeks but results are poor...

Since he is from a cooler place, Terry has a GOOD TIME getting use to our local weather here in Singapore. Hardcore bashing to fish for peacock bass is OUT.

The easier reached bass' hideouts are all run.... but luckily, he did catch one but before we could get a camera on it, the fish got away. We ended up with a treble from the lure that he caught the fish with, hung loosely on his hand while we watched that fish slipped away.

At least he got that fish's slime on his hand to proof...


Gamefish & Aquatic Rehabilitation Society

In fishing (I mean fishing in Singapore), it is alot easier if you are willing to pay and fish in a commercial pond. A LOT EASIER.

Although it is easier with money for commercial ponds, but there is a group of fishermen who prefers the 'Adrenaline Rush' instead. It is part of the game if you are fishing in the wild and in restricted water.

What do I mean by 'Adrenaline Rush'?

When I fish in 'Restricted Waters', I always have to keep my eyes open and also on the time ALL THE TIME. It is like 'fishing like a ninja'.

National Parks and PUB have a group of rangers to watch over such waters. They would come up to you if you are in the act. Some of them are nice but some of them aren't. Some listen to you and some don't. Some of them would threaten you and bully you! (I'm serious and if you are one of those NOT SO NICE rangers reading my blog, I still remember you and your face.) Hahaha... just joking. One of you is quite cute too! (Not sure if she is still in the gang or not.) I remember one guy used force on me and told me to sit down. Then said, "You are under arrest!" Hey you, you think I am stupid? Anyway, this idiot caused me some abrasion on my neck and arms. I caused him a twisted wrist when he tried to restrain me and forced me to the ground. He was yelling in pain when I turned his wrist around his back. It is good to be trained in the army by the government. In such situation, I do know a little in protecting myself. Luckily, ARMS are not allowed if not he would be probably smelling my nozzle and fearing a bullet flying thru' his water filled head. Hahaha. Just kidding about the ARMS part.

My friends and I got away most of the time. Chinese has a saying, "Go up the mountains too often, you will encounter the tiger."

Indeed, I got caught just not too long ago. I received a fine like what I told my new found Canadian friend, Terry. Singapore is a fine country.


I always imagine myself in the cells telling my cell mates what I did and ended myself in there.

Breaking-the-ice session in the cells somewhere...
Cell mate X, "I cheated government's money..."
Cell mates, "I am a government servant, caught moonlighting..."
Me, "I got caught fishing..."

So, not only me got enough of such shits. We gathered together and formed Gamefish & Aquatic Rehabilitation Society. As flyfishermen, we love the nature. We love the fish. Most of us have no barbs in their hooks. Even when we hooked the fish, we do care about letting it go and to live another day. Sometimes, the fish we caught has more than one hook in their mouths. We took time to remove the rest as well. Some pick up rubbish along the way. Some look at the insects in the water and observe what the fish feed on. Some tie flies beside the stream... I pray that the rangers will not come. Heehee...

We love the nature and we love the fish. We love the trees, flowers, grass etc... It is a beautiful place out there in the RESTRICTED AREA and the love we have for these areas doped us badly... always falling back in the same trap to go back to the nature for a reason, PASSION.

We want to share this PASSION with the rest. We want to teach the public about the beauties we have in Singapore. Fishing 20yrs ago is very different from fishing today. Some of the seniors still could not perceive and believe that fishermen could evolve to stage like us who cares about the fish, the water and the nature around them. Fishing is disgusting to them. Rubbish is fishermen, some said. For most of us, we only left a trial behind telling the rangers that someone fished there. We take pride about what we do and we do it. Not only doing it, we share.

We are not the ugly bunch of the people whom others identify all fishermen are. Flyfishermen are snobbish and HAO LIAN (proud in Hokkien). You do not need a expensive fly rod to catch a fish but you need the correct PASSION to catch that very fish that you have targeted.

You do not need a good rod to cast well. You do not need an expensive fly line to catch that fish. You do not need those expensive toys but you need PASSION.

Flyfishing is about presentation, the fly at the end of the line, stealth, etc and not about what brands of rods and reels you got in your bag.

You do not need expensive reels from Abel or rods from Sage to show off.

You only need the technology that they offer to better cast and better fish in demanding situation.

All the expensive toys' manufacturers build their products with passion for the water. Wrong people use them to show off. The right people use them for demanding situation.

I remember Henry Lau from Coho told me, "Abel is not a tool, it is an instrument."

Why build an instrument for fishing? PASSION.

Why do I fish?



Would you lie for ice?

This is a real incident that happened to me.

Day 1,

"Hello, could I get more ice?"

Looking at the fellow with a black little pail n hand I asked, "Did you buy any beer from me?"

"Ya. I bought beer from you just now. Don't you remember?" I do not have any black little pails at all. How could I possibly served him beer at all?

I relied, "Nope. I don't remember."

"Got lah. If not, how come I got this (pointing at the pail)?"

"Sir, we do not have such a pail in my counter at all. You must have bought beer from upstairs. You may ask them for more ice."

"Aiya... I lazy to walk lah... could you just give it to me for this once."

I gave him ice then but told him that ice are reserved for my customers only. He did not even thank me and walked away.

The next day,

This time, he came to me empty handed. He asked for a bucket of ice. A BUCKET OF ICE! I was running short of buckets to serve my beer and refused him politely. I also told him that you have to buy beer from me then you would get ice from me. Guess what? He refused to go and kept insisting me to give him ice. He even said that he would buy beer from me later.


I got pretty busy at the counter at that time when this punk kept pestering for ice.

Finally he gave up and walked away but gave me those monkey face.

It was not the end of him yet. He came back later in the night. This time, he was already drunk. He brought a cup and asked for ice. I told him $0.30 for a cup of ice. Then he gave me those LJ face.

"Must I really buy beer from you to get ice?"
"Okay lah, I buy from you. Give me a Hoegaarden and 3 cups of ice."
"Total $8.90. (Hoegaarden, $8.00.)."
"And this one too." He past me the empty cup.

I changed him $0.80 because of the 4th cup. He gave me that LJ look again and looking intimidating this time.

This is not the end yet.

His friend came and asked for a cup of ice. I told him $0.30 but he told me he just bought beer. For goodness sake, I gave it to him and then I realized that they are a group! Just as this fellow sat down. That muthafcuker danced on the other side of the pond and made funny face at me.

How could pple get so fcuked up just for ice and becoz of their plain laziness? This muthafcuker is simply at his best, a fcuked and dancing monkey.



Is life just as meaningful as an empty shell?

35yrs have passed and I have walked on the surface of this planet named earth for so long.

I have experienced slightly more than what an average Singaporean would realised (if you never worked in foreign countries I mean), slightly...

I have not seen it all but I guess I have enough of this shit that I am going through daily. There are still so much more SHIT out there to be seen. Probably if you die, you have not seen all yet. NOT YET!

I have many friends but many are not friends, seriously. After all, trust no one in this world. Not a single soul...

What about my family if you ask me? They are probably the last few people in this world that you may see a glimpse of hope when you are at your lowest.

What is family? They are humans too. They have their own burdens and in today's world... too many and how could they even share yours. If you are in some shit, stay away from them to save them the trouble rather than go seek help and let them share your shit.

I can only think about two words that would describe the whole damn world which I live in.


If I have some special eyes that I could see 'strife'... I would be choked to death!

If I have all the money I want, I would have 'strifed' myself till I have turned stone cold to what we call humanity.

You can say that I am COLD. Yes, I admit. Maybe not enough to describe what I am right now.

As each day goes by, I learned a lot of things along the way and I have matured much in my thinking as well. As the more I learned, the more I realized the world is FUCKED!

After so many years, I begin to realized that in the things that I believed most are actually BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! 100%! The world has a lot of teachings and a lot are all BULLSHIT. If it centers around humanity, maybe there is a glimpse of hope in it. If it centers around some fairy tale character that could save your ass when end day is here, go download some porn and watch it out loud before you are choked to death by the air we breathe.

I am not saying that there is not someone divine out there but the 'stories' that we have in library are just too fairy tale... fashioned to times and fashioned to money gains.

"Give me your money and you will see light."

Did Jesus give someone money to see light?

Did Buddha give someone money too to see enlightenment?

Did anyone else divine give someone money to see the truth and the real truth?

Religions do not revolved around money BUT MONEY KEEPS THEM SPINNING! DONT TELL ME THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Not everyone in the world can live on without working unless you are born rich and filthy rich.


Why are we working? Why are we facing SHIT daily and still face it?

I guess the answer is very simple and back to day one, you need to survive as you god-damn-breathing mammal needs to eat.

As long as you breathe, you need to do something...

That is why we have LIVING THINGS and NON-LIVING THINGS.

Pls tell me something that is not alive has a pay check at the end of the month?

Only when you are dead, you enjoy the JOY of REST IN PEACE.

Wait... wait I say... who can confirm that we could really RIP after we RIP?

This is not a suicide letter of mine. Just my frustration...

I remember someone told me this about such frustration... when you are in such stages you are about to evolve... for the better or worse? It is your own choice.

Should I be an angel or should I be a MUTHAFUCKER?

Why are the angels always suffering from people's burdens?

Why are muthafuckers enjoying their lives by ruining others and get away with it still(not all lah)?

The worst lot of people in this world are those who can never decide to be good or evil? You are lucky if they turn good for good but if they turn evil... someone could be lying on the floor licking his own blood. These people are probably the most dangerous because such people live on the edge and when they turn to either side, they are at their limit.

What are you?


Who am I???!!!




Looking for something fun over the weekend over a fire pit?

Joseph will not disappoint you with his creation!



A beautilful stream with beautiful fish... what fly to use?

The chirping of the alarm clock woke me up at 4.30am on Sunday's morning. My tired eyes fought against my eye lips to steal a glance at the time. Light flashed across my room and thundered roared from a distance. Raining. The room temperature was just right cool for a lazy Sunday's morning but I had to wake up.

Just before sunrise, my friends and I reached the stream. It was cloudy and the rain had stopped. With my rod and reel ready, I pondered about what to tie to the leader(I did not use a tippet, lazy me). The river was exciting. Minnows were running for their lives while their predators worked hard for breakfast. I chose a woolly bugger.

Gingerly, I moved in the swarm with both my feet in the water. I caught a pattern in the water. The woolly bugger swam across the target with short pauses. The pattern moved, made a dash for my fly but UTURNED. 3 tries, I switched to a black crazy charlie with tinsel finish. This crazy charlie made it into its mouth at least 8 times but somehow, no hook ups. I changed by angle of strike to the left and immediately the line was tight a tug of war started. A little fellow that fought hard. Shot it with my phone camera and released. During the battle, a pretty decent 3-4bls'er followed behind. It had to swim side ways when it hit the swallows with the hooked one. Upon releasing, a few more decent peacock basses swam across my sight and disappeared into the shadows of the stream.

My fly found its way thru the air and into the water once more towards the sightings. 3 short burst, the fly line found its way fast through the guides of the fly rod. Suddenly, I was totally awake. I knew that I had made the right decision to get out of my comfortable bed and braved the rain to the stream.

This fellow is fat. Thick on its back and fought really well. The Tiemco Euflex is just too weak to stop the fish. I had to fight the fish with the help of the fly line instead. Big splashes for good minutes. A warrior in the shadows of this stream.

The crazy charlie was found midway in the large mouth. My fist could actually entered the mouth while I tried to remove the fly quick. Billy helped me took a few photos and the fish swam away freely.

A good morning for me with dear friends. Breakfast was minced meat noodles, awesome. Sweet aroma from the freshly brewed coffee made the whole morning even better.

I am looking forward... to fight the Sleep God to fish again...



A decent 3-4hr drive, you should be able to reach Bukit Kuala Pilah in West Malaysia. Nothing spectacular or breathe taking moments from the surroundings but a decent comfortable getaway from Singapore, once more.

West Malaysia is full of 'bukit' which means 'hill'. Along the North South Highway, you will travel pass many hills.

I really enjoyed the ride up there when I had to up-the-hill and down-the-hill. Driving past several little towns, villages and biggers towns are some wonderful experience which you will not get in Singapore.

Vast, West Malaysia is seriously big when compared to Singapore. Along the way, you would get to have several encounters with cows, water buffalos, goats, sheeps, chickens, ducks and some other little critters.

The winding roads are so fun to drive with a 4WD. I had lots of fun this trip. Up hill down hill with so many corners. Blind spots are always around and safety is indeed a concern with them.

I found a nice place to stop by to take some photos. Even when getting out of the car, I had to be extra careful. Lots of 'land mines' aka cow dungs surrounded me. Along the way pass the villages, dungs are everywhere and they found their way on my car as well!

After I got back into Singapore, I sent it for wash and the washing crews took some good time to wash off the dungs.... I felt sorry for them.

The drive is really fun and the only setup back I had in this trip is the dungs. When I drove my car past the customs officers, their looks could tell that they were disgusted by the smell and the dungs on the car... hahaha. Oops, sorry.

Want some dungs?



In 2008, I think my line was wet only twice. TWICE! I caught only 2 peacock basses on a spinning setup. Scored 2 for 1st trip in Lower Pierce Rsvr and 0 for the 2nd. 

As a fly fisherman, I have left my babies(fly fishing equipment for more than 2yrs) collecting dust for years.

Out of the blue, I was invited by a group of friends to target the alluring Cichla Temensis in a certain water hole. I have seen such beauties landed by local anglers in local waters but never did I took effort to go hunt for them like the good old days.

Procrastination hit me hard. Staring at my equipment, I did not know what to take. The easy way out? Spinning setup (overkill) is already in my car's boot for months but seen no light for months too.

My feet paced the room for moments and finally they brought me to a stop infront of a drawer where two beautiful babies hide. Two sets of TIEMCO Infante(s). One pearl white and one blue. My heart skipped a beat. I chose the pearl white set. This white one has fought countless battles with me and never a moment when I did not feel good about having her. The blue one has not seen the water yet and not even a reel has mated with her. 

I took out my Abel Trout Lite and started cleaning the fly line. Loads and loads of memories just came flashing across my mind... those good old days in the water with a fly rod in hand.

Armed with only a few flies (wooly bugger, crazy charlies and a few more surface flies) I took on the water. While my friends were armed with spinning and casting outfits, I stood gingerly by the water and suddenly my mind went blank. My phone rang and the silent was broken. Reception was bad and I was trying to make up the intermittent messages. Finally, the caller hung up and I could set up my equipment.

The ticker from my little fly reel made her presence felt too. 

I did not take too long, 2 young peacock basses fell for my wooly bugger. Noticing that the fish flashed just below visible water depth and not hitting my wooly, crazy charlie was next at the end of the line. Two more fallen by my little charlie and a few misses as well. Soon, it was quiet again after a span of about 15mins.

I moved and found a plant sticking of out the water. Just a few casts, another fell for the charlie. Just as I was releasing the fish, I felt a sharp pain in one of my toes. Leeches! Upon raising my left foot, I could still see that the black fat ass was still sinking its teeth into my toe. Without hesitation, my pliers had it in her jaws. I checked the cut it had induced. Blood came flowing out of the cut but thank goodness, it stopped. I took a gamble to remove it hoping that its acid has not found it way into the cut. Phew... just in time. No bloody mess and no troubles for my friends. I left that part of the water quickly and found another swallow bank.

One more fell for the charlie and the irritating mosquitoes started to swarm around me. Not flies. They were mosquitoes and they started feeding on me. It was time to go.

I will be back, another day soon. No signs of the Cichla Temensis for this trip but I am not giving up yet.

Total 6 landed, 5 shots.


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My search for rotors for my brakes is very eventful!

My front brake rotors are giving up soon. I needed replacement almost immediately. I called up many workshops but almost all could not give me a correct answer to my request. 

"No stock." = Famous quotes by most of them. When I went down, they got!

"No such size rotors liao." = At the shop, they have!

"Must order... take about 4-6wks."

"Upon order request, 8-9wks."


No one seems to be able to tell me the truth on the phone but when you are at the workshop, they have what you want! Sigh...


New series of Nature aspiration skins for your lappy!

I did this in the afternoon. I also added a new series of skins, aspirated by nature. Currently working on a few themes like fishing, cars, aviation and nature. More skins will be uploaded soon hopefully. Check out mtsstudio for it!

Thank you for the support!


A Message by George Carlin:

A Message by George Carlin:

The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways ,but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness.

We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom.

We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.

We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space but not inner space. We've done larger things, but not better things.

We've cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul. We've conquered the atom, but not our prejudice. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We've learned to rush, but not to wait. We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but we communicate less and less.

These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, big men and small character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the days of two incomes but more divorce, fancier houses, but broken homes. These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throwaway morality, one night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to kill.

It is a time when there is much in the showroom window and nothing in the stockroom.

Remember; spend some time with your loved ones, because they are not going to be around forever.

Remember, say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side.

Remember, to give a warm hug to the one next to you, because that is the only treasure you can give with your heart and it doesn't cost a cent.

Remember, to say, 'I love you' to your partner and your loved ones, but most of all mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you.

Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person will not be there again.

Give time to love, give time to speak! And give time to share the precious thoughts in your mind.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

George Carlin


45mins away from Singapore

A day away from the city of Singapore. A 45mins drive from Singapore's 2nd Link led me here to a kinda busy town up north in Malaysia. The open lands and forestations reminded me of my childhood days in Ponggol. The palm trees and rubber trees around me brought back lots of memories. I grew up in kampong and now living in concrete walls made me feel uneasy sometimes. To wake up by the sounds of the forest in the morning is something that today's kids will never get even if they wake up in a camping trip in the forest. The crickets and birds... they made me feel so at ease...

Although it is not very far away from Singapore, I do not really fancy such trips up north unless I am heading to Thailand(which I really love to go back there for holiday again). Basically, in my opinion, staying in anywhere in M'sia is not really safe at all unless you really know where you are going. Otherwise, be extra careful if you do make such trips alone just for a drive to look at open lands.


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mts aqua - coming soon.


'mts studio' coming soon...

"This is a 15" Sony Vaio with custom artwork cum carbon fiber trim. Pls enquire for more details! Email me at : mtshark@gmail.com"

'mts studio' specialize in custom artwork for name cards, notebook customization with stickers, advertisements for newspaper, magazine etc.

Customization to client's preference is also possible with provided artwork by clients themselves.

Free delivery*!
*Terms and Conditions apply.

Coming soon.....

Enquiries are welcomed.

Click here for 'mts studio'.


Singapore has a very scary place for parking your cars, Multi Storey Car Parks.....

I never like MSCP and apparently, more and more of such auto thefts are happening in MSCP.

"Install security camera?"
(Wait until we lost our bonnets, brakes, rims, etc... then install?")

"How many MSCPs in Singapore have security cameras? Huh?"

What kind of security do car owners get to 'enjoy' for paying to park in HDB carparks? We paid when due but when thefts happened, they are not responsible. What is this?

Even a tree branch fell onto my car and caused a dent.... they are not responsible at all but I paid for parking leh. How come like that? The trees are planted by.... who?



"BUT I PAID FOR PARKING LEH!!!!!!!!! @#$%@#$%@$%^%$^$"

Season parking fees to maintain the facility and not security. It looks like we also LL have to park and face such thefts in MSCP. If we don't buy season parking or put coupons, we also lose money in another way.....


I AM CONFUSED. Evil or Very Mad

At least in some parts of the world when you pay for parking, your car will be in safe hands! Here in Singapore, pay plus take the risk...... Rolling Eyes


Mitsubishi USA OEM Chrome Evo X Emblem

Hey guys/gals,

If you are driving an EVO X or an EVO fan, you dont want to miss this.

This is an Mistsubishi USA OEM part for EVO X. Look at the X, it looks like 2 knives instead of conventional font. Genuine stuff.

Interested? Please feel free to contact me for more information.


Fishing rod... in my boot.

After a good six months, I realized that I have not fished locally for a long time. This fishing blog of mine is getting seriously mycarblog from some readers' comment. Apparently, I still have readers reading my crapz. Hahahaha....

Yesterday, I took out my 4pcs DAYS spinning rod and left it inside my boot. I have a tackle box with jigs and lures plus other necessary items for fishing, included too.

I realized my Daiwa 2500R Custom is kinda too big for the rod.... I should start looking for something smaller in the market and thus the question is, "What should I get?"

A night ago, I took out my Tiemco JDM fly rods... a blue one and a pearl white one... my heart started beating and missed a beat here and there.... In my mind, I saw kalui... pacu... patin... peacock bass... the list went on... all those good times spent with them on a Abel's reel... I missed those 'runaway days'.



WRX front 4pots for sale with rotors.

Hi fellows, if you are thinking of demodding/upgrading your brakes, I have a pair of front 4pots Subaru brakes for sales, comes with rotors too.

A pair of front 4pots brake calipers with lots of life less on brake pads. Rotors need to be skimmed and will still have pretty much life too for these stock WRX brakes. (Verified by my trusted workshop)

The front brakes set are at JJ's Decal Hub now. Please only offer after you have viewed them personally at James' place. For ridiculous offers, I will not reply at all.

Although it has 30000km record, brake calipers are in very good condition. Red paint and Subaru wordings are original condition, never re-condition(just washed). Well maintained between washes.

Never tracked.

Sleepin Buddha, biggest?

During my work in Thailand, I went to visit this supposed to be the biggest 'sleepin buddha' in the world.

One word, BIG!

Thailand has so many temples and many of them are actually so beautiful. The craftsmanship is incredible!

I was impressed with this... and further impressed when I went to another historic site... another temple... if someone pays me a million dollars and I would not take out the job too.

I will upload the other temple's pictures when able. :)